Choosing a Robot Coupe Based on Your Menu

Using Your Menu to Choose a Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe food processors are an industry standard for commercial foodservice operations across the country, from ethnic restaurants to healthcare facilities and universities. To help you find the right products among the company's large catalog of reliable equipment, Robot Coupe has compiled equipment packages for some of its more popular markets.

Tex-Mex Restaurants

Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants serve many high-demand foods that can require a complex amount of preparation, from salsa for dipping chips to entrees like fajitas and tacos. Robot Coupe food processors can help kitchen staff dice, slice, and blend fresh vegetables, cheese, and grains.

To prepare the components for fajitas, pico de gallo, and tacos, use a vegetable preparation machine like the CL 50 Ultra, which comes with interchangeable discs to process a variety of ingredients. The CL 50 Ultra Tex-Mex Package includes the five discs that are essential to any Tex-Mex restaurant: a 564-inch slicing disc, 316-inch slicing disc, 18-inch grating disc, 316-inch grating disc, and a 38-inch dicing kit.

To make items like ceviche, mole, and guacamole, use a bowl cutter mixer like the Robot Coupe R2. The R2 Ultra B includes a 3-quart stainless steel cutter bowl and a smooth blade assembly, as well as a polycarbonate lid that allows liquid and solid ingredients to be added while processing is in progress. The versatility of this unit can be expanded with a serrated blade assembly, which can grind and knead ingredients, and a fine-serrated blade assembly that can chop herbs.

To mix batches of horchata, refried beans, and salsa, use a power mixer like the MP 550 Turbo, which has a 21-inch-long shaft and provides a 200-quart mixing capacity.

Italian Restaurants

Cheese and tomatoes are traditionally the most crucial components of America's favorite food: pizza. Italian restaurants with menus offering pasta dishes can also benefit from the Robot Coupe equipment suggested for pizzerias, which is meant to simplify and speed up the process of slicing, dicing, and grating cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables.

The CL 50 Ultra is recommended for slicing vegetables, grating mozzarella cheese, and dicing ingredients for bruschetta. The CL 50 Ultra Pizza Package includes the accessories necessary for these tasks: the 564-inch slicing disc, 532-inch slicing disc, 932-inch grating disc, and 38-inch dicing kit. To expand the unit's versatility, consider adding the 2-inch dicing kit for preparing lettuce for salads and the hard cheese grater for Parmesan.

Whether your restaurant specializes in pastas, pizzas, or both, you will benefit from a Robot Coupe stick blender like the CMP400VV. This compact version of the power mixer, which has a 16-inch shaft and a smaller 100-quart mixing capacity, can be used to blend batches of pasta and pizza sauce.

Bakeries & Dessert Shops

Preparing cakes, pastries, and other baked goods is often a complex process requiring several components and multiple steps. Busy chefs creating a variety of desserts can rely on a Robot Coupe food processor to quickly and efficiently knead, mix, and grind all of their ingredients in just minutes.

The task your bowl cutter mixer or vertical cutter mixer can complete will depend on the blade assembly being used. A smooth blade assembly comes standard with cutter mixer models and can blend, chop, emulsify, and mix ingredients to create batters, fillings, and icing. For establishments that produce a large number of pastries, a coarse serrated blade assembly is designed to knead ingredients, so you can create delicate doughs or crusts for desserts like cheesecakes.

You should decide which cutter mixer will be best for your operation by considering how much of something you need to prepare at one time. Robot Coupe has provided the following table, which compares models based on grinding, kneading, and mixing capabilities.

Max Capacity (Lbs)R 602 VBR 8R 10R 15R 20R 23 T

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, assisted living communities, and retirement homes care for patients with various diet restrictions, including those who cannot chew or swallow solid foods. These healthcare facilities will need to invest in efficient and reliable equipment capable of providing their patients with mechanically-altered food.

The innovative Robot Coupe Blixer was developed specifically to create meals that are compatible with spoon feedings and liquid or semi-liquid diets, including minced and pureed food and soups. Robot Coupe recommends choosing your Blixer model based on the number of patients or residents in your facility.

Number of ResidentsRecommended ModelNumber of ResidentsRecommended Model
6-12Blixer 3 (3.5 quart bowl)50Blixer 10 (10 quart bowl)
14Blixer 4/4V (4.5 quart bowl)75Blixer 15 (15 quart bowl)
20Blixer 5/5V (5.5 quart bowl)121Blixer 23 (24 quart bowl)
25Blixer 6/6V (7 quart bowl)160Blixer 30 (31 quart bowl)
42Blixer 8 (8 quart bowl)240Blixer 45 (47 quart bowl)
320Blixer 60 (63 quart bowl)

Many healthcare facilities also prepare meals for patients who can chew and swallow unaltered foods. Smaller operations can use the Robot Coupe R2 to dice, grate, and slice vegetables, but larger facilities may require a continuous feed vegetable prep machine. If the meals served at your facility require bowl processing in addition to vegetable processing, you should use a combination processor like the R301 Ultra. This type of Robot Coupe food processor can blend, chop, mix, and puree, as well as mix and knead dough.

For processing mashed potatoes, sauces, salsa, soups, and other meals or condiments that can be prepared in batches, such as in a steam kettle, use a Robot Coupe power mixer. To ensure compatibility with the vat you're mixing in, these can be between 7 and 29 inches long. Combi models include both a cutter blade and whisk assembly.

School Foodservice

Colleges and universities and elementary and high school cafeterias can use Robot Coupe food processors to efficiently prepare hundreds of meals each day, while high-volume commissaries may need to prepare more than 1,000 servings in just a few hours. These facilities need to efficiently dice, grate, and slice healthy fruit and vegetables for sauces, sides, snacks, and salads. The R402 combination processor can be expected to prepare as many as 800 servings in less than 3 hours, while the larger R602V can be expected to prepare as many as 2,000 servings in that same amount of time. To process large amounts of carrots, cheese, fruit, lettuce, and potatoes, these facilities can rely on continuous-feed vegetable processors like the CL55. A vertical cutter mixer like the R45T provides a bowl for mixing batters, dough, salads, and more.