Waring Overview

Waring Products for Commercial and Residential Kitchens

Since the company began offering the world's first blender in 1937, Waring has made a name for itself in the kitchen. Its countertop equipment was first made for residential use, but soon expanded into the commercial market as well, breaking into separate commercial and residential divisions in 1985. Below are some of the commercial cooking products offered by the company.

Waffle Makers

Waring Commercial introduced its commercial waffle makers in 2003, and now offers a variety of styles. With models that make traditional waffles, Belgian waffles, and waffle cones, the line is sure to have a waffle maker to fit any foodservice operation's needs. Each waffle maker features nonstick plates with built-in heating elements to ensure even heat distribution, while commercial-grade construction ensures a long life.

Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders are one of the most convenient pieces of equipment a kitchen can have, allowing you to blend and puree food right in its cooking vessel without dirtying extra dishes. Waring Commercial offers immersion blenders with shafts ranging from 7 to 21 inches and capacities as small as 3 gallons to as large as 50 gallons. These all-purpose blenders are capable of mixing, blending, whisking, puréeing, and whipping.

Food Processors

With reliable motors from ¾ to 2 horsepower, capacities up to 6 quarts, and the ability to process up to 1,400 pounds per hour, Waring Commercial food processors are able to meet the demands of any commercial kitchen. The company's patented LiquiLock® Seal System prevents leaks when processing liquids, making these powerful processors fast and easy to clean.

Deep Fryers

Heavy-duty commercial deep fryers are available in 8½- to 15-pound capacities. The stainless steel tanks are removable to make cleaning simple and the unit comes with a night cover to help keep dust and debris out of the oil when not in use. Most models are available with either one large basket or two smaller baskets, so you can purchase the configuration that will work best in your kitchen.


As expected from the company that created the original blender back in 1937, these blenders combine power and performance in a durable package. Waring blenders have capacities ranging from 32 to 128 ounces, with ½- to 3¾-HP motors to handle any blending job needed. Some of the larger models include dual handles and a pour valve to make lifting and dispensing more convenient.


Commercial toasters are available with two- and four-slice capacities. For high-volume operations, conveyor toasters that can toast 450 slices of toast per hour are also available. All toasters are made of stainless steel for durability and feature removable crumb trays to make cleaning easy.

Drink Mixers

Whether you are making smoothies, milkshakes, or daiquiris, there's a Waring drink mixer that will suit your needs. Compact models with one spindle can fit on crowded countertops, while heavy-duty, three-spindle models allow you to keep up with high-volume demands. For foodservice operations with limited counter space, wall-mount units are available.

Hot Plates

Hot plates are available with induction cooktops and with heavy-duty cast iron burners. Both of these options are available with single or double burners, so you can find the size that will fit best in your kitchen. The induction hot plates feature easy-touch controls, including a 10-hour timer, and the cast iron burner hot plates have solid-state controls with six heat settings.

Panini Presses

Panini grills are available with flat or ribbed cast iron plates, and some of the larger models have a combination of the two in independent cooking areas. These are available in widths as small as 9¼ and as large as 24 inches to help meet the space and production needs of any kitchen. The thermostats go up to 570 degrees F, but the handles stay cool to the touch to prevent burns. These grills can handle sandwiches, burgers, chicken, and vegetables up to 3-inches thick.

Electric Crêpe Maker

Electric crêpe makers are available in 12- and 16-inch widths. The cooking surface is made out of cast iron, which offers even heat distribution to ensure your crêpes cook evenly. Each crêpe maker comes with a batter spreader and spatula so you can start cooking as soon as the equipment arrives.


Juicers allow you to serve healthy drinks or have fresh juice available for recipes in your bar or restaurant. Waring offers compact bar designs and larger, more elaborate designs with features including pulp ejection and a high-speed motor.


The 7-quart mixer features 12 mixing speeds and a stainless steel bowl, with a tilt-head design that makes changing out the bowl and attachments easy. A dough hook, wire whisk, and mixing paddle are included to help you mix anything your foodservice operation may need.

Specialty Products

Waring's specialty products include countertop ovens, spice grinders, coffee urns, griddles, and electric knives, allowing you to complete the selection of countertop products your commercial kitchen needs.