Scotsman Upgrades their Flagship Ice Maker with Prodigy Plus

The Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine Gets a Plus

With more than 60 years of focused dedication manufacturing ice machines for more than just the foodservice and hospitality industries, Scotsman has perfected its technology. The company has proven this with the operator-focused and energy-efficient designs it uses for its Prodigy Plus™ ice machines, which are so intelligent they do practically everything but shake your cocktail for you.

After nearly a decade of success with its original Prodigy line, Scotsman has updated its flagship series with the new Prodigy Plus platform, which integrates cutting-edge technology that makes these ice makers some of the most intuitive and reliable in the industry. By using one of Scotsman’s ENERGY STAR-qualified Prodigy machines, you’ll save on your water and electric usage. And, if you live in a qualifying U.S. state, you may even be able to cash in on an ENERGY STAR rebate for further savings up to hundreds of dollars.

Prodigy Plus Saves You Money on Costly Repairs

The Scotsman Auto Alert System informs you of service issues in advance. It has four simple LED symbols that indicate power, ice making, and water status, and when it's time to clean and descale. Following their lead should make you less likely to be left stranded without ice.

Scotsman's optional Smart-Board™ module includes NAFEM data protocol and a USB connection for monitoring and recording advanced diagnostic data. That information includes everything from average harvest time to ice bin levels, helping service personnel diagnose and repair issues correctly the first time.

These machines' components are easy to access, with a self-aligning front panel that can be quickly removed for painless service calls. Scanning the QR code located on the exterior of the machine gives the operator access to machine-specific information, including operator manuals and warranty information. An internal diagnostic code display helps technicians diagnose issues quickly, so they can get your ice machine back up and running more quickly.

Built-in Features to Ensure Consistently Clean, Fresh-tasting Ice

Scotsman’s Prodigy Plus ice machines also include AquaArmor™, which uses the antimicrobial compound AgION to slow the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. That ensures you receive the purest ice possible – ice that is consistently crystal clear, crisp, and fresh tasting. The cubers' air filters are located in the front of the unit, and they're easily removed, rinsed, and reused for no-excuses preventive maintenance. Cuber models have a one-touch cleaning cycle that cuts down on the amount of time your staff has to spend manually cleaning the machine.

The patented harvest assist technology on these ice makers not only speeds up production times, it also reduces wear and tear on other components, extending the life of the equipment. Watersense purge control automatically flushes mineral buildup periodically to maintain clear, fresh ice and protect the ice maker's components from damage. Another optional feature, the Vari-Smart™ Ice level sensor allows operators to program your business’s exact ice requirements up to seven days in advance, so you’re never left with a wasteful surplus.

Which types of ice makers include Prodigy Plus Technology?

Scotsman Prodigy technology is available on cubers, flakers, and nugget ice makers. The first manufacturer to produce this type of ice, Scotsman branded its nuggets “The Original Chewable Ice.” That ice is well-loved by many restaurant guests and is appreciated by patients in healthcare facilities for its easy-to-chew quality.