Baking Decorating Tools

Confectionery funnels, sugar blowers, and airbrush sets enhance consistency and efficiency in the everyday tasks of a bakery or patisserie. These baking decorating tools save time that would otherwise be spent brushing, sugaring, or forming candies and pastries. Find tools to make your baking quicker and more precise here. More

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Matfer 169002
Matfer 169002 Wall-Mount Pastry Bag Dryer - 19.63" x 19.63", Wire

KaTom #: 347-169002

$107.15 / Each
Matfer 262230
Matfer 262230 Sugar Blowing Pump - 14"L x 2.38"W, Rubber w/ Copper Tip

KaTom #: 347-262230

$109.26 / Each
Matfer 410105
Matfer 410105 Airmaster Pastry Air Brush Set, 110v

KaTom #: 347-410105

$267.90 / Each
Matfer 168001
Matfer 168001 Duo Decorating Pastry Tube Kit

KaTom #: 347-168001

$134.49 / Each
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Common Questions About Baking Decorating Tools

What baking decorating tools are available?

Decorating desserts by hand can be frustrating, but cake and cookie decorating tools can shave valuable time off common tasks. A confectionery funnel can be used to precisely size baked goods, while an airbrush for cakes speeds up the glazing, egg-washing, and or chocolate-coating process. Sugar blowers help operators create spectacular blown-sugar pieces with ease.

Why would I need an airbrush?

Instead of laboriously brushing butter or glaze onto each pastry, these handheld airbrushes give you the ability to apply egg wash or any other glaze to your product quickly and evenly. Models vary in power and capacity, so make sure that the product you're considering will work with glazes, egg wash, chocolate, or whatever else you plan on using. These cake decorating tools improve product uniformity and speed up the baking process.

What is a confectionery funnel used for?

A stainless steel confectionery funnel (often misspelled "confectionary") is a significant step up from the drippy plastic molds that most amateur bakers use. These confectionery funnels have multiple opening sizes to customize the thickness of your pastry or baked good, and some models include portion-control accessories. A sturdy stand holds the funnel in place so you can attend to other tasks without dripping batter or glaze throughout the kitchen.

How thick of a glaze can I use to airbrush a cake?

Thicker glazes, washes, and coatings need stronger sprayers. When shopping for a cake decorating tool, consider the power of the motor and the thickness of the nozzle, as well as how long you plan to run it at a given time. Some units are rated according to the viscosity of liquid they can handle.

What is a portion-control funnel?

A portion-control confectionery funnel distributes precise amounts of condiment, topping, batter, or candy with the squeeze of a handle. You can use them as a cookie decorating tool or to size small confections before baking. A portion-control funnel doles out a specific amount of contents every time, which means you can control the exact size of each piece. Consider a portion-control funnel if uniformity is important to your operation.

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