Traulsen Food Prep Tables Buyers' Guide

Benefits of a Traulsen Prep Table: Ease of Use & Food Safety

One of the most difficult challenges when dealing with a prep table is keeping it safely refrigerated while still maintaining easy access to the ingredients within. Thanks to its air-over design, Traulsen prep tables keep food cool without freezing it. Trauslen also uses innovative technology and quality materials to manufacture units that will meet stringent NSF standards. Available in lengths from 27 to 90 inches with an infinite number of pan and door configurations, there is sure to be a Traulsen prep table to meet your needs.

Food Safety

The Traulsen pizza prep table keeps products at a safe temperature, even with the top open. It will keep foods fresh for up to 15 hours without them freezing or drying out. Using cyclonic airflow technology, the cooled air is moved gently across the contents, keeping them within the temperature safety zone. The larger base capacity allows the evaporator coil to be placed away from the food zone, helping to prevent contamination. Insulated pan lids can be used to cover food overnight and can be removed without tools. The ability to store food overnight is one characteristic that sets Traulsen apart from their competitors. This capability saves staff time and food that might otherwise have to be thrown out at the end of the day.

Traulsen sandwich prep tables don’t use a cold wall, so there is no ice or water to clean up. This can help reduce labor costs and prevent potential messes and contamination. A convenient drain in the pan well evacuates moisture from the front, making it easier to clean the unit and contain spills. The entire system is easily accessible from the front, sides, or back, making it convenient to load, store, serve, and clean.

The tables sit on casters that are either 3-1/2, 4, or 6 inches high, depending on the length of the unit. There us a channel that allows the casters to slide, making it possible to place the casters in a way that will accommodate floor drains and making it easier to level the equipment. Most of the problems that arise from refrigeration occur due to the fact that floors aren’t level. This channel and caster system will eliminate many of these problems. The sandwich/salad prep tables are truly front-breathing, so they don’t need extra clearance room and they can be installed side-by-side with other equipment and against walls. This helps minimize the table’s footprint.

Logical Features

The standard work height for the tables is 36-1/4 inches, and they have cutting boards that can run the full length of the front of the table, allowing for a roomy workspace. A reinforced pan ledge holds pans securely level. An interior-mounted thermometer lets you keep an eye on the temperature inside. The self-closing stainless steel doors have a stay-open feature to help in loading and unloading product.

Tables come with either doors or drawers, two or three of each per section, depending on the model. Each cabinet will have two or four shelves. The top can be configured to accommodate one full-size pan for every 12 inches in length. Smaller pans can be configured into the space using the proper rails. Traulsen will help you to continue to meet the NSF standard, even when using 6-inch-deep pans.

Introduced in 2013 and now standard on all models, Traulsen’s EZ Clean® gaskets are an innovation that will add convenience to your prep table. These gaskets are made of Santoprene™, which is highly durable and easy to clean. They are low-profile and seamless, so they will resist contamination and damage. These gaskets are magnetic, so they snap into place and are easily removed for cleaning or if replacement should become necessary. These gaskets can also withstand cleaning with chlorine-based cleaners and are designed to wipe clean. Unlike those of their competitors, Traulsen’s rigid, durable gaskets can be placed in the dishwasher, however. Putting these gaskets through the dishwasher will not make them lose their shape.

The System

The refrigeration systems in these tables are self-contained, rear-mounted, and front-breathing. Because it’s self-contained, it takes up less space and is easier to install. The rear mount keeps the working parts away from grease and the hottest parts of the kitchen, meaning the system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the unit. The front-breathing aspect ensures that the unit can be installed without any extra clearance being necessary. The capillary metering device, air-cooled hermetic compressor, a forced air evaporator coil, and a non-electric condensate evaporator work in unison to create an efficient and dependable machine. They also use environmentally-friendly R-134a refrigerant.