4 Facts that Make Vollrath Super Pans a Super Choice

Vollrath Steam Table Pans

Of all the kitchen supplies you depend on daily, steam table pans are some of the most essential, and they're also some of the most abused. Vollrath hotel pans have been trusted for nearly a century, and over the years they've incorporated features designed to help their pans last longer and save operators on costs in the meantime. There are several reasons that make Vollrath steam table pans a great choice.

  1. They're made in the United States.
  2. Vollrath Super Pans are made in the United States, in the company's Sheboygan, Wisc., factory. That not only helps support American jobs, it also gives the company strict control over the quality of those food pans. That enables those American workers to closely monitor the production process and assure a standard of quality that import companies can't guarantee.

  3. They're made with consistent, high-quality materials.
  4. Vollrath Super Pans are made with a consistent metal gauge throughout - that's 22-gague, 300-series steel. That steel is die-formed and guaranteed to be of the same thickness throughout, lending to structural strength and even temperature conduction across the whole surface of the pan. That evenness of gauge is often sacrificed by competitors looking to produce a less expensive, lower quality pan.

    It's not just the thickness of the pans that Vollrath takes seriously; the raw materials the company uses are held to high standards, too. That steel is tested at the mill it's sourced from to ensure that it's in accordance with a long list of safety and durability standards. The company then performs its own quality checks once the steel arrives at the factory.

  5. Super Pans have unique corners.
  6. Every piece in Vollrath's hotel pan line features uniquely-designed reinforced corners that are made to provide two important benefits. First, they add structural strength to the pans so they can resist being dropped, banged, and generally abused without denting, warping, or deforming. Hotel pans are some of the most frequently-handled and abused supplies in the kitchen, and it pays to invest in quality pans that can stand up to the kitchen's demands.

    In addition to providing a rugged structure and a longer life, Vollrath's Super Pan corners also make the pans easier to use. They're easy pour from, saving staff time and promoting better safety in the kitchen. They can also reduce accidents and lead to less wasted food.

  7. They can save you money on electricity and operating costs.
  8. One benefit that you may never have considered is the electricity that Vollrath steam table pans can save by enabling you to reduce the cost of running your steam table. Because they're built to a higher standard of structural integrity, they'll resist the warping that can prevent hotel pans from sitting flush on the steam table's surface. Warped pans can let steam escape around the corners and edges, wasting heat and energy. Not to mention, that escaping heat can be a safety hazard to your guests and staff.

    It's not just the power to heat the steam that low-quality pans can affect. They can also drive up your HVAC costs by releasing all that ambient heat into your kitchen or dining room. Since your equipment will have to work harder to maintain the correct temperatures, what seems like a little annoyance can potentially shorten your hot table's life.


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