Star Holman Toaster Buyers' Guide

Star Holman Toasters

Whether you need a toaster to brown bagels for breakfast service, crisp Texas toast for lunch sandwiches, or warm hamburger buns all day long, there's a Holman toaster for restaurants of all sizes and volumes, from compact conveyor toasters to thousand-slice-an-hour workhorses. Much of the equipment is manufactured in America at the Star Manufacturing plant in Smithfield, Tenn.

Holman QCS Toasters

Holman QCS conveyor toasters are built for high-volume toasting. These models have quartz infrared elements that offer quicker, more consistent heating than traditional heating elements. Holman toasters make the transition from cold to fully heated in 30 seconds, a 75 percent improvement in speed over conventional technologies. That quick preheating time, combined with a power saver switch that puts the toaster in a low-power state while idle, contributes to energy savings that add up to a lower operating cost over the life of each Holman conveyor toaster.

Holman QCS Toaster Features and Benefits
  • Independent top and bottom browning knobs allow for toasting only one side for items like bagels and buns
  • Conveyor belt speed control to adjust the overall browning intensity
  • Extended belt allows products to be loaded and unloaded safely and conveniently
  • Landing area keeps products warm after they exit the toaster

Each Holman toaster is built with a forced-air convection system that circulates hot air to create even temperatures throughout the cooking chamber. That system also helps prevent heat damage to the toaster's components and keeps the exterior cool to the touch to keep staff safe and comfortable. Cool external surfaces also allow the toasters to sit safely against walls and other equipment, doing away with space-hogging clearance requirements. Along with these toasters' narrow 1412-inch widths, those low clearances mean Star toasters can help you conserve kitchen counter space.

Holman QCSe Toasters

Toasters in the Holman QCSe series are built to the same specifications as QCS toasters, but with the addition of digital controls that make operating the equipment simpler. The controls feature four factory-programmed channels, with a button each for toast, bagels, English muffins, and "Other," each of which can be custom programmed by the operator to suit individual menu items. A large, easy-to-read LED display is paired with push-button controls that let users make precise changes to toasting intensity and conveyor speed. QCSe models can be programmed to enter a standby mode for from 30 minutes to as long as several hours. Operators can also specify how much less energy they want the toaster to consume while it's in that mode, providing a good balance between reasonable preheat times and energy savings.

The IQCSe series takes all the benefits of the QCSe described above and adds hot air impingement heating to complement the toasters' quartz elements. Impingement technology uses jets of hot air to speed browning by 20 percent, resulting in a Star toaster that can toast as many as 1,200 slices of bread an hour.

Holman conveyor toasters are also available as bagel models with 112-inch openings to accommodate thicker products. These versions only toast products on one side to get the tops of bagel halves browned quickly. Similarly, the available high-inlet versions have 3-inch openings to accommodate extra-tall products like rolls, buns, and even whole sandwiches.

Holman Toaster Comparison Table

Slices/Hr.Opening SizeProductsBelt WidthHeatControls
DT1410002/14-in.Everything14-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
IRCSE2-SB12002-in.EverythingTwin 5-in.Radiant/ImpingementElectronic
QCS1-3503501/12-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS1-500B5001/12-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS2-1200B12001/34-in.Bagels10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS2-5005001/12-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS2-600H6002-in.Buns10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS2-8008001/18-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS3-100010001/12-in.Sliced Bread14-in.Quartz infraredSolid State
QCS3-130013001/12-in.Sliced Bread14-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS3-1400BH14003-in.Bagels14-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS3-1600B16003-in. Bagels14-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCS3-950H9503-in. Buns14-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
QCSE2-5005001/12-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredElectronic
QCSE2-600H6002-in.Buns10-in.Quartz InfraredElectronic
QCSE2-8008001/18-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredElectronic
QCSE3-100010001/12-in.Sliced Bread14-in.Quartz InfraredElectronic
QCSE3-130013001/12-in.Sliced Bread14-in.Quartz InfraredElectronic
RCS2-600BN6001/34-in.Bagels10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State
RCS2-600N6001/34-in.Sliced Bread10-in.Quartz InfraredSolid State