Why True Refrigeration Stands Out From the Competition

True vs The Competition
A 2009 letter from William Diemer, president of Nashville Refrigeration, in praise of True Refrigeration

It Has 70 Years of Experience

True Manufacturing has been in business for more than 70 years. Over the decades, the folks there have refined their equipment to provide the problem-solving solutions that are most important to restaurant operators. They've also built a vast distribution and service network that means parts and service are never far away when you need them.

Its Equipment is Made in America

Every machine True produces comes from its factory in Missouri. When you buy a True refrigerator, you know it's been built and tested to quality control measures that import companies simply don't achieve. Its six North American warehouses stay well-stocked with equipment and parts, so you won't have to wait very long to get the crucial pieces you need to keep your operations running. And, every time you interact with the company, you'll know you're supporting American jobs.

It's A Proven Industry Leader

True Manufacturing has been voted Best in Class for the Foodservice Equipment and Supply awards in three refrigeration categories for 14 years running. Some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, the winners are decided on by operators, dealers, and consultants with real world experience using, selling, and servicing the machines. See the testimonial letter to the right to see for yourself what dealers have to say about working with True.

True Refrigerators are Built for Business

True machines are known for their "oversized and balanced" designs. That simply means that their compressors, which are among the largest in the industry, are built for demanding applications. Their evaporator coils have 20 to 40 percent greater surface area than the industry average, meaning they're capable of cooling more efficiently with responsive recovery and quick pull-down times. The implication of those thoughtful design features is that the machines won't struggle to keep up in high-volume restaurants.

True Equipment is Built with Heavy-Duty Components

The fan motor is a vital part on any commercial refrigerator. Along with the compressor motor, it sees some of the most wear and tear of all the components. These commercial refrigerators' low-velocity fans are designed to gently circulate a large volume of air around the evaporator tubes, creating even temperatures throughout. True fan motors are completely sealed and filled with oil, which means they never require lubrication and should continue to run smoothly for the entirety of their typical 15-20 year lifespans. See the image below and compare for yourself True's fan assembly to its competitors', which are open and exposed to dirt and grime from the environment. That can severely limit the performance of the machine, require a much busier maintenance schedule, and shorten the component's lifetime.

Every Single Unit Undergoes Rigorous Testing

True tests every single piece of equipment it produces for at least 4 hours. Quality assurance testers run-test every freezer for at least 16 hours. This process ensures that every unit performs exactly as it is expected to, so when you buy True refrigeration you know it will start working for you as soon as you plug it in.

Each True Compressor is Covered by a 5-Year Warranty

True covers its compressors with a total of five years of warranty protection, including the three years of parts and labor coverage the entire unit gets, and an additional two years for this critical component. A compressor under warranty will be replaced in the event that it should malfunction. The rest of True's components are covered by a three-year parts and labor warranty.

A photograph comparing True's fan assembly with a competitor's, which is much smaller