Choosing a Vollrath Frozen Drink Machine

Vollrath Frozen Drink Machines

Vollrath frozen drink machines are used to make a variety of beverages, from slushies for kids to margaritas for adults. Because these popular thirst-quenchers can be easy and inexpensive to prepare, adding them to your restaurant, bar, or convenience store will offer guests refreshing options while increasing your profits. However, it's important to choose reliable equipment to prevent product from being wasted and employees from being slowed down by a faulty or confusing machine. Vollrath is proud to offer user-friendly Stoelting machines from the Clear Bowl series, which are designed for front- or back-of-house use, require little maintenance, and come with different capacities to suit your needs.

Which Model Do You Need?

Model NumberBowl Number and SizeTotal CapacityServings (12-oz.)Auto-Fill
CBE117-37CBE117-37(1) 3.2 gallons3.2 gallons34Not Available
CBE127-37CBE127-37(2) 3.2 gallons6.4 gallons68Available
CBE167-37CBE167-37(3) 3.2 gallons9.6 gallons102Available
CBD117-37CBD117-37(1) 1.6 gallons1.6 gallons17Not Available
CBD127-37CBD127-37-1(2) 1.6 gallons3.2 gallons34Not Available

No matter the equipment's capacity, the bowls on each dispenser are clear, giving customers and employees alike an unobstructed view of the product inside as it is thoroughly mixed by the vertical and horizontal augers. In addition to the horizontal auger pulling product across the cold plate for an even freeze, product in this machine is mixed to a particular density, rather than temperature, to provide a more consistent result. Bars and restaurants serving alcoholic beverages like margaritas or piña coladas will be able to add the alcohol directly to the hoppers on these units, which makes preparing the drinks a simple task for employees. The sleek and attractive black bases allow these Vollrath frozen drink machines to act as an effective merchandiser in front-of-house settings. For further flexibility, the controls are intuitive and the machine locks for additional security, so they can be used behind a busy bar or in self-serve applications.

Unlike other frozen drink machines, the models in this series have drive shafts with no seal. This feature cuts down on maintenance requirements and costs, since there is no seal to replace or maintain and liquid cannot seep into the machine's components. Although they are designed to be low-maintenance, these dispensers are equipped with self-diagnostics and features like low-level and temperature alerts that make operators aware of any issues that arise during use. They also include night mode, which prevents product waste by allowing the user to leave it in the bowl overnight in a non-frozen state. The CBE127-37 and CBE167-37 models are available with an auto-fill accessory, which automatically fills the bowl to guarantee product is available when servers or customers need it.

These Stoelting machines are cETLus-certified countertop models that include a NEMA 5-15 plug and 5-foot cord. They require 10 inches of clearance at the sides and 12 inches of clearance in the rear. For more information on Vollrath frozen drink machines, contact a knowledgeable KaTom representative by email at or by phone at 1-800-541-8683.