Rubbermaid Slim Jims Save Space & Streamline Waste Collection

Rubbermaid Slim Jims

Its space-saving 11-inch width allows the Rubbermaid Slim Jim container to tuck neatly away in space-limited settings like kitchen work stations, offices, and hallways. Despite the compact design, these trash cans have capacities ranging from 15 to 36 gallons. With beige, black, yellow, blue, gray, brown, and green colors paired with matching waste-separation tops, these can be used to create a cluster of commercial trash cans for a complete, eco-friendly waste disposal station. The original Slim Jim is available with or without handles on each narrow end.

Beyond just providing a Rubbermaid trash can that can fit in tight spaces, these are also a great addition to food prep stations and to the ends of plate or tray make-up lines. They can be placed beside a work table or at the end of a counter to provide a ready way of disposing of trash as you work. Because of the slim design, they fit easily in those areas without sticking too far out into aisles. They’re also easier to move around the kitchen, particularly when used in conjunction with one of the dollies or trollies designed to move commercial trash cans.

The newest addition to Rubbermaid’s family of containers, the Slim Jim with venting channels includes innovative features to make the operator’s life a bit easier. The molded-in venting channels eliminate the vacuum that makes waste liners notoriously difficult to remove from traditional cans. Can liner cinches on each corner hold liners in place and do away with the need for tying knots. To make emptying the container simpler, handles are molded in to the rim of the Slim Jim and in the base, which means you can easily lift them over the top of a trash bin.

Wall-mount Slim Jims are available for areas that need a trash can with a narrow depth. These containers come with all hardware and instructions for installation, and provide a space-saving way to work a 15-gallon trash can into an area without taking up a large footprint. These trash cans come with a swing-door top and are available in brown or beige.

Slim Jim Options & Accessories

Choose from these accessories to outfit your Rubbermaid Slim Jim army:

  • To keep waste separated for recycling, three special tops are available. Bottle and can tops are available in green, brown, or blue. Paper tops and single-stream tops, which accept paper, bottles, and cans, are each available in blue and green.
  • Hinged lids provide convenient access to cans without the need for removing the cover, preventing it from getting lost.
  • Confidential document lids include locks and a recessed paper slot to allow for secure disposal.
  • Swing lids keep the Rubbermaid trash can covered to prevent the spread of odors, while providing a no-touch method of disposal.
  • Handle tops keep containers completely sealed, while providing a convenient grip for removing the cover.
  • To make individual containers mobile, consider a stainless steel dolly fitted with four durable casters.
  • To create a mobile battery of Slim Jim containers, low-profile trolleys are available that can be linked together. These can be conveniently disconnected with the press of a toe plate.
  • The Slim Jims with venting channels are also available with a UV-protection compound molded into the plastic to maintain its color and strength when it’s placed outside or otherwise exposed to direct sunlight.