Rubbermaid Food Pans Buyers' Guide

Rubbermaid Food Pans

Rubbermaid offers a full line of hot and cold food pans for prepping and storing whatever products and ingredients you may be cooking with. All Rubbermaid pans are available in standard gastronorm sizes. Full, half, and third sizes are available in depths of 212, 4, 6, and 8 inches. The 14- and 16-size pans are available in 212, 4-, and 6-inch depths, and the 19-size pans are available in 212- and 4-inch depths.

The Plastic Pan Advantage

Plastic food pans have several advantages over metal pans:

  • Unlike stainless steel pans that can rust when they’re worn or scratched, plastic pans won’t corrode, which means they should last longer than metal ones.
  • Since they’re made of softer, shock-absorbent materials, plastic pans make less noise as they are banged, moved, and dropped, helping keep the decibels down in a busy kitchen or dining room.
  • Metal containers can become permanently warped if they meet with enough force, making them harder to clean and impossible to fit properly in equipment. On a steam table, they will let steam escape, wasting energy and creating a burn hazard for guests and employees. Plastic pans will not dent or bend, and their break- and shatter-resistant properties enable them to stand up under demanding conditions.
  • The plastic's smooth surface prevents food from sticking and makes the pans easy to clean.
  • Because plastic is a poor thermal conductor, it stays cooler to the tbermaidouch than metal, making Rubbermaid pans easier to transport and safer to use on buffet lines and in steam tables.
  • Whereas steel pans can corrode and become pitted in the presence of acidic foods, plastic containers are highly resistant to acid, so they can reliably hold foods like tomatoes and citrus.

Hot & Cold Solutions

Rubbermaid cold food pans are made of a strong, long-lasting polycarbonate called Lexan. Cold food pans are safe to use at temperatures between -40 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Popular uses for them include holding fresh produce, toppings, and dressings on salad, sandwich, and pizza prep tables, as well as in buffet serving lines. They’re also commonly used for short-term storage of fresh and cooked food.

Formed of a high-heat resin, Rubbermaid hot food pans are safe to use at temperatures of -40 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. These are commonly used in buffet and serving lines. They’re also safe to use in microwaves, while metal pans aren’t, and in ovens, so long as the temperatures do not exceed the rated limit. High-heat pans are available in the classic amber color, as well as a more front-of-house-appropriate black.

Rubbermaid Food Pan Covers & Lids

Whatever you're holding in Rubbermaid food pans, there's a lid that will let you store it safely, helping you get the most out of your containers.

  • For longer-term food storage, check out Rubbermaid’s secure-sealing lids with two seals. These are the tightest-fitting lids the company offers, but their easy-grip tabs make them a cinch to remove.
  • Covers are available with pegs that allow them to be hung for drying, making that process quicker and more sanitary.
  • Notched covers have a space cut out to accommodate the handles of serving utensils. These keep food sealed, while keeping the spoon handle clean.
  • Soft-sealing covers sit on pans to keep air out. The no-overlap design means these pans can be stacked and transported with the covers attached.
  • Solid and notched flip covers have hinged lids that can be easily opened and closed for accessing food without removing the cover. Use these for serving lines and prep areas, where food should stay sealed between frequent accesses.
  • In addition to lids, Rubbermaid offers drain trays that fit inside their pans to keep food out of any water or juice that collects. This step keeps food tasting fresher for longer.