San Jamar Bathroom Supply Guide

Stock Your Restroom with San Jamar

Having a well-stocked bathroom is a sign of a well-run business, and customers often judge businesses based on how clean and supplied their restrooms are. To help keep restroom maintenance simple, San Jamar offers a wide range of bathroom supplies, including paper product dispensers and odor control devices. Whether you want manual models or touchless dispensers, read about the available options below.

Paper Towel Dispensers

While many operators may be tempted by the free paper towel dispensers offered by paper companies, those often cost more over time. These dispensers usually come with long-term paper contracts for the proprietary paper that fits in them, which often costs 30 to 50 percent more than universal paper towels. These costs add up over time, meaning that the amount invested in a dispenser that makes use of universal paper towels can be paid for in paper savings in just a few months.

Before purchasing a San Jamar paper towel dispenser, you will need to decide whether you want it to be manually activated or touchless. Within each of those categories, there are several options to choose from. Each option is available in transparent or opaque plastic, or stainless or enameled steel.

Touchless Dispensers

Dispensers that are considered touchless gain that label one of two ways. The first is designed so that the paper towels advance automatically, allowing the user to pull the next one out easily without using a lever or handle to advance it. Each dispenser of this kind is made to use rolls or folded paper towels, and you may want to compare the paper prices before deciding which dispenser to buy. The second option is an electric dispenser that senses hand movement and dispenses a length of paper towel as needed or dispenses a new length of paper when the prior section is torn off. These can only use rolls of paper towels. This type can be powered by batteries or an AC adapter, and some models offer the option to use either.

Manual Dispensers

Each manual paper towel dispenser relies on either a lever or a crank handle on its side. Whichever mechanism is used will advance the paper towel as much as the customer wishes, which is one of the main drawbacks of a manual dispenser: Customers often take more paper than needed, which can cost operators quite a bit in the long run. Another manual paper towel dispenser option that is less common but can be a good choice for restrooms with limited wall space is the countertop dispenser. These hold stacks of folded paper towels, allowing customers to retrieve the towels they need from the top of the pile. Unfortunately, this design sometimes results in wasted paper towels, as splashes and dripping hands can soak the paper towels in the dispenser, so wall-mounted dispensers are typically preferred where possible.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Commercial toilet paper is available in two sizes: standard and jumbo. Standard rolls look similar to those you might use at home, while jumbo rolls are much larger, so they do not have to be changed as often. Dispensers are available to accommodate each of these sizes, so decide which roll you will use before purchasing a dispenser. Below are some other considerations to keep in mind.

  • Number of rolls: Most toilet paper dispensers can hold either one or two standard or jumbo rolls. There are models that can hold as many as four standard rolls, and some that cannot hold two full jumbo rolls, but can hold one full roll and one stub, or partially used roll.
  • Covered or uncovered: While each dispenser designed to hold jumbo rolls is enclosed, some of the standard roll dispensers have the toilet paper roll open to the air. These can be easier to change, but are exposed to dust, debris, and the possibility of theft or vandalism.
  • Locks: If part or all of the toilet paper is enclosed, you will likely have the option of a lock to help prevent theft and vandalism. This will use a small metal or plastic key.
  • Visibility: While the metal dispensers, and even some of the plastic ones, are opaque, having translucent dispensers allows employees to see how much toilet paper is left to reduce the chances of running out.

Soap Dispensers

The type of San Jamar soap dispenser you choose will be dictated by the kind of soap you wish to use. Models are available that dispense liquid or foam soap, which can be refilled with poured-in or bag-in-box soap. While poured-in soap offers more options in soap types and scents, bag-in-box soap is faster and easier to change out. Compare these benefits, as well as the prices available from your supplier, when choosing your soap.

Soap dispensers may be manually operated or touchless. Each manual dispenser has a push bar that is activated with the heel of the hand. Touchless dispensers use a motion sensor to dispense soap when needed, but San Jamar's sensor models also have a manual mode, which the unit will switch to when batteries are low. Another benefit to the electronic models is that they allow you to switch between a full dose or half dose, so you can control how much soap is dispensed.

Additional Supplies

To offer customers additional hygiene options, install a toilet seat cover dispenser in each stall. These dispensers are easy to refill, as packs of seat covers come in cardboard boxes that are inserted into the dispensers. Covers dispense one at a time to help prevent messes and waste.

San Jamar also offers a line of odor control products, including dispersion systems with a range of scents. The Arriba odor control systems are available with passive dispersion, with a battery-operated fan, and with a solar-operated fan, which can also run on any form of indoor lighting. Eleven different scents are available for these systems, including Mango Burst, Clean Linen, and Cinnamon Stick. For cleaning, consider using San Jamar's Kleen-Pail, which is available in multiple colors to help prevent mixing non-compatible and sometimes dangerous chemicals. Color designations also help keep kitchen cleaning supplies separate from those used in the restroom.