Reasons to Trust a True Commercial Refrigerator or Freezer

Why Buy True Refrigeration

True Refrigeration commercial refrigerators and freezers can be found in more foodservice kitchens than any other single brand thanks to the company's reputation for quality. They've built that reputation on components made in their own factories in the United States, from PVC-bonded shelving for their reach-in refrigerators to triple-paned glass doors for select commercial freezers. Though the list of reasons to buy True Refrigeration is long, we've boiled it down to what we think are 20 of the most important.

  1. Long-lasting Evaporator Fan Motors
  2. Ask any service technician about the True Refrigeration evaporator fan motor and they’ll likely tell you about its long life expectancy. They typically last 15-20 years, as compared to the 3-year average life expectancy of some comparable commercial refrigerator fans. True achieves that by using cast iron components, oversized low-velocity fan motors, and sealing the works in an oil-filled casing. The large fan blades blow high volumes of air slowly across the evaporator, which results in faster temperature pull down times, lowers energy costs, and shorter run times. That extends the life span of the unit and cuts replacement costs.

  3. Oversized and Balanced Condensing Units
  4. True T-49 Commercial Refrigerator

    True Refrigeration uses oversized and balanced condensing systems in each of its models, and designs every refrigeration system specifically for the refrigerator or freezer it will go in. For example, each True T-49 commercial refrigerator employs a 40-pass condenser, much larger than the standard 24-32-pass condenser used by True's competitors. Additionally, a larger condenser fan moves more air at a lower velocity than competitors’ smaller fans. As with the oversized compressors, these two things allow for faster pull-down times, which means the system runs less to reach safe temperatures. That further reduces your energy bill and reduces wear on those components.

    True compressors are oversized, which makes them more efficient at maintaining a steady temperature inside the cabinet, which further shortens pull down times. True's environmentally friendly refrigeration system allows for lower energy consumption, which equals savings for your business.

  5. Sizeable Evaporators
  6. True Refrigeration uses oversized evaporators to maximize recovery time, which promotes food product safety. The evaporators used in True commercial refrigerators are typically 25-66 percent larger than those of comparable units. True also uses larger copper tubing, 1/2-inch diameter compared to the 3/8-inch tubing generally used by other brands. All of these larger components mean savings on utilities and increased longevity for the refrigeration system thanks to shorter run times.

  7. A Perennial "Best in Class"
  8. For every year since it started polling foodservice customers and dealers on quality in 2001, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine has named True Refrigeration "Best in Class" in multiple categories, including prep tables and reach-in refrigerators. True is recognized for their high quality commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers, along with outstanding customer service and support.

  9. More Energy Efficient Commercial Refrigerators
  10. True Manufacturing products are extremely energy efficient, exceeding standards set forth by the industry. This high standard of energy efficiency provides customers with lower utility bills, increased food safety, a longer life span for each commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer, and reduced maintenance costs. It also enables True to have more ENERGY STAR-certified models than any other commercial refrigerator manufacturer. That could mean incentives at purchase for customers in certain states.

  11. An Incredible Warranty for Commercial Refrigeration
  12. True is so confident in the products it manufactures that it provides a 3-year warranty that covers parts and labor for any manufacturing defects found in that time. The compressor gets two additional years of parts coverage after that period, which means a full five years of coverage for the most important parts of each commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer. If the product malfunctions, repair or replacement will be quick and easy. The company also maintains the industry’s most extensive inventory of parts, all of them ready to be shipped when you need them.

    True GDM-26 Glass Door Merchandiser
  13. True Refrigerators are Remarkably Popular
  14. We don't condone choosing things just because lots of people have, but the fact that more commercial kitchens trust True than any other manufacturer should give you confidence. It proves that these American-made commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers have been tested for generations in real-world conditions. Beyond that, it shows that they've earned continued trust since 1945, from mom-and-pop eateries to chains with thousands of units. And, like KaTom, True Refrigeration has always been family owned.

  15. 100 Percent Testing of Every Unit
  16. True is committed to producing the best products possible, an effort it ensures by completely testing every unit that comes off the assembly line. Each True commercial refrigerator is tested for 4-6 hours to ensure proper functioning of the unit, while each commercial freezer is tested for 16-24 hours. If one doesn’t achieve the speedy temperature pull downs True expects, it’s sent back to the line for modifications. Most manufacturers test only a few models per day.

  17. Commercial Freezers Built to a -10F Standard
  18. True Refrigeration units enable you to achieve colder food storage temperatures, levels that other manufacturers typically charge more for, if they even have models that offer them. True commercial freezers hold temperatures of -10 degrees F, while the industry standard is 0 degrees F. True's competitors tack as much as $1500 extra on the tab for the ability to maintain -10 degrees F.

    Why are colder temperatures important for you? They enable the unit to pull down product temperatures faster and hold it colder. That means food retains its flavor better, which equals a better product for you.

  19. Durable, PVC-Bonded Shelving
  20. True Manufacturing is the only commercial refrigeration manufacturer that produces its own shelves. It builds them with heavy-duty steel that is dipped in an acid bath to remove any blemishes and covered by PVC bonded to the wire to help prevent chipping or peeling that can lead to corrosion. PVC provides a more durable top layer than the epoxy paint coating that is the standard in the industry and each shelf can hold up to 250 pounds.

  21. Extraordinarily Strong Cabinets
  22. The exceptional strength of True commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers comes in large measure from the industry exclusive foaming process the company uses. All True Refrigeration cabinets are insulated from top to bottom, which provides exceptional strength. How sturdy are the units? In True’s own warehouses, which have to hold tens of thousands of commercial refrigerators at a time, they stack them four high. Why four? Because the ceilings won’t let them go higher.

    True T-49-2-G-2 Commercial Refrigerator
  23. Energy Efficient Glass Door Models
  24. True Refrigeration is unique in the industry for having its own glass factory where it produces every pane used in its glass door models. True produces those doors at a better cost than they could buy them and they use those savings to provide a better product. Doors on their commercial refrigerators are double paned. They fill the space between the panes with argon, a clear, harmless gas that is a terrific insulator that still allows full visibility of your products. Additionally, they coat the glass with a low-emissivity metal film, which is a fancy way of saying an invisible layer that deflects heat.

    True is the only manufacturer in the industry that uses three panes of glass on its glass-door commercial freezers. That allows it to hold in cold and hold out heat better. Using that high-quality glass and the earlier-discussed insulation reduces the amount of time the compressor must run, which in turn further reduces energy costs for your business.

  25. Strong, Powder-coated Frames
  26. True's heavy-duty frames are built to withstand constant usage without corroding or rusting. An automated system welds the skeleton of each model, it then moves through a powder coat process that provides corrosion protection for the entire frame. True Manufacturing is the only one in commercial refrigeration that follows this process.

  27. An Extensive Parts Inventory
  28. True stocks the industry's largest inventory of parts in its Missouri manufacturing facilities. Out of 78,000 replacement parts that may be needed for its long list of models, the company keeps more than 60,000 on hand constantly. This large inventory allows True Refrigeration to provide speedy service for its customers.

  29. Heavy-duty Foam Insulation
  30. The insulating ability of the foam used by True Refrigeration exceeds that of other commercial refrigerator line. It’s foamed-in-place Ecomate polyurethane cell insulation is such a high-density material that it offers an R value, the measure of insulating ability, much higher than the industry standard. That means you get reduced utility costs from and unsurpassed strength in your True commercial refrigerator.

  31. High-quality Construction Materials
  32. True uses only top-grade metals in the production of its commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers. The exteriors of its cabinets are largely or entirely constructed of the highest-grade steel. On the interiors of their units, NSF-certified white anodized aluminum liners keep food safe while providing a durable box that won’t rust. These materials aren’t just durable, they’re also easy to clean, which helps you maintain sanitary cold storage for your food.

    True T-23FG Glass Door Freezer
  33. Opportunities to Customize
  34. True Manufacturing offers hundreds of options and accessories that enable you to make your commercial refrigeration perfect for your location. From sliding doors for the True T-49 reach-in refrigerator to teak laminate exteriors on the TCGR series of curved glass display cases, True gives you what you need to get the most out of your commercial refrigeration. That means you get a commercial refrigerator or freezer that does exactly what you need it to do.

  35. An Advanced and Quick Supply Chain
  36. True Refrigeration is a global supplier, which means they’ve developed a supply chain that can meet needs both at home and abroad quickly. On most orders, customers can expect same day or next day shipment of units and parts from either the KaTom or True warehouse.

  37. Extensive, Knowledgeable, Dedicated Sales Force
  38. True Manufacturing has a large sales force made up of knowledgeable regional and international salespeople, as well as food service specialists. These trained experts are dedicated to ensuring quality sales assistance for the purchasers of every commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer the company sells. They work with our KaTom team to ensure every customer is connected with the commercial refrigeration he or she needs.

  39. Exceptional Customer Service
  40. True employs a large crew of extensively trained, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional salespeople to support its customers. Each True customer can expect to speak to a live representative who will gladly assist them with their individual account. The company’s technical support team includes highly skilled experts with years of experience.