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KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc. Terms & Conditions

Information and site content

We use care and take every precaution when adding new items to our website using information directly from our manufacturers and suppliers. We present this information to you as accurately as we can, although errors and omissions do occur from time to time. If you see any discrepancies, potentially incorrect information or have any other questions about products we have for sale, please contact customer service at or (800) 541-8683. It is our goal to provide you with the best information about foodservice equipment and supplies available on the Internet and we want to correct any missing or erroneous information as quickly as possible.


Prices are subject to change without prior notification. If a product total differs from the website total you will be contacted to confirm.


All pictures shown on our website are the best available at the time the item is added to our website and may not accurately reflect product. Pictures may also contain optional accessories which must be purchased separately.


Products and services on may on occasion have limited or no availability due to your geographical location, an item being discontinued by the manufacturer, or an item being on back order due to increased demand. We strive to fulfill every order in a timely manner and will work with you to replace or substitute items that are for whatever reason unavailable. Please note that nothing on constitutes a promise that KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc. will supply goods or services.


In an effort to keep costs down for all of our customers, all Internet sales are processed by credit card only. We also offer financing on select brands of restaurant equipment through Manitowoc.


Additional terms and conditions for furniture items can be viewed at our furniture policies.


Additional terms and conditions for special order and parts can be viewed at our parts and special order policies.

International orders

To review our international ordering and shipping policies, please click here.

Sales Tax

Laws regarding the collection of sales tax vary by location and undergo frequent change in content as well as interpretation by governmental agencies. KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc., any parent companies and/or subsidiaries will always make every effort to fully comply with the law and governmental regulations. It is our understanding that customers, whether business or individual, bear the responsibility of reporting purchases that are shipped across state lines and to pay the state and any applicable local sales taxes as per their local laws and regulations. KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc. is registered in and conducts business within the state of Tennessee, and therefore collects sales tax for orders billed or shipped within the state of Tennessee. Organizations with current and valid sales tax exemptions may request an exemption for sales tax collection by speaking with customer service and providing a copy of required documentation. Sales tax laws and regulations apply to all businesses and individuals within the United States. Online businesses that advertise "No Sales Tax" may not fully understand the sales tax laws, or may be misleading their customers whether intentional or not.

Some products are shipped direct from the manufacturer to the customer by KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc. Some manufacturers’ sales agreements require that sales tax be collected on any products they ship direct to the customer in certain states. Examples include but are not limited to Blodgett Oven, who requires sales tax collection for products shipped direct within the 15 states that Blodgett has manufacturing or office space in. Another example is Beverage Air, who requires collection of sales tax for any products shipped direct within any of the 50 U.S. states.

KaTom Restaurant Supply, Inc. does not make tax law or set sales tax collection requirements of our suppliers. Sales tax for shipments within the state of Tennessee should show sales tax on the automatically generated invoice. Sales tax for shipments outside the state of Tennessee will not show on the automatically generated invoice, but will be collected if required.