Vollrath's Super Pan 3 & Super Pan V Save the Day

Vollrath Steam Table Pan Guide

Steam table pans are some of the most heavily used and abused smallwares in the kitchen. They are constantly being scraped, dropped, stacked, and banged as they make their way from the kitchen to the dining room to the dishroom and back again. The constant stress means that pans tend to get warped and dented over months and years of steady use. When pans become deformed, their edges will not sit flush with the openings in your steam table, which means steam escapes and wastes electricity, drives up your utility bills, and creates a burn hazard for your employees and guests. Bent pans are also harder to clean, and the creases and dents can harbor bacteria, not to mention they create an eyesore that your customers might not appreciate. Vollrath steam table pans have been designed to address those common problems.

Vollrath has spent nearly a century engineering steam table pans, and today the company offers two lines that put to use decades of knowledge and expertise - the Super Pan 3 and Super Pan V series. All Vollrath pans are made in the United States with 22-gauge, 300-series stainless steel. That means the metal is at least 18 percent chrome, a property that gives the pans their corrosion-resistant characteristics. The 300-series stainless also contains nickel, adding a bright finish that will last for years if the pans are properly cared for.

The Super Pan V series is Vollrath’s newest and best-selling line. Wares in this series are polished for a bright finish and enhanced cleanability. Still produced in America, the Super Pan 3 series primarily serves the European market with 8-inch-deep models to support gelato shops and chefs who want to braise meat in them. They’re also a go-to choice for American chefs who want an extra-deep pan.

The Competitive Edge

The edges of all Vollrath steam table pans are flat and designed to sit flush against the surface of a steam table. This design forms a tight seal so that no heat or steam can escape. An independent test by a third party demonstrated that each full-size Vollrath steam pan can save more than $35 annually versus pans with bent edges. The pans' edges also make them more comfortable to grip - they don’t cut into users’ hands like many traditional designs.

Kick Out the Jams

Another problem that arises as steam table pans age is that they tend to get jammed together when they’re stacked, slowing down operations and frustrating staff members who try to separate them. Each piece in the Super Pan series is built with stacking lugs on each of its four corners so the pans won’t get stuck together.

At the Corner of Durability & Savings

The patented corners of Super Pan V pans are concave and tapered diagonally. This design strengthens the pan, protecting it from denting and bowing when it gets dropped and banged around. It also makes pouring out of the pans easier.

The bottom corners of Vollrath steam table pans are smoothly rounded to accommodate serving utensils. This design allows customers or kitchen staff to scoop the last few servings of food more easily, reducing the amount that gets thrown out. The smooth corners also make cleaning the pans quicker and easier.


Vollrath also provides accessories to complement their steam table pans. Hinged covers and dome covers are available so you can take your pans on the go and use them in a catering line with chafing dishes. Angled adapter plates can be inserted between your pans and your steam table to create a unique presentation and make it easier to reach the food in a self-serve environment. The company also offers tight-fitting plastic lids that enable you to use the pans store and transport food.

Special Super Pan Versions

In addition to the 22-gauge stainless steel pans, Vollrath offers Super Pan series in four other materials.

  • A heavy-duty version, made with thicker, 20-gauge stainless steel.
  • Clear and black polycarbonate for low-temperature applications.
  • Amber and black resin for high-temperature applications like microwave reheating.
  • 300-series stainless steel with interiors coated in SteelCoat X3, which provides a durable non-stick finish. These can be used for cooking, serving, and displaying items in the same pan.