Escali Measurement Tools from San Jamar

Escali by San Jamar

Escali has a reputation in the commercial food industry for providing quality food measurement tools. Escali scales, thermometers, and timers help chefs provide consistency, prevent food waste, and ensure food safety. These reliable and convenient products are now available from one of the most recognizable names in foodservice, San Jamar.

Food Management Tools from Escali by San Jamar

San Jamar has been providing foodservice and bathroom supplies since 1984, when the company was formed by three investors. The company got its start with toilet paper, napkin, and disposable cup dispensers, and now offers a wide variety of commercial foodservice supplies, including cup dispensers, oven mitts, cutting boards, chef apparel, floor mats, and soap dispensers.

San Jamar's food management items like condiment pumps, food carriers, and garnish dispensers, was expanded in September 2016, when the company became the exclusive supplier of Escali commercial measurement tools. This move added a total of 40 unique items to San Jamar's offerings, including 21 Escali scales, 16 thermometers, and three timers, each of which can help improve consistency and food safety. Below are some of the products available from Escali by San Jamar.


  • Refrigerator/freezer thermometers help ensure safe storage temperatures with digital or dial readouts. They can hang, be mounted with magnets, or sit on shelves with kickstands.
  • Oven thermometers provide confirmation the oven is operating properly, and can hang or sit on a shelf.
  • Digital and dial probe thermometers allow you to monitor the internal temperatures of large cuts of meat to help ensure food safety. Most of these are pocket-sized, perfect for keeping on hand at all times.
  • Candy/deep fryer thermometers are made to clip onto the sides of post and other vessels, and withstand high temperatures so users can heat oil or candy to the perfect temperature.


  • Digital platform scales are available with round and rectangular platforms, with varying sizes and weight limits to meet your kitchen's needs. In some models, the readout can be mounted on a nearby wall or built-in riser over the platform.
  • Mechanical dial scales are available with removable platforms that can be either flat or bowl-shaped for weighing a wide variety of items. Most mechanical models have a tare function that makes calibration simple.
  • Surface-mounted scales can be installed flush with the surrounding table or countertop for a convenient and unobtrusive way to weigh items.


  • Escali's basic digital timer has a sound alarm as well as a flashing LED, memory recall, and clock mode. These timers have a magnetic back and also come with a stand.
  • Touch-screen digital timers have a power saving feature, memory recall, and can count up or down to a maximum of 99 minutes and 59 seconds. These timers have a magnetic back for convenient positioning.
  • The Escali 3-event digital timer can count up or down to 19 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds for three different events at once, with all three displayed on the digital screen. This unit also has a clock mode, memory recall, and a magnetic back.