Server Dispensers for the Hershey's Can-to-pouch Transition

Server Dispensers for Hershey's Syrup

For decades, Hershey's syrup and fudge has been sold in traditional No. 10 cans that foodservice operators have depended on to top ice cream sundaes and hot fudge brownies. As of mid-2017, that tradition has come to an end, as the company has discontinued those 8-pound containers of syrup. Ice cream shop operators and dessert enthusiasts need not worry: Your syrup and fudge pumps are in no danger of running dry. The Pennsylvania purveyor of chocolate has begun producing restaurant-sized pouches of their syrups, and Server Products has the equipment to make the transition from can to pouch a smooth one.

Why the Change?

The Hershey's transition from No. 10 cans to plastic pouches brings several benefits. Pouch dispensers can evacuate 98 percent of the product from the container, which is much more than traditional can pumps are capable of dispensing. This improved rate cuts down on product waste and is likely to save operators significant amounts of money in the long run. Pouch containers are much easier on the environment, as well, since they create 97 percent less waste than No. 10 cans.

Pouches also provide improved sanitation. The product remains in the sealed, airtight pouch where it is protected from contamination and premature product degradation, helping you provide fresh product with every serving dispensed.

Server EZ Topper Pouch Dispenser

Server EZ Toppers are designed to dispense pouched product from Hershey's and other food vendors. These dispensers deliver precise portion-controlled servings with each pump. The equipment can be adjusted in 18-ounce increments up to 1 ounce to help staff members deliver consistent servings. The following table will help you compare Server EZ Toppers.

Model No.8589985790858808592085860
DescriptionTwin Tall Dispenser with Heated SpoutSingle Tall Dispenser with Heated SpoutSingle Short Dispenser with Heated SpoutTwin Short Dispenser with Heated SpoutSingle Tall Dispenser without Heated Spout
Capacity(4) 48-oz. pouches; (2) active and (2) reserve(2) 48-oz. pouches; (1) active and (1) reserve(1) 48-oz. pouch(2) 48-oz. pouches(2) 48-oz. pouches; (1) active and (1) reserve
Dispenser Dimensions1178 in. W x 958 in. D x 1738 in. H6 in. W x 958 in. D x 1738 in. H6 in. W x 958 in. D. 131516 in. H1178 in. W x 958 in. D x 131516 in. H6 in. W x 958 in. D x 1738 in. H

Hershey's Branded Server Dispensers

In addition to the standard EZ Topper models listed above, Server offers four additional versions with attractive Hershey's graphics for merchandising your sweet toppings.

  • The Server 84969 twin dispenser is made for use with hot fudge and caramel.
  • The Server 84967 hot fudge dispenser warms fudge sauce and dispenses it. This same dispenser can be outfitted with caramel graphics when ordered as the Server 84965 caramel topping dispenser.
  • Server 87952 dispenser is the classic circular unit redesigned to dispense from 64-ounce pouches instead of cans.
  • The Server 81184 FSP conversion kit will equip your existing No. 10 can dispenser for use with pouches.