Constellation Dinnerware from Syracuse China

Libbey has a long history, dating back to its inception in 1818 as the New England Glass Company.1 Instead of relying on its historic past, the company has continued to improve its products with innovative technology. Though antimicrobials have become more common in restaurant back-of-house equipment, they are now moving to the dining room with the Libbey Constellation™ line of dinnerware from Syracuse China.

Dining on Science

Despite all of the regulations and precautions required in foodservice operations, restaurants still contend with an alarming number of foodborne illness outbreaks each year.2 To help combat these problems on a microscopic level, Libbey has created the Constellation line of dinnerware, which uses Microban® to help prevent the spread of harmful microbes on the dinnerware. While practicing good hygiene and following food safety regulations are still the best ways to prevent foodborne illnesses, this additional layer of protection can help keep the dining environment cleaner.

The glaze on Syracuse Microban dinnerware is infused with the bacteria-inhibiting silver-based technology to turn the surface of a plate, bowl, or saucer into an unfriendly environment for bacteria. This extra protection makes a huge difference, considering that in ideal conditions, the number of bacteria present can double every 20 minutes. This not only helps keep the dinnerware cleaner, but it also helps prevent odor and stains caused by microbes. Because Microban is integrated into the glaze as opposed to being applied to the surface, it cannot be washed or scratched off, providing constant protection throughout the life of the product.

On-trend Tableware

Fortunately for foodservice operators, Libbey Constellation dinnerware isn't only beneficial for sanitation, it's also attractive. The Constellation series includes several patterns. Galileo™ features a series of concentric circles around the rim, while Eos™ has a textured checkerboard pattern around the rim. The Rigel pattern is smooth from center to rim, allowing it to complement many other patterns.

The Constellation line of Syracuse China is made of Lunar White™ porcelain, the brightest white produced by Libbey. This neutral color allows these pieces to be mixed and match with patterns within the Constellation line, as well as other colors of dinnerware. The porcelain and glaze are fully vitrified, meaning these dishes are strong enough to withstand the rigors of commercial use. Because Constellation is a part of Syracuse China by Libbey, the line also benefits from the Syracuse Lifetime No-Chip Warranty; this guarantees the company will replace any pieces that become chipped during typical commercial use. The plates are also designed to be ergonomic, so they can be comfortably handled by employees and patrons alike.

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