Accucold, the medical division of Summit's parent company, Felix Storch, Inc., has been a recognized name in medical and scientific refrigeration since 2005. Accucold refrigerators and freezers are designed specifically for use in industries that require accurate and reliable temperatures to store sensitive substances and materials. Browse KaTom's selection of Summit Accucold equipment to find the right refrigerator or freezer for your lab, hospital, pharmacy, or medical office. More

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Accucold FF511LPROADA
Accucold FF511LPROADA 19" One-Section Undercounter Medical Refrigerato...

KaTom #: 162-FF511LPROADA

$657.93 / Each
Accucold FS24L
Accucold FS24L Undercounter Medical Freezer - Locking, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FS24L

$268.14 / Each
Accucold FF511LMED
Accucold FF511LMED Undercounter Medical Refrigerator - Locking, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FF511LMED

$768.00 / Each
Accucold CTR15LLF2
Accucold CTR15LLF2 Full Size Medical Refrigerator Freezer - Dual Temp,...

KaTom #: 162-CTR15LLF2

$936.00 / Each
Accucold FS24L7MED
Accucold FS24L7MED 19" One-Section Countertop Medical Freezer - White,...

KaTom #: 162-FS24L7MED

$625.20 / Each
Accucold PF1KIT
Accucold PF1KIT Power Failure Alarm for 115v & 120v Appliances

KaTom #: 162-PF1KIT

$114.00 / Each
Accucold FS408BL
Accucold FS408BL Undercounter Medical Freezer - Locking, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FS408BL

$342.13 / Each
Accucold FF6
Accucold FF6 Undercounter Medical Refrigerator, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FF6

$455.02 / Each
Accucold SCR450LTB
Accucold SCR450LTB Undercounter Medical Refrigerator - Locking, 115v

KaTom #: 162-SCR450LTB

$542.70 / Each
Accucold FS407L7SSTB
Accucold FS407L7SSTB 2.8 cu ft Undercounter Freezer w/ (1) Section &am...

KaTom #: 162-FS407L7SSTB

$635.99 / Each
Accucold FS407LBISSTB
Accucold FS407LBISSTB Undercounter Medical Freezer - Locking, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FS407LBISSTB

$763.20 / Each
Accucold ALARMKIT Temperature Alarm for Refrigerators & Freezers -...

KaTom #: 162-ALARMKIT

$156.25 / Each
Accucold FF7LBIMED2ADA 24" One-Section Undercounter Pharmaceutical Ref...

KaTom #: 162-FF7LBIMED2ADA

$1,525.20 / Each
Accucold FF521BL7
Accucold FF521BL7 Undercounter Medical Refrigerator - Locking, 115v

KaTom #: 162-FF521BL7

$443.06 / Each
Accucold VT65ML7PLUS2
Accucold VT65ML7PLUS2 24" One-Section Undercounter Medical Freezer - W...

KaTom #: 162-VT65ML7PLUS2

$1,035.60 / Each
Accucold VLT1250
Accucold VLT1250 Chest Medical Freezer - Temperature Alarm, 115v

KaTom #: 162-VLT1250

$1,599.00 / Each
Accucold VT65ML7PLUS2ADA
Accucold VT65ML7PLUS2ADA 24" One-Section Undercounter Medical Freezer...

KaTom #: 162-VT65ML7PLUS2ADA

$1,089.95 / Each
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Common Questions About Accucold

What type of medical refrigeration equipment does Accucold offer?

Accucold freezers are available in compact, built-in undercounter, counter-height, and ADA-height designs. Accucold refrigerators are available in the same sizes, as well as in mid- and full-size options. Units designed specifically for vaccine refrigeration, portable storage, and low-temperature freezer storage are also available. Some models provide refrigerated and frozen storage in a single unit.

What makes an Accucold refrigerator a medical refrigerator?

Accucold refrigerators have several features that set them apart from commercial refrigerators designed for non-medical purposes, including standard locks that protect samples from unauthorized access. However, the primary difference between these types of refrigeration is a medical refrigerator's temperature range. Vaccines are frequently stored between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not a typical range for commercial refrigerators used for food storage. Because medical refrigeration equipment is designed with consistency in mind, it can limit temperature fluctuations to as little as 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Medical refrigerators and freezers may also include a high-temperature alert, which is an audible alarm that sounds if the unit's interior temperature exceeds the set temperature range.

Accucold freezers and refrigerators might be marked by a black-and-white sticker reading, "For medical storage only. Not for personal use." This sign helps prevent staff members from incorrectly storing personal items such as food and beverages in a medical refrigerator.

Why do Accucold units have green-dot plugs?

Local or state laws often require equipment used in medical settings to have green-dot plugs, which may also be called medical-grade or hospital-grade power cords. These types of cords are more durable and more difficult to accidentally unplug than power cords found on standard equipment.

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