Vollrath EaziClean Can Openers

Vollrath EaziClean Can Openers

Prep cooks in a commercial kitchen are tasked with opening cans on a regular basis, and buying the right can opener will help them complete this task more efficiently. Vollrath offers the Redco EaziClean can openers, a line of manual can openers designed to facilitate the can-opening process with intuitive operation and a cutting mechanism that stays sanitary. It is available in five NSF-certified models: BCO-2000, BCO-3000, BCO-5000, BCO-6000, and BCO-7000.

EaziClean Can Openers
Product NumberDescription#10 Cans Per DayConstructionBar LengthMax. Can HeightGearDishwasher-Safe?
BCO-2000Medium-Duty (Yellow Band)20Zamak Alloy16 in.14 in.1 in.Cutting Mechanism
BCO-3000Medium-Duty (Yellow Band)20Zamak Alloy25 in.22 in.1 in.Cutting Mechanism
BCO-5000Heavy-Duty (Blue Band)60Stainless Steel16 in.14 in.112 in.Cutting Mechanism
BCO-6000Heavy-Duty (Blue Band)60Stainless Steel25 in.22 in.112 in.Cutting Mechanism
BCO-7000Extra Heavy-Duty (Black Band)60+Stainless Steel25 in.22 in.112 in.All Parts

Suitable for kitchens opening around 20 cans per day, the BCO-2000 and BCO-3000 are the line's medium-duty can openers, distinguished by the yellow band located under their handles. These are constructed from a zinc alloy called Zamak, which is a combination of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. The bar length on the BCO-2000 is 16 inches, allowing it to accommodate cans with a maximum height of 14 inches, while the BCO-3000 can accommodate cans as tall as 22 inches with a bar length of 25 inches. The gear, which determines how many handle turns it will take to make a complete rotation around the can, measures 1 inch for both.

The EaziClean series also includes the BCO-5000 and BCO-6000, heavy-duty can openers identified by a blue handle band. These are constructed with stainless steel, a durable metal often used in food-grade construction, and can open as many as 60 cans per day. With a bar length of 16 inches, the BCO-5000 can be used with cans as tall as 14 inches, while the BCO-6000, with a bar length of 25 inches, can be used with cans as tall as 22 inches. The gear on these models measures 112 inches.

The final model in the series is the BCO-7000, which is an extra-heavy-duty can opener identified by a black band. It is also constructed from stainless steel and includes a 112-inch gear, and is recommended for kitchens where more than 60 cans need to be opened per day. The cutting mechanisms on each of these Vollrath can openers are dishwasher-safe, but the BCO-7000 can be placed in the dishwasher in its entirety. However, with a blade removal system that can be detached and reattached in a matter of seconds, each model in this line is easily cleaned and sanitized. EaziClean can openers can be permanently mounted onto a counter or temporarily mounted with a portable bracket that allows the can opener to be moved.