Server Products Food Warmers

Staying Warm with Server Products

Server Products has been making condiment dispensers since 1949, and has spent the time since then innovating and creating new products to meet the foodservice industry's needs, including one of the most important: food safety. Heated dispensers help ensure condiments, soup, melted cheese, and more are kept at safe temperatures until they are served. Below are some of the heated dispensers available from Server Products.

Soup Warmers

Server soup warmers are NSF-listed rethermalizers, so while they cannot cook food, they can bring chilled or frozen food up to safe temperatures. These warmers bring food through the temperature danger zone between 40 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit, where bacteria reproduces quickly, to help ensure food safety. These are available in 5-, 7-, and 11-quart insets, and the 5-quart inset is also available in double and triple warmers.

This series of soup warmers uses a wrap-around heating element to ensure heat is evenly distributed into the water bath that surrounds each inset. The heat is determined by a temperature-sensing thermostat, which is set to an exact temperature rather than a number or a low/medium/high setting. The temperature setting is controlled by a knob on the front of the unit. This precise control and even heating helps prevent scorching, which reduces product waste and provides higher-quality foods for your customers.

Topping Warmers

Topping warmers are ideal for keeping sauces, toppings, and syrups warm. These can be dispensed with a ladle or a pump, and there is also a model that works to keep squeeze bottles warm. Because some topping manufacturers, most notably Hershey's, are moving to providing bulk products in pouches to cut down on the waste of using cans, there are also several pumped models designed to work with pouches.

Each one of these warmers is made to hold toppings at safe and appetizing temperatures. This temperature is controlled by a knob that dictates a specific temperature rather than high/low or a numerical setting. The thermostat is temperature-sensing and turns the wrap-around heating element on only as needed, which helps maintain the temperature to prevent burning.

Specialty Warmers

Server Products also produces a line of specialty countertop food warmers, each with features that make it ideal for a specific application or type of food. These include units made for warming candy, soups, dips, and butter. Below are some of the specialty warmers available from Server Products:

  • Dipping Warmer: The dipping warmer is designed to melt small quantities of dips, sauces, or melted candy. Located on the front of the unit, the adjustable thermostat features a clearly marked knob that makes it easy to adjust the temperature as needed. This easy control allows you to maintain low heat for melting delicate candies or reach higher temperatures for dips or sauces.
  • IntelliServ Warmer: Server's IntelliServ warmer is made to hold one 13-size pan or two 16-size pans. This warmer is designed to heat sauces or toppings, and is often used at finishing stations. It has a digital thermostat that can be set with push buttons, making the unit ideal for melting products that require specific temperatures, such as chocolate and hollandaise sauce. The temperature is displayed on a digital readout screen so the user can always be sure that food is being held safely.
  • Butter Warmer: The butter warmer uses a melting basket and a 512-quart vessel to melt butter, hot chocolate, or other hot items that might separate. A magnetic agitator helps keep the product from separating as it melts. This unit does have a thermostat, but to help prevent tampering it is not as easily adjustable as those on other warmer models. This thermostat is located on the bottom of the warmer, and is locked into place with a screwdriver. This warmer can hold products at temperatures as high as 170 degrees Fahrenheit.