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Vollrath Slicer Features and Benefits

When Vollrath engineers set about redesigning the company's entire electric slicer line in 2015, they did so with two criteria: The new models must meet NSF/ANSI 8 standards and have more safety features than the typical mid-size car. They're both admirable goals, given that deli slicers have been a source of food-borne illness outbreaks1 and were the cause of at least 4,000 lost-workday incidents in 20132.

The four Vollrath slicer models that are the result of that effort offer capabilities to meet the needs of most any size operation, from low- to high-volume. That includes delis that need to be able to slice cheese all day long and those that have limited space for these important food equipment pieces.

Safety Features

Perhaps most critically for operators, these units integrate a host of safety features that protect users and the food products they're working with. Those precautions are also important because they ensure the equipment meets Occupational Safety and Health Agency requirements. That means they can help you avoid having to worry about OSHA rule 29 CFR 1904.39, which gives rules for how injuries caused by slicers are reported.

Here's a closer look at the safety features built into these Vollrath slicers:

  • Hand guards mounted directly to the carriage keep users from reaching over the product tray and accidentally putting a hand on the running blade.
  • A thumb guard on the back of the carriage keeps the blade covered even after the carriage has passed over it. It's called a thumb guard because operators resting a thumb on the edge of the carriage have been cut after it passed over the blade.
  • A safety switch that won't allow the unit to restart after an interruption in power supply until the switch is flipped by the user. That ensures the blade won't start spinning unexpectedly when the power comes back on, potentially injuring a user who isn't paying attention or one who decided to use the downtime of an outage to clean the unit.
  • Non-skid rubber feet keep the unit from jogging or slipping during usage.
  • A knife rim guard that blocks the unused side of the blade as it spins (not available on 40950 model).
  • A carriage lock feature that locks the gauge plate and won't allow the blade to operate if the carriage is not in place (only available on 40955 model)
  • The Vollrath meat slicer blade removal tool, which mounts directly to the knife for removal during cleaning, is available on the 40952 and 40955. That keeps the operator from having to put on cut-resistant gloves to lift the knife by its sharp edges.

Additionally, all Vollrath slicers are built to meet NSF standards that ensure food safety. NSF/ANSI 83 was introduced in July 2010, and the new regulations for powered food prep equipment set up some high standards for commercial slicers. That includes requirements that all joints and seams be sealed, that the units be designed to divert liquids from food areas, and a requirement for detailed cleaning instructions shipped with each model4. As with all NSF mandates, these were all about ensuring food equipment is designed and constructed to increase food safety.

The changes were important for both the rule makers at NSF and the engineers at Vollrath, who recognize slicers have historically been some of the hardest foodservice equipment to clean5.

Key Standard Features

Every Vollrath slicer is designed and engineered in Italy, home to folks who are widely regarded as producing the best food slicers in the world. That means they have specs that make them easier for the operators to use, improve yield, and promote a long-lasting unit. Below are some of the key features that are part of every slicer the company produces6.

  • A 25- or 35-degree angled gravity feed tray ensures foods being sliced move easily into the blade, for quick, consistent, and complete cutting. It also makes pushing the food into the blade easier for the operator.
  • A built-in two-stone sharpener provides convenient and easy sharpening without blade removal. That further ensures your cuts are precise and can be exactly as thin or thick as you want them to be.
  • A long-lasting and strong belt makes adjusting the thickness easy and ensures the slicer maintains that setting throughout usage. That's particularly important in sandwich shops that slice meat in-house, since thinner slices of meat offer more flavor, thereby making it possible to use less meat while providing a better-tasting product.
  • Vollrath's proprietary QuanTanium coating is used on the support and gauge plates, the surfaces the flat end of the food slides against. That non-stick surface is easier to clean and makes moving the food across the plates easier7. That means less operator fatigue and, yes, more consistent slices.
  • Hard-coated, anodized aluminum construction that provides a durable and long-lasting body that is easy to clean, thanks to the smooth outer finish.

Medium-duty Slicers

The SLM250/S, also known as the 40950, packs all those features in a size small enough to make it easily portable, which makes it great for caterers and other mobile operations. It has a 10-inch blade and is capable of slicing processed deli meats in thicknesses as considerable as 12 inch for about three hours per day. The 25-degree-tilt feeder plate moves deli meats easily into the blade, which is rotated by a 13-peak-horsepower motor8. This unit cannot process cheese.

The SLM300P/S, which is also billed as the 40951, offers similar capabilities and specs to its smaller kin. That includes power to get through processed meats for about three hours per day, with no capability to slice cheese. It does that with a 12-inch blade rotated by a 25-peak-horsepower motor, with meat pushed into the slicer on a feeder plate angled at 25-degrees9. This model does offer a permanent blade rim guard that isn't available on the smaller unit, improving safety.

Heavy-duty Slicer

The SLM300/S, which may be called the 40952, is the first of the models that can handle cheeses. Its 12-peak-horsepower motor and 12-inch blade are capable of handling both cheese and meat all day long, which means this model is great for high-volume operations. This unit offers a feeder plate on a 35-degree angle and slices as much as a full inch thick. This unit offers the safe blade removal system and a permanent blade rim guard, both of which protect operators10.

Deluxe Slicer

With a long slate of features unique only to it, the SLM300E/S - or 40955 - is billed as a "deluxe slicer" by the company, but don't let that hide its heavy-duty, high-volume capabilities. This deli slicer has a 13-inch blade that slices at as wide as 1 inch and is powered by a 12-peak-horsepower motor. It includes the safety features found on the 40952, including the safe blade removal system and permanent blade rim guard, and also shares its 35-degree-angle feed plate. The 40955 goes beyond that, though, with a tilting carriage that enables the user to determine how the food moves into the blade, a kickstand that allows for easy cleaning underneath the slicer, and an extra-long slide rod that allows it to accommodate larger items. It also has a solid aluminum thickness adjustment knob, meant to stand up longer to heavy use and offer more precise incremental regulation11.

Find the Right Vollrath Slicer for Your Kitchen

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