The G-Series from Traulsen

Invest in Reliability with Traulsen G-Series Refrigerators

For more than 75 years, Traulsen has maintained a reputation for creating top-notch products by constantly keeping its customers in mind. Most commercial refrigerators are required to run all day, every day, all year long. Choosing the right refrigerator is critical because an unreliable one can bring your kitchen to a halt. While cost is an important factor in the decision-making process, it is important to consider the overall value you can expect from the unit. So, though the initial purchase cost of a Traulsen refrigerator may be a bit higher, you’ll see a return on your investment in the overall efficiency, reliability, and durability of the unit. Read on to learn more about why Traulsen is worth the investment.

Choosing a Design

Traulsen G-Series refrigerators are available as reach-in or pass-through units. Reach-in refrigerators can only be accessed from one side of the unit, making them best used for general storing and holding purposes; pass-through refrigerators have doors on two sides, allowing sheet pans to be placed into the unit from one side and retrieved from the other. Reach-ins can have one, two, or three sections, while pass-throughs can have one or two sections.

In addition to number of sections and refrigerator type, you will need to know what type of doors your operation requires. Doors can be full- or half-sized and constructed from solid metal, which tends to be a bit more energy efficient, or from double-paned, insulated glass, which gives staff the ability to see the items inside and locate what they need prior to opening the door. Doors will also be right- or left-hinged or a combination of the two, so consider which one would work best in your workflow.

Construction & Features

Traulsen G-Series refrigerators may come in dozens of configurations, but each one is constructed with commercial durability and performance in mind. Solid doors and the fronts of the units are constructed of stainless steel, while the interior and sides are constructed of anodized aluminum. The cabinets and doors are insulated with 2 inches of foamed-in-place polyurethane.

Unlike some of their competitors’ models, the shelves in the two-door units do not have gaps in the middle, which means that the user can slide items easily across them, making these easier to load. It also ensures that full-sized sheet pans will fit easily inside. Self-closing doors keep cold air in, and the stay-open feature helps with loading and unloading of product. Additionally, the dividers between the doors – properly called mullions – are made of stainless steel, not plastic.

All refrigerators will perform well with the doors closed, but Traulsen’s expansion valves return the refrigerator to the set temperature more quickly than their capillary-tube-reliant counterparts. This not only saves on energy costs, but will also protect your foods by holding them at precise temperatures for safety. The thermostatic expansion valve will regulate the temperature by adjusting the flow of refrigerant, which can help to minimize energy costs by keeping the unit from running at full-blast all day.

The microprocessor temperature controls on these units, aptly named IntellaTraul, are simple to read and operate. The LCD display allows for precise temperature controls in the 34- to 38-degree temperature range these refrigerators provide. With no moving parts, the controls are easy to clean and less expensive to replace if needed. The LED display indicates temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius clearly on the exterior of the unit. Audio and visual alarms alert you if the temperature becomes too high or low, the door is left open, the condenser needs to be cleaned, there is an evaporator coil or discharge line sensor failure, and when the power supply has been interrupted.

The Traulsen G-Series features three epoxy-coated shelves that are mounted on a pin system for easy adjustment and simple cleaning. These shelves help promote even airflow and temperature, and can hold as much as 225 pounds each.


Santoprene rubber door gaskets are designed to be cleaned simply with sanitizer and a wash cloth, but they will withstand chlorine-based cleaners, as well. While they are long-lasting, they can easily be replaced without tools.

Top-Mounted Condenser

Top-mounted condensers are beneficial because they are clog resistant, and offer maximum interior storage space, lower top shelves, and cooler interior temperatures. The redesigned condenser features an expanded surface area to reduce the frequency of cleaning.


Traulsen’s design makes maintaining your refrigerator an easy task. Cleaning the top-mounted condenser coil is the most important chore, as the cost to replace one damaged by neglect is high but can easily be avoided. The top-mounted condensers on this series is easily accessible, as it faces the front and has a lift-up louver assembly to make it simple to clean.

The interior light bulb is easy to replace, and the shelf pin system doesn’t require pilasters. The shelves are removable without tools for easy cleaning of both the shelves and the interior of the unit. Additionally, 6-inch casters come standard, which allows the unit to be moved for cleaning, maintenance, or relocation.