A Star-Max Grill for Every Restaurant, Daypart, & Product

Star-Max and Ultra-Max Griddles and Charbroilers

Foods prepared on grills and griddles are likely among the most popular items on your restaurant's menu, loved by customers for the unique textures and flavors that no other cooking method can replicate. Satisfying customers with a perfectly-grilled steak or a juicy burger, cooked to their preference and served quickly, is largely in the hands of your cooks, but a lot of their success hinges on having the right equipment. Star griddles and grills include models that can satisfy the needs of just about any kitchen, from corner diners to high-end steakhouses.

Star-Max Medium-Volume Griddles

Star-Max medium-duty griddles are ideal for low- to medium-volume establishments that produce a moderate amount of griddle-cooked foods daily. These griddles feature a 1-inch-thick steel plate that heats evenly for fewer cold spots across the cooking surface. Those thick plates also contribute to quick recovery times, meaning that once they're hot, they tend to stay heated, even when cold foods are added to the grill, an advantage that helps speed production for shorter ticket times.

These griddles are also available with chrome plates instead of stainless steel. Chrome makes for an exceptionally smooth surface that resists sticking, and remains attractive and easy to clean. Additionally, chrome reflects less heat outwards towards operators and into the kitchen for a cooler, more comfortable working environment.

Star-Max griddles are available with manual controls, favored by many experienced cooks who like direct control over the intensity of the flame or electric element, rather than the temperature of the griddle. That method of control may present a steeper learning curve to staff in training, but comes at a lower up front cost.

Alternatively, these griddles are also available with either modulating thermostatic or electric snap-action thermostatic controls. In each of those models, temperature sensors are built right into the griddle plate just 5/16 of an inch below the cooking surface to monitor the temperature of the plate and provide quick response to temperature changes. That keeps surface temperatures close to what the control knob reads at all times. Operators can adjust the temperature between 150 and 450 degrees F. Electric snap-action controls offer the most precision of the two thermostatic options.

Star-Max Griddle Features and Options at a Glance

  • Manual, modulating thermostatic, or electric snap-action thermostatic controls
  • Polished steel or chrome griddle plate (chrome available on models with modulating thermostat only)
  • 20.5-inch griddle plate depth
  • 15-, 24-, 36-, and 48-inch griddle plate widths

Star Ultra-Max Heavy-Duty Griddles

Star Ultra-Max griddles are built for operations like steakhouses and burger joints that rely on their griddles all day to produce high volumes of food. Like their lighter-duty brethren, Ultra-Max griddles are built with 1-inch thick griddle plates for superior heat retention and quick cooking times. Chrome plates are also an option, providing the benefits of easy cleaning that are valued in establishments with limited time to commit to that task. Chrome is also valued in establishments that do their cooking in front of customers. Chrome will keep its shiny finish and resist discoloring better than stainless steel.

Ultra-Max griddles can also be ordered with manual controls, but models with thermostatic controls offer simple and more precise temperature control. That's thanks to temperature sensors in the griddle plates a mere 3/16 of an inch away from the cooking surface, allowing for very accurate temperature readings that make for even quicker response to temperature changes. Ultra-Max griddles are not available with the modulating thermostat like the economy versions, but they do come with their own unique option of a mechanical snap-action thermostat that provides close maintenance of the temperatures that operators set, without as high a price of the electric snap-action thermostat. For cooks that demand the most precise temperature controls, the latter can keep Star griddle temperatures within an impressive 15 degrees F of the set temperature at all times.

Star Ultra-Max Griddle Features and Options at a Glance

  • Manual, mechanical snap-action thermostatic, or electric snap-action thermostatic controls
  • Polished steel or chrome griddle plate (chrome available on models with snap-action thermostats only)
  • 24-inch deep cooking area
  • 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-, or 72-inch griddle plate widths

Star-Max Charbroilers

The Star-Max grill is an economical solution for low- and medium-volume eateries that are looking to add that authentic, chargrilled taste, aroma, and appearance to their foods. Great for burgers, steaks, seafood, grilled vegetables, and more, these are designed for establishments like diners, cafes, and casual restaurants that serve a few dozen grilled dishes throughout the day. These grills take advantage of two types of heat transfer. Heat radiates from elements or burners via infrared radiation to heat food directly, while heat is also conducted through hot grates to impart the signature sear for which charbroilers are known.

Those grates are made with rugged cast iron that heats evenly and retains much of that heat for quick temperature recovery. Their heavy-duty burners are also made with cast iron, and lava rock models are made with cast iron lava rock grates to provide a lifetime of durability and even heat distribution. Models without lava rocks employ stainless steel radiants to distribute heat. Either of those options are responsible for the smoky chargrilled flavor and aroma that's created when grease drippings hit them and vaporize.

Star-Max charbroilers have closed bottoms designed to deflect heat upward, conserving energy and protecting work tables, equipment stands, and refrigerated bases. Their water pans are nearly 2-inches deep, so they're easily kept filled to effectively manage grease and help control flare-ups. A 2-3/4 inch tapered backsplash keeps grease off of work surfaces and floors. Electric models are made with elements that swing up and out of the broiler, locking safely into a vertical position so they can be thoroughly and safely cleaned.

Star-Max Charbroilers Options and Features at a Glance

  • Radiant elements or lava rocks
  • Manual controls
  • 15-, 24-, 36-, or 48-inch charbroiler widths
  • 25-1/4 inch depth
  • 40,000, 80,000, 120,000, or 160,000 BTUs

Star Ultra-Max Charbroilers

For establishments that specialize in burgers, steaks, and other grilled items, a Star Ultra-Max charbroiler is a wise investment. These are able to handle high volumes, the kind produced by busy burger joints and steakhouses looking to add authentic char-grilled offerings to the menu. Ultra-Max grills feature the same rugged reliability as their lower-priced counterparts, but include the addition of a few upgrades that put them among the most preferred charbroilers on the market.

Star-Max charbroilers' heavy-duty cast iron grates can be positioned flat or slanted. The latter orientation helps drain away grease and avoid flare-ups. Slanted grates also create different cooking "zones", with higher temperatures on the lower portion of the grate, and lower temperatures on the high side, a setup that lets cooks prepare steaks to different doneness levels right on the same surface.

Other details that make Ultra-Max charbroilers a choice for demanding establishments include all-stainless construction with heavy-duty metal knobs attached with set screws for the ultimate resistance to abuse. Extra-tall, 5-inch backsplashes help contain grease. These grills can also be equipped with 7-inch plate shelves that make it safer and easier for staff to plate food directly from the charbroiler surface.

Star Ultra-Max Charbroilers Options & Features at a Glance

  • Radiant elements or lava rocks
  • Manual controls
  • 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-, or 72-inch charbroiler widths
  • 30.64-inch depth
  • 80,000, 120,000, 160,000, 200,000, or 240,000 BTUs