Rubbermaid Brute: Tough & Durable

Rubbermaid Brute Trash Cans

Waste containers are often an afterthought in many establishments and even a secondary product for some of the manufacturers that produce them, but Rubbermaid's Brute trash can has long been a key product in the company's catalog of commercial cleaning and storage solutions. The company's designers have put thought into the products necessary to dispose of trash safely and efficiently, allowing owners and operators to focus on running their businesses. Continue reading to learn about what sets the Brute apart from its competitors and how it can be used for more than just trash.

Difficult to Destroy, Easy to Use

The Rubbermaid Brute is constructed of professional-grade plastic, a durable and flexible polymer that's nearly indestructible; this material was chosen over metal because it won’t rust or corrode. Since the color of each Brute trash can is actually part of the structure instead of painted on, it will never chip or peel. The plastic is also integrated with a UV inhibitor to make sure the color won't fade, even when it stays exposed to direct sunlight.

Once the durable plastic was molded, the experts at Rubbermaid realized strength also needed to be built into the parts of the can that get the most abuse. The rim of every Brute trash can is reinforced with structural supports that help it stand up to years of lifting heavy loads. The handles just below that are molded as part of the unit itself, so there’s no chance for a seam or joint to fail as you lift it up or drag it around. The base of every Rubbermaid Brute utility trash can is double ribbed, which means it has added stability and strength to hold up when it's dragged across the parking lot to the garbage collection bin.

This Rubbermaid trash can is built with an attention to detail that makes life easier for the daily user. Venting channels built into the sides prevent a vacuum from forming around can liners, making it significantly easier to remove a full bag. Integrated liner cinches near the handles keep liners in place, eliminating the need to tie knots in the bags. There are also molded-in handles on the bases of the cans to make it easier for employees to hoist them when emptying contents.

Utility Cans Go Beyond Trash

They're called Brute trash cans because collecting waste is their most common use, but their applications go way beyond that. For example, they can be used for bulk storage of dry ingredients and transporting non-potable water.

Every color of Brute container is certified to NSF Standard 21, which means it meets requirements for safely storing waste. The gray, white, and yellow models are also certified for NSF Standard 2, meeting strict requirements for the disposal of food waste. That’s particularly handy for butchers, establishments that process their own meats, and food processing factories needing to safely dispose of raw items that might spread bacteria throughout their facilities if not properly contained. To aid in that, Rubbermaid makes strong, snap-on lids that are great for containment and also make those units stable when they're stacked.

For added safety, those NSF-approved, color-coded containers can be ordered with "INEDIBLE” or “USDA CONDEMNED” warnings, helping you meet Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements for safe food and waste handling.

If you are looking to take your Brute trash can on the go, dollies can be used securely with the containers to make it easy to roll even heavy loads to anywhere you might need to move them. Brute caddies allow you to attach cleaning equipment like brooms, spray bottles, and paper towels to your trash can, facilitating janitorial services.

Find the Best Brute for You

Available sizes range from 10 gallons to a whopping 55 gallons, and you can get Brutes in a variety of colors, including black, blue, gray, green, red, white, and yellow. To ensure the Brute trash can is perfect for you, it's also customizable. You can order a Brute trash can with the colors and logo of a collegiate or professional sports team, high school mascot, business imprint, or special event graphic.

To discuss customization or learn more about the wide range of options available for Rubbermaid Brute containers, please contact one of our helpful customer care representatives by calling 1-800-541-8683 or emailing