The Traulsen Difference: The G-Series

The Traulsen G210010 Refrigerator

How does one know the difference between a Cadillac and any other car? Is it any one thing, or is it an overall attitude that’s brought to creating a brand that people trust? For more than 75 years, Traulsen has maintained the philosophy of creating a top-notch product by constantly keeping the customer in mind. It isn’t just one innovation that sets the company apart; the quality they build into every unit has helped them create a top-of-the-line series of reach-in refrigerators.

Overall Value

The commercial refrigerator is the single piece of equipment that will run 24/7, 365 days a year. If it becomes inoperable, it can bring your kitchen to a halt. For this reason, choosing the right refrigerator is critical. While cost is an important factor in the decision-making process, it is important to consider the overall value you can expect from the unit. So, though the initial purchase cost of a Traulsen refrigerator may be a bit higher, you’ll see a return on your investment in the overall efficiency, reliability, and durability of the unit. These refrigerators can last as long as two decades with just simple maintenance.

Design and Construction

Anodized aluminum or stainless steel exterior and interior finishes add durability to Traulsen’s cabinets and make them easy to clean. The cabinets and doors are insulated with 2-inch-thick polyurethane. Welded refrigeration connections help reduce leaks, which are the primary cause of gradual refrigerant loss. This means the compressor won’t be compromised due to the loss of refrigerant, helping to keep repair costs at a minimum.

Traulsen reach-in refrigerators are available with a variety of door options. They may be left- or right-hinged and may be full- or half-sized. They come in solid, which tends to be a bit more energy efficient, and glass, which gives the ability to see the items inside. That could cut the time users spend with the door open searching for the food they need, so the energy savings there could even the two types out in terms of utilities. The glass-door models have double-paned, insulated glass, to further improve efficiency.

The entire series is designed to maximize the space within. As an example, the Traulsen G210010 is built with the evaporator coils mounted outside the food zone, the usable internal area is increased. There is also no need to allow extra space for ducts, because these machines recirculate already-cooled air. This benefit is two-fold in that it saves costs because you don’t have to cool warm air and there is more usable space within the unit.

Unlike some of their competitors’ models, the shelves in the two-door units do not have gaps in the middle, which means that the user can slide items easily across them, making these easier to load. It also ensures that full-sized sheet pans will fit easily inside. Self-closing doors keep cold air in, and the stay-open feature helps with loading and unloading of product. Additionally, the dividers between the doors – properly called mullions – are made of stainless steel, not plastic.

All refrigerators will perform well with the doors closed, but Traulsen’s expansion valves return the refrigerator back to the set temperature more quickly than their capillary-tube-reliant counterparts. This not only saves on energy costs, but will also protect your foods by holding them at the precise temperature for safety. The thermostatic expansion valve will regulate the temperature by adjusting the flow of refrigerant, which can help to minimize energy costs by keeping the unit from running at full-blast all day.

The microprocessor temperature controls on these units, aptly named IntellaTraul, are simple to read and operate. The LCD display allows for precise temperature controls, whether you need 34 to 38 degrees for the refrigerator or 0 to -10 degrees for a Traulsen freezer. With no moving parts, the controls are easy to clean and less expensive to replace if needed. The LED display indicates temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and includes a data port that will allow you to keep records for proof of compliance. It has audio and visual alarms to alert you if the temperature becomes too high or low, the door is open, the condenser needs to be cleaned, there is an evaporator coil or discharge line sensor failure, and when the power supply has been interrupted.

The Traulsen G-Series features three epoxy-coated shelves that are mounted on a pin system for easy adjustment and simple cleaning. These shelves help promote even airflow and temperature, and can hold up to 225 pounds each.


The santoprene rubber door gaskets have a gap in them to improve airflow, keeping them flexible and dependable. These gaskets are designed to be cleaned simply with sanitizer and a wash cloth, but they will withstand chlorine-based cleaners, as well. While they are long-lasting, they can easily be replaced without tools.

Top-Mounted Condenser

Top-mounted condensers are beneficial because they offer maximum interior storage space and lower top shelves. They offer cooler interior temperatures and are clog resistant. Traulsen maximizes the top-mounted condenser by making it highly accessible. The re-designed condenser uses expanded surface area to reduce the frequency of cleaning.


Traulsen’s design makes maintaining your refrigerator an easy task. Cleaning the top-mounted condenser coil is the most important chore, as the cost to replace one damaged by neglect is high, but can easily be avoided. This condenser faces the front and has a lift-up louver assembly to make it simple to clean. The interior light bulb is easy to replace, and the shelf pin system doesn’t require pilasters. The shelves are removable without tools for easy cleaning of both the shelves and the interior of the unit.