Star Panini Presses Offer Golden Opportunities

A Guide to Star Panini Presses

In addition to the griddles, toasters, and other cooking equipment the company is known for, Star Manufacturing supplies double-sided grills, allowing your restaurant to serve hot items like paninis and wraps. For enhanced menu flexibility, Star recommends this equipment for preparing chicken breasts and hamburgers, as well. To ensure you can find the best option for your foodservice operation, the two lines of Star panini presses, Grill Express and Pro-Max 2.0, include dozens of models.

Star Grill Express Sandwich Press

Designed for restaurants and foodservice operations like taverns and snack bars that want a panini grill at an affordable price, the Grill Express line is Star's more economical option. These Star panini presses come in configurations of single or dual grills with grooved or smooth platens, and can be set to temperatures between 175 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Single configurations are 14 inches wide, and dual configurations, which have two grooved or smooth platens or a mix of them, are 20 inches wide. These grills are constructed with 20-gauge stainless steel bodies and cast iron platens.

Below is a complete list of the features offered by Star sandwich presses from the Grill Express series.

  • Single (14-inch) and dual (20-inch) configurations
  • Cast iron platens with embedded elements for quick heat distribution and recovery
  • A temperature range of 175 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dial knob controls for accurate temperature selection
  • Bottom platen designed with a 34-inch splash guard to prevent grease spills
  • Cleanup assisted by a removable grease trough along front of the unit
  • Easy and safe operation via oversized, heat-resistant handle
  • Hinge system applies even pressure for consistent results
  • Can be used with flat items or products as thick as 3 inches

Star Pro-Max 2.0 Sandwich Press

Although both series of Star panini grills share some features, the Pro-Max 2.0 series units offer more versatility than Grill Express models. The line includes 14- and 7-inch models, which can be a better option for operations with a truly limited amount of available counter space. However, dual grill configurations, which are 28 inches wide, allow two top platens to be operated individually. These panini presses are constructed with heavy-duty commercial use in mind and have 18-gauge stainless steel bodies and grooved or smooth platens made of either aluminum or cast iron. Aluminum platens transfer heat more efficiently and quickly, making that type great for operations that don't have consistent demand for the sandwiches. Cast iron platens take longer to heat up, but retain that heat better, so they're a solid choice for high-output shops. Grills in this line have temperature ranges of 175 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and models have either dial or digital controls; those with digital controls have four timer options.

Below is a complete list of the features offered by Star sandwich presses from the Pro-Max 2.0 series.

  • Single (7- or 14-in.) and dual (28-in.) configurations
  • Temperature range from 175 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dial or digital controls; digital controls have four timer options
  • Cast iron or aluminum platens keep up with commercial demands
  • Bottom platen includes a splash guard to prevent greasy messes
  • Removable grease drawer located on front of unit
  • Hinge mechanism is easily operated with protruding handle
  • Accommodates flat products and those as thick as 3 inches
  • Body constructed from 18-gauge stainless steel

Which Star Panini Grill Do You Need?

Note: Model numbers including E indicate electrical temperature/timer components.

ModelSeriesWidth (in.)Platens
GX10IGGrill Express10Grooved Iron
GX10ISGrill Express10Smooth Iron
GX14IGGrill Express14Grooved Iron
GX14ISGrill Express14Smooth Iron
GX20IGGrill Express20Dual Grooved Iron
GX20IGSGrill Express20Dual Grooved/Smooth Iron
GX20ISGrill Express20Dual Smooth Iron
PGT7Pro-Max7Grooved Aluminum
PGT7IPro-Max7Grooved Iron
PGT7IEPro-Max7Grooved Iron
PGT14Pro-Max14Grooved Aluminum
PGT14DPro-Max14Dual Grooved Aluminum
PGT14EPro-Max14Grooved Aluminum
PGT14IPro-Max14Grooved Iron
PGT14IEPro-Max14Grooved Iron
PGT14TPro-Max14Grooved Aluminum
PGT28IEPro-Max28Dual Grooved Iron
PGT28IEGTPro-Max28Dual Grooved/Smooth Iron
PGT28IGTPro-Max28Dual Grooved/Smooth Iron
PST7Pro-Max7Smooth Aluminum
PST7IPro-Max7Smooth Iron
PST7IEPro-Max7Smooth Iron
PST14Pro-Max14Smooth Aluminum
PST14DPro-Max14Dual Smooth Aluminum
PST14EPro-Max14Smooth Aluminum
PST14IPro-Max14Smooth Iron
PST14IEPro-Max14Smooth Iron
PST14IGTPro-Max14Grooved Top/Smooth Bottom Iron
PST14ITPro-Max14Smooth Iron
PST14TPro-Max14Smooth Aluminum
PST28IPro-Max28Smooth Iron
PST28IEPro-Max28Dual Smooth Iron
PST28ITPro-Max28Dual Smooth Iron