Tip of the Day: Taking care of your Vitamix Blender!

Taking care of your brand new Vitamix blender will ensure a lifetime of efficient use! Vitamix blenders are manufactured with ease of use and maintenance in mind, so keeping up with the care of your Vitamix blender is much simpler!

We’ll start out with a few general maintenance tips courtesy of Vitamix!

  • Do NOT bang the container of your blender against a surface. The sharp cracks in the bottom of the container will rip the container posts.
  • Do NOT remove or place the container on the base while the machine is running. This will wear down the blade assembly and damage the drive socket.
  • Do NOT shake or rattle the machine or container while in use. This will damage the blade assembly and the “teeth" on the drive socket.
  • Do NOT place foreign objects in the container while blending. A chipped blade could lead to personal injury.
  • Do NOT overfill the container. Overfilling sets off the Thermal Protector, and your machine will shut itself off. Turn the power OFF, take the container off of the base, and wait for the motor to cool down. Your mixture may be too thick, or you may be processing too long at a LOW speed setting. If you detect a burning odor, add more liquid to your mixture or lessen the load. You should also check the condition of your container bearing assembly.

Following these maintenance tips will help to prevent problems with your Vitamix If something does occur, you want to know what happened and how to take care of the problem. Vitamix has made it easy for you with a guide and steps for replacing the blade assembly or drive socket.


Slowly rotate your blade assembly by hand to ensure that it turns smoothly with some resistance. Replace blade assembly if the following occurs:

  • Washer failure and/or oil leakage
  • Oil leakage
  • Visible seal
  • Indents due to worn socket
  • Rounded teeth due to removing container while running
  • Seal gone
  • Visible ball bearings
  • Warning: Use caution when handling the blades; they are sharp.
  • Remove the retainer nut by inserting the Vitamix retainer nut wrench. Rotate the wrench counter-clockwise.
  • Remove the retainer nut. Do not remove the gasket on the retainer nut.
  • Carefully remove the blades by placing a thick cloth over the blades and pulling them straight out.
  • Grip the new blades with the cloth and insert into the container.
  • When inserting the blade assembly, align the flat sides of the blade assembly with the flat sides of the container opening.
  • Place retainer nut back on the inserted blade assembly. Hand tighten first, then insert the retainer nut wrench and turn clockwise until tight.

Check every 5 months to make sure that your pad is lying flat on the base. Replace the centering pad if the following occurs:

  • Cracked posts
  • Tearing at posts due to improper dishwashing or use of improper cleaning products

Check the condition of your drive socket every 3-4 months to ensure that the ‘teeth’ are sharp. Replace drive socket if the following occurs:

  • Worn teeth
  • Worn grooves
  • Setscrew crack
  • Damaged socket
  • Unplug unit.
  • Remove centering pad.
  • Locate raised arrow on socket and rotate until the arrow is aligned with slot (slot will be covered with silicone; remove or push through).
  • Insert wrench until it clicks into setscrew. Turn counter-clockwise and remove.
  • Locate raised arrow on side of the new socket and align squared bottom of new drive socket with squared top of motor shaft.
  • Push drive socket down and rotate until the arrow is aligned with slot.
  • Insert wrench and turn clockwise until tight. Then back off a quarter turn.
  • Replace silicone over opening.
  • Move drive socket up and down to ensure it is not too tight.

Thanks again to Vitamix for very helpful information about blender care and maintenance! Don't forget to save on your water bill and man power by checking out a Vitamix blender container rinser. This amazing product rinses your containers quickly, with ease, and uses cold water to further save on heating costs.

Do you have any questions about your Vitamix Blender? Contact one of KaTom's knowledgeable customer service representatives!Images and guide courtesy of Vitamix