True Kegerator Buyers' Guide

True Kegerator Buyers' Guide
In an era when variety is king and new microbreweries seem to pop up overnight, there's always room for another handful of draft beers on your menu. A True beer dispenser is a good choice whether you've just been granted your beer license or are simply looking to supplement your larger draft beer system. This equipment is made in America with several of the thoughtful features that make True the leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer.

Reliable Refrigeration

True's beer dispensers take advantage of an oversized and balanced refrigeration system to hold temperatures consistently between 33 and 38 degrees F, helping you build a reputation for serving ice cold beer. Cold air circulates all the way up into the beer columns to ensure that each drop is consistently cold and that foaming is minimized for less product loss.

Like all of True's products, the company's beer dispensers are made with sealed, self-lubricating fan motors that are designed to perform more efficiently than competitors' smaller fans. That design lets air circulate through the cabinet in high volumes at a low velocity for quick cooldown, fast recovery, and efficient temperature maintenance.

A True kegerator can accommodate all common keg sizes, from the Cornelius keg, well-known in home brewing, up to the half keg typically used by large-scale brewers. The following chart lists the maximum capacity of popular sizes for several True beer dispenser models. Note: This table assumes all available space is committed to kegs and no other product.

Model No.Home Brew/Cornelius KegsSixth KegsSlim Quarter KegsHalf/Quarter Kegs
Keg capacities for True kegerators.

Cabinet Construction

True kegerator exteriors are finished with laminated black vinyl made to withstand damage in high traffic areas, thwarting dents and hiding surface scratches, and resisting corrosion for the life of the equipment. Stainless steel units are also available for a polished, professional look. The stainless steel countertop that's standard on all units is an attractive addition to your back bar lineup and is easy to wipe clean.

A stainless steel interior floor with rugged galvanized steel walls help make True keg coolers NSF-7 approved for packaged and bottled products. A reinforced door threshold prevents damage to the cabinet when heavy kegs are slid into and out of the unit. All those features are built on a welded steel frame rail that's protected from rust by a durable powder coating.

The True keg cooler cabinet is insulated with foamed-in-place Ecomate polyurethane, an eco-friendly substance that has no ozone depletion or global warming potential, making it a greener alternative to many traditional methods of insulation.

True kegerator doors are built with the same attention to detail, each with a 12-inch-long, recessed, foamed-in-place handle that is built into the cabinet, so it can never become loose from wear and tear. The doors create a positive seal, keeping them air tight for energy efficiency, thanks to a magnetic door gasket that’s removable without tools for easy cleaning and replacement. Locks are a standard feature on True kegerator doors to help operators prevent unauthorized access to their valuable products.

There are also True beer dispensers with one or two glass doors. Those are equipped with shelves for holding and merchandising your canned and bottled beer alongside your draft beer.

True Keg Cooler Accessories

  • Go beyond beer with thermostats that convert the equipment for serving white and red wine at their ideal serving temperatures, a practice which can dramatically streamline your wine service by saving time and wasted product, not to mention the simplicity of storing wine in kegs versus dozens of delicate bottles.
  • Customize your kegerator to better match your bar's décor with brass columns.
  • Make it mobile with 2-1/2, 3, or 4 inch casters.
  • Expand your system with a 2- or 3-way manifold for connecting multiple kegs to the same CO2 tank
  • Get organized with wine racks and bottle organizers for outfitting models that include a glass door for merchandising bottles.