True Ice Merchandisers Buyer's Guide

Ice Merchandisers: Additional Information

Ice Merchandiser, 1 Section, holds (50) 8 lb Bags of Ice, W / Tank, 26 cu ft Ice Merchandiser, 2 Section, (100) 8 lb Bag Cap, W/Tank, 49 cu ft

Ice merchandisers are ideal for storing and displaying ice to allow customers to self-serve. These units allow customers to get their own bags of ice, which reduces the amount of time your employees spend on this particular job. All of the glass door ice merchandisers offered through KaTom Restaurant Supply are from True, the world's #1 manufacturer of glass door merchandisers. True's ice merchandisers are designed using only the highest quality material and components to provide a reliable and attractive merchandiser. These laminated vinyl merchandisers are non-peel and non-chip, which reduces the amount of maintenance time spent on the merchandiser.

Types of Ice Merchandisers

There are two types of ice merchandisers to choose from, either 1 section or 2 section varieties. One section ice merchandisers are smaller display merchandisers and hold less ice than the larger, 2 section models.These models can hold (50) 8 lb bags of ice.

Two section ice merchandisers are larger and have two doors instead of one. These units are capable of holding twice as much ice, (100) 8 pound bags.

Ice Merchandiser Sizes

Ice merchandisers are available in two sizes, depending on the number of sections the unit has. One section merchandisers are 26 cubic feet and have dimensions of 78 1/4" H x 30" W x 29 1/2" D.

Two section ice merchandisers are 49 cubic feet in size and have dimensions of 78 1/4" H x 54" W x 29 1/2" D.

Specialty Options for Ice Merchandisers

Ice merchandisers can be purchased either with or without a tank. Having a tank on your ice merchandiser is excellent if there is a loss of power. The tank catches all of the water from the melting ice, saving time and energy on clean up. Units without a tank would require clean up upon the event of a power outage because it would not catch the excess water.