Traulsen Equipment Stands

Traulsen Equipment Stand

Traulsen is a category leader when it comes to equipment stands. With state-of-the-art technology and quality workmanship, it’s easy to see why Traulsen equipment stands are a great value. These equipment stands are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen line to provide highly usable, refrigerated storage. So, if you’re looking to maximize the space under a griddle, charbroiler, or other cooking equipment, one of these units will help you add valuable storage space without subtracting free floor space.


A marine work top is standard, with raised edges to help you to keep ingredients and equipment where it belongs. All stainless steel construction will provide years of dependable service, and the newly-designed Santoprene EZ-Clean® gaskets are durable and protected by recessed door pans. They are one-piece, which makes them easy to clean and helps keep them sanitary. The gaskets are also magnetic and can be removed for cleaning or replacement without using tools.

Traulsen offers units that have one, two, or three sections, with each section able to support up to 500 pounds on top. While sections are typically mounted on the right, Traulsen also offers left-sided sections to accommodate your needs. With refrigerating drawers being one of the most difficult air-cooling tasks, having a number of sections helps the refrigerator work more effectively. Cool air stays in the other compartments while one drawer is open. Traulsen units will hold a safe 38 degree F temperature in up to a 105-degree kitchen with 86 percent humidity when the drawers are opened once per minute. Temperature recovery truly sets Traulsen apart.

Models are available that have two, four, or six drawers. Heavy-duty drawer modules are easy to remove. They have gasket guards, and all-metal slides and rollers. Made of 14-gauge steel, the slides allow them to extend fully, and they have a stay-open feature. They have full-length handles, making the compartments easily accessible and less likely to break during busy times. The drawers can easily accommodate full-size pans and all drawers hold 6-inch deep pans.

Refrigeration System

An off-cycle evaporator defrost mechanism and a condenser filter help to keep the non-electric automatic condensate evaporator operating efficiently. It uses R-404A refrigerant to keep the interior cool. The rear-mounted evaporators are out of the greasier, hotter parts of the kitchen, helping to keep the unit cool and working efficiently. The off-cycle evaporator defrost function helps prevent frozen condensate from freezing up the unit, which makes the unit more dependable and extends the life of the condenser.

The INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor maintains the interior temperature of the equipment stand, even in hot kitchens. The three-digit LED panel monitors and indicates temperature, door openings, condenser performance, and power loss. These controls offer foolproof operation and food safety, and help the operator maintain HACCP compliance and record keeping.

Installation & Maintenance

These stands have factory-installed, adjustable casters that can be positioned along a rail, making it easy to accommodate obstructions like drains, junction boxes, gas connections, and, most importantly, uneven spots in the floor. A front-breathing design allows for zero-clearance installation. Accessibility from the front, side, and rear makes it easy to keep your stand running smoothly.