Summit Appliances Buying Guide

Summit Appliances

Summit Appliance and its parent company, Felix Storch Inc., were founded in 1969 when the company's production of commercial refrigerators, freezers, and cooking appliances began. Still headquartered in New York where many of its products are manufactured, the company now carries more than 600 residential and commercial refrigeration models, and specializes in hard-to-find sizes.

Summit Refrigerator Options

Whether you run a C-store or a full-service restaurant, Summit appliances have your commercial refrigeration needs covered.

  • Merchandisers are available in sizes as small as 2 cubic feet for countertop displays and as large as 14.5 cubic feet for those who need more display space. Most models come standard with LED lights to best merchandise the products inside.
  • Undercounter refrigerators are available in a wide variety of external finishes to match any décor, including stainless steel, black, white, and customizable overlay panels. Some models also have glass doors for merchandising or easily locating contents, which reduces the time the door is open. Many of these models are ADA-compliant.
  • Kitchenettes are ideal for motel rooms, dormitories, or break rooms. Each one has a sink and range top. Summit's kitchenettes also include a refrigerator and freezer, while most companies only offer a refrigerator. Some of the larger models also include a storage area.
  • Summit has reach-in refrigerators in one or two sections, undercounter or full-size. Factory-installed data loggers are optional on these models and can make HACCP data-keeping simple. Commercial foodservice and medical refrigerators are available.
  • Undercounter freezers are available in a number of configurations, including reach-in, bottle cooler, and chest freezers. Undercounter freezers are also available with drawers for easy storage and access of pre-prepared pans of food, and some models include an external digital temperature display to make monitoring temperatures simple.
  • Wine coolers with doors or drawers, or in countertop models with holes on top to insert bottles into, are ideal for storing open bottles. Bottle capacity ranges from 8 to 120, with some models having solid doors for better insulation while others have glass doors to display the contents. Most models are freestanding, but built-in wine coolers are available.
  • Summit offers bottle coolers in countertop, undercounter, and full-size floor sizes to meet every foodservice operation's need. Glass-door models are double-paned for optimal insulation and merchandising.
  • Horizontal refrigerators and freezers are ideal for storing items in bulk. Sliding glass-top models, which are available in widths from 24 to 65 inches, can be used for merchandising ice cream or other frozen items. Medical chest freezers with temperature alarms are also available.
  • Reach-in freezers are available in undercounter or full-size, so you can find the right size for your foodservice operation. With digital thermostats, standard locks, and LED lighting, these have all the features you need.
  • Many of Summit's undercounter refrigerator freezers are one-section with an ice cube section, making them ideal for hotel or hospital rooms. Many models come standard with a hospital-grade cord to make installation simple, and can be freestanding or built-in. Summit also offers a drawer refrigerator freezer, with separate freezer and refrigerator sections.

ADA Compliance

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act includes a guideline stipulating that public counters cannot be taller than 34 inches. That mandate can make it difficult for some operators to find undercounter equipment that fits under compliant countertops. Summit Appliance has the industry's largest selection of ADA-compliant ice makers, dishwashers, and refrigeration. Many Summit appliances are 32 or 3212 inches tall to fit under ADA-compliant counters without sacrificing any of the designs or features the company is known for.

In addition to ADA-compliant equipment, there are also Summit appliances made specifically for assisted living facilities that are designed for easy accessibility. Refrigerators in this line are made with raised refrigerated compartments, slide-out baskets, and easy-to-reach temperature controls. Summit's glass-top and induction ranges are also popular choices for assisted living facilities.

Medical & Scientific Refrigeration

Medical and science laboratories have special refrigeration needs and Summit has a wide selection of medical and scientific refrigeration to meet those needs, including chest, upright, and undercounter units.

Some of the features that these medical units may include are temperature alarms, digital temperature displays, exterior and interior locks, organizational compartments, and hospital-grade cords. Some models have advanced data loggers that allow you to use a USB drive to transfer logged temperatures to a computer, where it can be graphed, charted, or printed. Because of the special temperature requirements some labs have, Summit refrigeration units are available that maintain temperatures as low as -45 degrees F, with extra insulation to ensure temperature stability.

Residential Appliances

Summit appliances are not limited to commercial equipment; the company also produces high-quality residential appliances. That includes a wide selection of residential ranges, from drop-in cooktops to slide-in ranges, both gas and electric. Residential range hoods are also available, for both ducted and ductless kitchens.

For families that purchase in bulk or preserve food, Summit makes residential chest freezers that range from 7 to 22 cubic feet. The standard residential Summit refrigerator is offered in a variety of sizes, configurations, and colors.

Summit also produces washers and dryers, beer dispensers, microwaves, and dishwashers for residential use.