Get Customized Graphics for Your New or Existing True Refrigeration Equipment

True Custom Graphics

Good, old-fashioned stainless steel makes a fine finish if your True refrigerator is located in the back of the house, where it will blend in with the rest of your equipment. But, if your commercial cooler is being placed somewhere a little more conspicuous, somewhere your customers will see it or have access to its contents, then stainless steel may feel a little too sterile.

You probably already know you have the option of selecting white and black vinyl finishes when you need a new merchandiser to display your drinks or bakery treats. The new True refrigeration custom graphics program offers virtually endless opportunities to get equipment that will make your lineup pop.

Matching your refrigeration equipment to your décor doesn't have to be a matter of 'close enough' anymore. True has implemented a suite of cutting-edge technologies at their Missouri plants that enables them to deliver virtually any finish request a customer might have. True has certified, G7 master printers on staff. They're trained to use the extra-wide, six-color printer, which can screen print and print digitally on a number of materials in 1080 dpi definition. This unique printing technique allows precise color control and accurate reproductions of photographs.

These graphics are available to be installed at the factory and shipped on your new equipment, or they can be ordered to be put on your existing box in the field. Custom graphics can be installed over virtually any existing surface that you have, including screen-printed surfaces, those with existing decals, and metal, vinyl and painted or varnished wood. The standard decals are a heavy-duty, scratch-resistant 4 millimeters thick, with a 2-millimeter protective over-laminate finish for a long life.

Now, you can match your box with your company's or team's colors, or even the wallpaper in your dining room, and you can order as few as one custom graphic. Common requests are for college team colors, corporate logos, and both upscale, casual and rustic patterns to match your front-of-house theme. Consider outfitting a reach-in for holding drinks behind the counter, an open-air merchandiser for displaying grab-and-go snacks, or a bakery or deli case to display your desserts or sandwiches.