Advantages of a Traulsen Prep Table

Traulsen's Premium Prep Tables

Traulsen prep tables are designed to overcome many shortcomings that affect traditional refrigerated prep tables. They're made to keep food safely chilled to consistent temperatures around the clock and they also provide NSF-approved performance when fitted with 6-inch-deep pans. A number of features make these tables easy to install and maintain, too. Here we'll list some major advantages that Traulsen brings to the table.

Plenty of Options

Traulsen's prep tables come in a range of sizes, from compact 27-inch units to 90-inch workhorses, so finding one to match your establishment's menu and volume will be no problem. The tables are available with either low-profile, removable flat covers or raised covers that provide an exterior shelf for holding supplies and dry ingredients.

Traulsen gives you the choice between prep tables with drawers and those with doors. Choose a model with doors when you'll be using your equipment's refrigerated base to hold bulk and packaged food. Drawers are designed to hold food pans full of fresh ingredients, so a base with drawers makes a good choice when you want to store backup pans to replenish products in the prep area.

Improved Food Safety

Each Traulsen sandwich prep table is designed to keep your products safely chilled throughout service, even when the equipment's cover is kept open for several hours. The tables are also designed to hold products safely overnight without freezing them, something many competing models can't achieve. Traulsen prep tables include interior-mounted thermometers that let you keep an eye on temperatures and provide peace of mind in knowing your food is being kept safe and fresh.

TEMPASSURE technology circulates cooled air through each table's base, underneath pans, and gently across the tops of pans to keep all products consistently chilled. Each table's high-capacity refrigerated base allows the evaporator to be located outside of the cabinet's food zone to protect the coil from becoming clogged or corroded by food residue.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Traulsen sandwich and salad prep tables are front-breathing, so they can be installed side-by-side with other equipment and against walls without any clearance requirements. This benefit saves you valuable kitchen space and lets you build a contiguous kitchen lineup.

Traulsen prep tables ship with 6-inch legs, which are adjustable to achieve level installation and eliminate the common problems that occur when equipment is installed on uneven floors. Alternatively, tables can be ordered with casters that allow them to be wheeled around for cleaning and when your kitchen workflow changes. Six-inch casters preserve the tables' standard 3614-inch work height, while smaller casters can lower that height to meet ADA requirements.

Sanitation and Easy Cleaning

Standard on all of the Traulsen prep tables, EZ Clean magnetic gaskets are designed to form an airtight seal when the cabinet's doors are closed. They're made of durable, easy-to-clean Santoprene rubber, and snap in and out of place.

EZ Clean gaskets are designed to wipe clean and can withstand chlorine-based cleaners and sanitizers. Unlike those of their competitors, Traulsen’s door gaskets can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Putting a gasket through the dishwasher will not cause it to lose its shape.

Employee Productivity and Safety

A white nylon cutting board runs the full length of each table, giving employees a spacious and sanitary surface for prepping toppings and assembling salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. Each Traulsen prep table's standard work height is 3614 inches, but optional casters can be specified to lower that height.

Each self-closing, stainless steel door is built with a stay-open feature that makes it easier to load and unload products from the cabinet. Behind each of those doors you'll find two adjustable shelves for storing boxed and bottled products and extra pans. Each Traulsen salad prep table drawer will accommodate a full-size pan or several equivalent combinations of fractional-sized pans.

The top of each work table can be configured to accommodate one full-size pan for every 12 inches of length. The table accommodates smaller pans when fitted with the appropriate pan rails. Traulsen will help you continue to meet the NSF and health department standards if you choose to use 6-inch-deep pans, something that many competitors can't do.