Scotsman Meridian Ice Dispensers: Built for Health & Convenience

Scotsman Meridian Series Ice & Water Dispensers

Ice and water dispensers are important complements to beverage menus in the foodservice industry, but they're also critical to the comfort and safety of guests and patients in the health and hospitality industries, including nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, and offices. Scotsman, a longtime leader in this segment, has raised the bar with the Meridian series, offering three machines capable of dispensing ice and water in a convenient, sanitary design.

Why Choose a Meridian Dispenser?

Scotsman Meridian ice and water dispensers make nugget ice that's slow melting and easy to chew, an ideal ice type for use in healthcare applications as well as sodas, blended beverages, and other drinks. Models in this series are available in two production capacities, which are measured by how many pounds of ice can be produced in a 24-hour period, and three storage capacities.

Product #Max. 24-hr. ProductionStorage Capacity
HID312260 lbs.12 lbs.
HID525500 lbs.25 lbs.
HID540500 lbs.40 lbs.

Meridian dispensers offer a hands-free design that lets users dispense ice and water without touching the machine, a feature that emphasizes health and safety by preventing cross contamination. These machines are also built with an antimicrobial substance, AgION™, molded into key plastic components to help slow the growth of bacteria. Each unit's front panel and ice storage bin are fully removable for direct access to interior components, enabling staff to easily and routinely perform thorough cleanings that keep the ice machine free of unsightly mold, slime, and other potentially hazardous signs of bacteria.

The removable components make it easy to service and maintain Meridian machines. Since this design provides quick access to the unit's interior, service calls will likely be shorter and less costly. These Scotsman ice and water dispensers are also built with durable stainless steel exterior panels, a stainless steel evaporator, and greaseless bearings that require little maintenance.

An intuitive LED panel with individual lights informs users of the machine's operational status and maintenance or cleaning requirements with indicators for power, on/off, and time to clean. Each model includes a QR code that is unique to that individual machine, giving operators digital access to manuals, warranty information, and parts lists.

Quieter operation is achieved through an improved condenser fan, so the Scotsman ice dispenser can be installed where noise levels must be regulated, including health care facilities, lobbies, and waiting rooms. The equipment's air filters are mounted externally on a contoured side panel, providing convenient access for cleaning and requiring only a small amount of clearance between the equipment and surrounding objects. Scotsman Meridian dispensers are also engineered to be compact ice machines, with one of the smallest footprints in the industry. This design packs a ton of functionality into a small package, conserving space on countertops and allowing the unit to fit into floor space that would be too small for most ice machines.