Get the value-added benefit of a cool extended warranty from Turbo Air

Commercial refrigerators from Turbo Air now come with the extra proteciton of an extended warranty.

Turbo Air has long been the go-to manufacturer for unique commercial refrigerator applications, from open air display cases to glass door merchandisers to back-of-bar coolers to sandwich/salad prep units. So, it will be no surprise if the company’s latest news about extended warranty protection for its most popular lines makes Turbo Air even more attractive to KaTom’s customers.

In an effort to give customers greater value, the company has announced it will offer the extra protection of a 3-year parts and labor warranty on its super deluxe solid and glass door units, an extended warranty from the 2-year policy Turbo Air formerly offered. Meanwhile, the 1-year parts and labor warranty that was offered in the past on the company’s M3 and glass door products, as well as open display cases, bakery cases, deli cases, and ice cream dipping cabinets, has now been extended to two years.

For the folks at Turbo Air, it’s all about offering extra value for those who buy their commercial refrigerators, without added cost.

”Turbo Air, with its hard-earned leadership and pride in its segment of industries, promises to continue to supply reliable and excellent products at competitive prices,” Turbo Air CEO Brian Kim told us.

For more information on the extended warranty on Turbo Air commercial refrigerators, see the PDF linked below.

TurboAir 3-year Warranty

You can also check out some of Turbo Air's great commercial refrigerator products by clicking on the images below.

The Turbo Air TGM-5R Countertop Display Commercial Refrigerator now comes with an extended warranty.The Turbo Air M3R47-2 Two-section Reach-in Commercial Refrigerator now comes with extra protection in its parts and labor warranty.The Turbo Air MUR-28 Undercounter Commercial Refrigerator has extra protection in its extended warranty.