Find the Right Adapter Kit to Pair your Scotsman Head Unit & Ice Bin

Scotsman Head Unit and Ice Bin

There are several reasons for choosing to buy your Scotsman ice maker head unit and ice bin separately instead of together as a combo. If your establishment has special considerations, you may need a non-conventional size combination. For example, if you’re running a concession stand that’s only open for a few hours a week, you may want a smaller head unit paired with an extra-large bin that will hold most of the ice you’ll need for one business day.

Not all Scotsman ice machine heads can be paired with every ice bin. Some of them can be combined with no need for additional parts, while others require additional hardware called adapter kits. Adapter kits ensure that the two pieces of equipment will fit together safely and securely, and that there are no gaps for air to escape or for pests to get in which would make your ice unhealthy for your customers.

To make it easy for you to find the right head and bin combination, Scotsman has compiled a chart that shows which pairs can be made. The dimensions you see in each square give you the overall size of the equipment with the head and bin combined. Shown below that is the top kit required to make that combination, if applicable. If the square for a pairing is blank, that combination can’t be made.