Why Choose Witt?

witt industries

Choosing commercial trash cans and recycling containers may not be the most exciting part of equipping a business, but they are necessary components that ensure your facility stays clean. Fortunately, the receptacles you choose for your business don't have to be as unsightly as the trash they contain. Witt receptacles are designed to combine form with function, providing solid waste management solutions that are effective and attractive.

Headquartered just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, not far from where it was founded in 1887, Witt Industries began as The Witt Cornice Tin/Slate Roofing Company. According to the company's official history, the name was shortened to The Witt Cornice Company following George Witt's 1899 patent of the first corrugated ash can. Witt remains a leading manufacturer of commercial trash cans and offers dozens of products made in the United States. The company's products can be found in hundreds of locations around the globe, serving small businesses, chain restaurants, professional sports organizations, and universities.

Commercial Trash Cans & Recycling Containers

No matter what type of business you have, you will need to install indoor trash receptacles throughout your building. Witt offers decorative, dome top, office, and industrial series to suit a wide variety of needs. With these choices, you can have round aluminum receptacles that look sleek and polished, dome-top receptacles in a variety of colors and with open or push tops, or receptacles designed for insititutional locations like hospitals. Depending on the outdoor space you have available, you might also be required to add commercial trash cans to the exterior of your building as well, either on patios or along sidewalks. Witt's exterior receptacles are available in a variety of colors, including black, gray, red, and blue, and in decorative styles that will further enhance the area you want to keep clean.

The Stadium Series can provide your business with highly tailored trash cans complete with a custom logo that is laser-cut into the side. These outdoor trash receptacles, which are designed with perforated sections along their tops and bottoms, range in size from 20 to 55 gallons and are available in 18 different colors, including yellow, green, red, purple, white, and black. There is a one-time logo charge of $400, but the logo does not expire, so you can order additional units at a later date with ease. The fee covers the logo customization process, during which time a logo is sent to the company, allowing designers to create the artwork and submit it to the customer for approval before the cans are created.

Any business owner who wants to provide a more environmentally friendly waste management system will want to invest in Witt recycling containers. The GeoCube series for indoor recycling is available in square or rectangle configurations, in black, gray, red, or blue and marked for general recycling or waste, or specifically for cans and paper. The Emoti-Can series is also for indoor use and comes in a round shape in black, blue, or green, with one, two, or three openings and the triple-arrow recycling logo with "Recycle" printed under it.

Outdoor recycling receptacles are designed to match the indoor receptacles, but come in blue to set them apart. All outdoor receptacles include leveling and anchor kits to ensure stability and security. If you do have outdoor space, Witt Industries also provides outdoor benches that can offer customers comfortable places to sit and relax. If your business needs to accommodate cigarette waste, cigarette waste receptacles are available as standalone ash urns or as trash cans with ash tray lids.

Commercial receptacles can be quickly acquired through Witt Industries' quick ship program, which includes 35 different items. An order of fewer than 20 of these participating units can be shipped across the nation in 48 hours or less. For more information about which items are available for two-day shipping or to order customized trash cans, contact a helpful KaTom customer service representative by phone at 1-800-541-8683 or by email at sales@katom.com.