Cut Maintenace Costs with a Turbo Air Self-cleaning Condenser

The Turbo Air Self-Cleaning Condenser

The condenser coil is one of the most essential components of any refrigeration system. It's responsible for transferring heat collected from the cabinet to the air outside - the process at the core of the refrigeration cycle. The condenser is also highly prone to capturing dust and dirt from the environment, which can block essential airflow, so it's important to keep the component free of such debris.

Engineers at Turbo Air realized that cleaning the condenser is a task that's too often forgotten or neglected. That's why they developed a self-cleaning technology to ensure the condenser gets the maintenance it needs without any human contact.

Dirty Condenser Problems

A condenser is surrounded by tiny, closely placed fins that are constantly exposed to the dirt, dust, and grease from kitchen air. If that debris isn't cleared away regularly, the condenser can't rid itself of heat efficiently, meaning the refrigerator's compressor must work harder to maintain the proper temperatures. That extra work wastes energy and creates unnecessary wear and tear on the whole system. In worst-case scenarios, a dirty condenser will cause the equipment to fail, and repairing or replacing components is expensive. In fact, once labor and surrounding costs are added in, the tab can often be even more considerable than replacing the refrigerator outright.

With traditional equipment, the person responsible for cleaning the condenser must remove the grille that protects it, which is either near the floor or in the top of the cabinet. Depending on how the components are arranged, this may require that the equipment be wheeled out from its position. Then, the employee must use a brush and/or a vacuum cleaner and be sure to clean between each of the condenser's tiny fins. This task must be done while taking care not to damage the fins, as their thin and flexible nature makes them highly susceptible to bending.

While the condenser is being cleaned, cooks who need access to the refrigerator may have a hard time opening it. This means you'll either have to slow down kitchen procedures or schedule staff to clean after business hours. Either way, that can inflate your labor costs and disrupt your routine.

Turbo Air's Solution

Turbo Air's self-cleaning condenser solves all of the problems outlined above. It works like this: a protective fine-mesh filter blocks dust from reaching the condenser coil to begin with. Two or three times a day, a rotating brush cleans that filter to clear the dust away to prevent it from ever reaching the condenser. That simple component can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Reduces energy bills by preserving equipment's efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs from broken-down equipment
  • Reduces labor costs by freeing staff from the duty of cleaning the equipment
  • Potentially results in better health scores by maintaining clean equipment that holds the correct temperature.

This self-cleaning condenser technology is standard on most Turbo Air commercial refrigeration, including reach-ins, pass-thrus, prep tables, glass-door merchandisers, air-curtain display cases, undercounter equipment, and more. To learn more about the technology or to order equipment that includes it, call us at 1-800-541-8683.