Invest in Premium Countertop Equipment with Vollrath HD

Vollrath HD

Operators who need countertop equipment that performs like full-size equipment should consider Vollrath's HD series of countertop cooking equipment. These models provide performance superior to that of standard countertop equipment, but with the same space-saving dimensions.

Vollrath's HD series includes charbroilers, hot plates, induction ranges, and griddles. This equipment provides the powerful heating and quick recovery necessary to power through entire dayparts and keep up with busy peaks in demand. A Vollrath HD griddle will be able to handle busy breakfast service and transition smoothly into lunch service. For steakhouses, a Vollrath HD charbroiler can sear steak after steak, even if your restaurant is the busiest in town.

HD series equipment is built to withstand the heavy-volume use of commercial kitchens, as well as the inevitable wear and tear inflicted thereby. Several premium features are included standard on all HD models.

  • HD gas equipment ships to be connected to natural gas, but includes an LP field-conversion kit.
  • Knob guards protect the controls from being accidentally bumped and changed or damaged.
  • A 1358-inch operating height and 4- to 5-inch adjustable legs allow HD equipment to be used in a uniform lineup, and each piece can be leveled and adjusted to an optimal height for operators.
  • Stainless steel exteriors resist rust and damage for the life of the equipment.

Vollrath HD Induction

Vollrath HD induction ranges combine the speed and efficiency of induction with the capacity required in high-production kitchens. These models are available in dual-element and four-element versions. They produce the quick, powerful heat that induction is known for, proven in the fact they give the ability to bring water to a boil at lighting speed. Cooks can gently temper chocolate with a fine-tuned control that gas and traditional electric equipment don't provide. Induction ranges are built with heavy-duty, 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel and vitro ceramic tops that will resist breaking under heavy use.

Four IGBT engines per burner maximize the Vollrath induction burners' cooking speeds with greater energy efficiency than models with only one IGBT engine per burner. A low-heat, 100-degree Fahrenheit setting allows the induction range to be used as a holding warmer, keeping food at ready-to-serve temperatures without continuing to cook it.

Vollrath HD Griddles

HD griddles come in several increments between 24 and 72 inches long to match the needs of virtually any venue and any volume. Thermostatically controlled griddles in this series each feature a temperature sensor embedded 316-inch below each griddle plate's surface. Those monitor the griddle's temperature and adjust the heat accordingly to precisely maintain the user's set temperature. That plate is 1 inch thick, so it heats evenly and provides quick temperature recovery, which translates to quicker service times compared to models with thinner plates.

Vollrath HD griddles are finished with a polished surface that makes for easy cleaning and their grease trays are commercial dishwasher safe. Underneath that steel plate, a stainless steel burner is placed every 12 inches to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface.

Vollrath HD Charbroilers

Vollrath HD charbroilers are equipped with adjustable grates that each feature a thin side for searing dense proteins and a thicker side to support more delicate items like fish and vegetables. Those grates can be positioned flat for quick cooking or slanted to apply more gentle heat and minimize flare-ups from more fat-rich proteins. Channels integral to the narrower grates conduct that fat and other liquids down the slope and into the grease tray.

These units have one 20,000-BTU gas burner for every 6 inches, with those controlled independently so cooks can dial in the right heat setting to create cooking zones for individual products. Vollrath HD charbroilers also include kits that allow for conversion of the equipment between radiant and lava rock operation.