2-Year Warranty on Star-Max Equipment

The Value of a Star-Max Warranty

Star Manufacturing is known for providing durable products, and to demonstrate confidence in its cooking equipment, the company offers a 2-year parts and labor warranty on Star-Max charbroilers, griddles, hot plates, fryers, and finishing ovens. While repair costs will fluctuate for different pieces of restaurant equipment, the average restaurateur dedicates 1 to 3 percent of his or her budget to repairs and maintenance.1 Purchasing equipment with a warranty is an easy way to minimize how much you have to spend on repairs. In an industry where a 1-year warranty is standard, the additional year of coverage on Star-Max equipment increases the value of your purchase while offering a decrease in operating costs. Read on to learn more about what this warranty entails and how to prevent voiding it.

Arrival Inspection

The first step in getting the most out of your warranty is to inspect your Star-Max unit thoroughly the moment it arrives. Professionals at Star Manufacturing inspect each unit before it leaves the plant to ensure it is in good condition and operates properly, but equipment can become damaged during transit. If you discover that your equipment or its packaging is damaged in any way, you should alert the delivery personnel before they leave your site and file a report with the transportation company to initiate a damage claim. If your equipment arrives with damage and no claim is filed, your warranty may be voided.

Warranty Coverage

Star Manufacturing's 2-year warranty on Star-Max equipment begins the date that the equipment is installed. For the warranty to apply, the Star griddle, charbroiler, hot plate, fryer, or oven must be installed correctly, with the power source used properly, which means using the right gas or voltage called for in the manual. The warranty is also only applicable to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.

The parts and labor warranty covers parts and repairs for issues relating to manufacturing defects that may arise within two years of the unit being installed. These repairs will be completed by a factory-authorized service agency to ensure you receive the best service possible. Repairs for large equipment will be performed on-site, while portable equipment will need to be taken to the nearest Star service agency.

To prevent voiding your warranty, you must carefully read and follow the operating and installation instructions. Additionally, all employees who use the equipment should be trained properly to avoid misuse. The equipment must be cleaned according to instructions, and no service can be completed or alterations made by any service agents other than a Star Authorized Service Center.

Included Products

The entire Star-Max line is included in the 2-year warranty, with the exception of the vertical broiler, which is covered by the standard 1-year warranty. Below are some of the pieces you can add to your commercial kitchen with a 2-year warranty in tow.

  • Gas-powered and electric griddles ranging from 15 to 48 inches wide, which are versatile cooking equipment pieces that can be used in every daypart.
  • Gas and electric charbroilers with varying shapes of cast iron grates in widths as small as 15 inches to as wide as 48 inches, ideal for cooking proteins like chicken and steaks.
  • Hot plates powered by gas and electricity, with six or fewer burners, available with French-style burners or star-shaped cast iron grates. This includes single-burner stock pot ranges.
  • One- and two-vat countertop fryers, powered by natural gas or electricity.
  • Electric cheese melters measuring 24 to 42 inches wide for finishing dishes with browning or melting.

To learn more about Star Manufacturing warranties on the company's other products, call 1-800-541-8683 or email sales@katom.com to speak with a customer care representative.

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