True Glass Door Refrigerator Buyers' Guide

True Glass Door Refrigerator

Reach-in refrigerators with glass doors have a number of advantages over solid-door units. Not only do they help keep staff organized for a streamlined kitchen setup, they can also help cut down on energy costs by limiting the length of time that doors are held open as staff search for particular products and open the door unnecessarily to look for an item that isn't there. True Refrigeration offers a diverse selection of glass-door reach-ins, with options available for most every kitchen application.

One-, Two-, & Three-Section Options

True glass door reach-ins are available with the same number of sections as their solid-door kin, coming in one-, two- and, three-section versions. Each of those can either have one full door or two half doors, also called "Dutch" doors, one above the other. A setup like that can help staff keep products and ingredients sorted into dedicated compartments. Half doors further contribute to the equipment's energy efficiency by limiting the amount of cold air that escapes when a single door is opened.

If you want to take advantage of the best of both worlds, consider investing in a half-door unit with both solid doors and glass doors. On these units, the bottom compartments are sealed with solid doors and the top ones are sealed with glass doors. That setup allows frequently-accessed products and ingredients to be kept visible and easily accessible in the top portions while items that are accessed less frequently can be held in the bottom compartment behind well-insulated solid doors.

Storage Capacities for All Needs

True offers solutions for a range of volume requirements, whether you're holding boxed bulk goods or need to provide quick access to condiments and toppings near your prep line. Their one-door refrigerators include three shelves. True two-glass-door refrigerators include six shelves, while True three-glass-door refrigerators have nine shelves. Additional shelves are available for purchase separately, though you'll want to be sure to not overload your reach-in and risk overworking its compressor.

If you need to pack your equipment in a space-limited lineup, consider a low-profile T-12G one-door unit. This model has a smaller 25-inch-deep footprint, compared to the 31-inch depth of its standard-sized alternative.

True Quality

The doors on these True glass-door refrigerators are built with "low-emissivity" glass, which means it is designed to limit the amount of heat that passes through it, helping to keep them energy efficient. The doors are also self-closing and provide an airtight positive seal. Their magnetic door gaskets are removable without tools so they can be easily cleaned and replaced when they wear out.

True glass door reach-ins are built to the same mechanical standards as the rest of its refrigeration models. They use the same oversized and balanced refrigeration systems to ensure quick recovery and proper holding temperatures. The machines' evaporator fans are designed to send a high volume of low-velocity air through the cabinet to create even temperatures throughout.

Custom Glass-door Reach-in Solutions

If there isn’t a ready-to-ship option that meets your needs precisely, let True customize one for your kitchen. Many of the glass door models can be equipped with a number of accessories and additional features that can meet the needs of your niche application. Among those are:

  • 230-240 volt electrical options for international installations
  • 6-inch legs instead of casters for improved stability
  • Half-door and full-door bun tray racks for holding baked goods and similar items
  • Additional shelving for expanding your reach-in's holding capacity.

Contact KaTom Customer Service at 1-800-541-8683 to order a reach-in with any of the above features.