Nemco Slicers Buyers' Guide

Nemco Slicers Guide

Nemco offers just about every tool you can imagine for slicing, cutting, cubing, chopping, coring, and wedging any product your back-of-house staff may need to prep. That includes everything from soft produce like ripe tomatoes and strawberries to dense vegetables like zucchini and cucumbers. These tools have the potential to save you hours of labor each day compared to prepping vegetables by hand. Not to mention they're safer and easier to use than knives. Use this guide to choose the best Nemco slicer for what you're prepping.

The Easy Slicer

Best for: Quickly cutting and shredding hard- and medium-density vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, mushrooms, and zucchini into uniformly thick slices.

The most versatile piece of equipment in Nemco's slicer lineup, the 55200AN Easy Slicer lets the user dial in the desired product thickness in 116-inch increments up to 12-inch with an easy-to-use thumb-screw adjustment. This model can handle the most common salad and sandwich toppings, including peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and mushrooms.

For even greater simplicity, 55200-series slicers are available in fixed-blade models that slice foods into a set thickness. These are available with 18-, 316-, 12-, 14-, and 516-inch blades. A version of the Easy Slicer is also available with a 316-inch shredder blade for shredding lettuce for sandwiches and cabbage for coleslaw and house-made sauerkraut.

The Easy Slicer is a breeze to operate. The user places produce in a trough on the side of the unit, closes the safety cover, and turns the crank. Even slices come out through the bottom into a container or onto the work surface. An available portable cutting board base gives the user a sanitary and stable surface on which to stage and collect product. Nemco provides a special sharpening stone that will help keep the Easy Slicer operating smoothly.

This Nemco slicer is such a versatile piece of equipment that it can be used to instead of electric equipment for many applications. In addition to its lower price, a big advantage of the Nemco Easy Slicer over food processors is that it's approved to be used by staff members under the age of 18 years old, who are forbidden by federal law from using electric slicing equipment. The Nemco Easy Slicer is safe and easy for inexperienced operators to get the hang of.

The following table will help you find the right Easy Slicer and replacement blades to go with it.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Replacement Blade
Adjustable55200AN 55135 (set of 2)
18-in.55200AN-455135 (set of 2)
316-in.55200AN-655135 (set of 2)
14-in.55200AN-855135 (set of 2)
316-in. shredder55200AN-155178

Easy Tomato Slicer 2

Best for: Slicing soft produce like tomatoes, strawberries, and mushrooms into uniform slices.

Nothing makes the task of cutting tomatoes into uniform slices safer or faster than Nemco's Tomato Slicer 2. This model is a refined version of the classic tomato slicer. It's built with a factory-pretensioned blade system that doesn't require the regular maintenance that traditional systems do. The Nemco slicer's blade cartridges are easy to remove, clean, and replace, and they're intentionally designed to protect the user from cuts.

Choose a Tomato Slicer 2 model based on the thickness of the slices you need to produce. You have three choices: a 316-inch slice, a 14-inch slice, and a 38-inch slice. Use the following table to identify the model you need.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Replacement Blade Cartridge
316-in. slice56600-1566-1 (14 blades)
14 in. slice56600-2566-2 (11 blades)
38-in. slice56600-3566-3 (7 blades)

Easy Chopper 3

Best for: Dicing, cutting, and wedging hard vegetables, citrus fruits, and cooked chicken breast.

Maybe you need a tool that can practically do it all - chop, dice, cut, and wedge everything from peppers to lemons. In that case, you should consider investing in an Easy Chopper 3. This simple but versatile tool is designed with an interchangeable plate system that lets you cut vegetables and fruit into 14- to 1-inch cubes and 14- to 12-inch slices. If it's fruit you need to process, choose a six- or an eight-section wedge kit.

Improving on its predecessor, the Easy Chopper 3 features a color-coded blade and pusher system that makes it easy to identify the correct combination of components each time you change blades. The 414-inch cutting area has plenty of room for chopping large pieces of product without the need to cut them into smaller pieces first. The base of the unit is wide enough to accommodate 16- and 13-size, 6-inch-deep food pans to catch produce.

Each Easy Chopper 3 is sold with one blade assembly so you'll have all you need to get started out of the box. Choose from the model numbers listed below to find the Easy Chopper 3 and the additional blade assemblies you need.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Blade/Holder AssemblyReplacement Blades
14-in.-square cut57500-157424-1 (26 blades)536-1
38-in.-square cut57500-2Nemco 57424-2 (18 blades)536-2
12-in.-square cut57500-357424-3 (12 blades)536-3
1-in.-square cut57500-457424-4 (8 blades)536-4
14-in.-thick slice57500-557424-5 (13 blades)n/a
38-in.-thick slice57500-657424-6 (9 blades)n/a
12-in.-thick slice57500-757424-7 (6 blades)n/a

Easy Chopper 2

The Easy Chopper 2 is the second version of the Nemco chopper. It was the first in the series to feature the 414-inch-square cutting area that lets users process larger pieces of produce without first cutting them into smaller chunks. The Easy Chopper 2 is also available with more blade assemblies than its predecessor, with a total of seven available cutting blades and three wedger kits.

Slice StyleModel No.Blade/Holder AssemblyReplacement Blades
14-in.-square cut56500-156424-1 (26 blades)536-1 (26 blades unassembled)
38-in.-square cut56500-256424-2 (18 blades)536-2 (18 blades unassembled)
12-in.-square cut56500-356424-3 (12 blades)536-3 (12 blades unassembled)
1-in.-square cut56500-456424-4 (8 blades)536-4 (8 blades unassembled)
14-in.-thick slice56500-556424-5 (13 blades)
38-in.-thick slice56500-656424-6 (9 blades)
12-in.-thick slice56500-756424-7 (6 blades)

Easy Chopper

The original Nemco Easy Chopper introduced the ergonomic, weighted handle and lightweight, rugged construction that have been hallmarks of each version since. Like its successors, the Easy Chopper features an interchangeable blade system with four available cut sizes and three wedger kits. The Easy Chopper is built with a smaller 312-inch-square cutting area that helps save space on your countertop and makes the original Nemco chopper a great solution for operators who need a versatile piece of equipment in a compact footprint.

Cut StyleModel No.Blade/Holder AssemblyReplacement Blades
14-in. cut55500-155424-1 (22 blades)436-1 (22 blades unassembled)
38-in. cut55500-255424-2 (16 blades)436-2 (16 blades unassembled)
12 in. cut55500-355424-3 (10 blades)436-3 (10 blades unassembled)
1-in. cut55500-455424-4 (4 blades)436-4 (4 blades unassembled)

Easy LettuceKutter

Best for: Cutting lettuce, cabbage, melons, and cooked chicken for salads

The LettuceKutter is the tool you need if you want to chop head after head of lettuce for salads. Its blades are designed to make clean cuts that won't cause lettuce to brown around the edges. There's even a special blade assembly for chopping Romaine lettuce into 1-inch by 2-inch strips for Caesar salads.

Chopping lettuce is the tool's most popular application, but its wide chopping surface makes it handy for cutting cooked chicken breast and cubing melons for fruit salads. There's an available support board that holds the LettuceKutter over a food container to catch product after it's processed.

There are six different versions of the Easy Lettucekutter, each with unique grid dimensions. Find the one you prefer in the table below.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Blade assemblyReplacement Blades
1-in. x 1-in. square cut5565055485 (12 blades)55470 (12 blades unassembled)
12-in. slices55650-155495 (13 blades)
1-in. x 2-in. Romaine lettuce cut55650-255485-2 (8 blades)55470-2BR (8 blades unassembled)
12-in. x 12-in. square cut55650-355924 (22 blades)55923 (22 blades unassembled)
38-in. slices55650-CS55882 (17 blades)
34-in. x 34-in. square cut55650-655485-6 (16 blades)55470-6 (16 blades unassembled)

Easy Onion Slicer

Best for: Making uniform slices of onions for onion rings, burgers, and sandwiches

If you serve a high volume of sandwiches or onion rings, then an Easy Onion Slicer has the potential to save your staff hours of labor each week over slicing onions into by hand. Besides its eponymous bulbous vegetables, this unit can also handle celery, potatoes, pickles, citrus fruits, and firm tomatoes.

The Easy Onion Slicer comes in 316-, 14-, 38-, and 12-inch slice versions. Choose the model you need from the table below.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Blade Assembly
316-in. slice56750-156539-1 (17 blades)
14-in. slice56750-2 56539-2 (13 blades)
38-in. slice56750-356539-3 (9 blades)
12-in. slice56750-456539-4 (7 blades)

Easy FryKutter

Best for: Cutting potatoes into french fries and wedges.

No manual method of cutting potatoes into french fries is faster than Nemco's Easy FryKutter. The tool's D-shaped handle is designed with the user in mind, and the motion of the lever is designed to work in unison with the natural motion of the body to improve comfort and reduce fatigue and the chance of operator injury.

This machine can be mounted to a table or to a wall above a collection container to set up a smooth and efficient food prep workflow. The FryKutter is available in six configurations: three for processing fries and three for cutting potatoes into wedges. Use the following table to choose the right one based on the dimensions of the fries you want to cut.

Cut StyleModel No.Blade/Holder AssemblyReplacement Blades
14-in. cut55450-155424-1436-1 (set of 22)
38-in. cut55450-255424-2436-2 (set of 16)
12-in. cut55450-355424-3436-3 (set of 10)
4-section wedge55450-4428-4
6-section wedge55450-6428-6
8-section wedge55450-8428-8

Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

Best for: Creating "flowering" onion appetizers.

The Easy Flowering Onion Cutter makes quick work of prepping onions to be battered and deep fried to create the popular appetizers made famous by a national steakhouse chain. This tool comes in one size, but a sold-separately adapter lets it process smaller onions.

DescriptionModel No.Blade Assembly
Onion Cutter5570055511
Small Onion Adapter55526 Included with Model 55700
Core Cutter- Large 234-in.55513 Included with Model 55700
Core Cutter - Small 134-in.55527 Included with Model 55700

Easy Wedger & Easy Apple Corer

Best for: Wedging fruit and coring apples.

Wedging citrus fruits and coring apples with a knife can be tricky. The Easy Wedger & Apple Corer reduces each task to one simple motion.

The tool is available in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-section wedging versions, and one 8-section corer.

DescriptionModel No.Blade Assembly
4-section wedge55550-4428-4
6-section wedge55550-6428-6
8-section wedge55550-8428-8
10-section wedge55550-10428-10
8-Section Corer55550-8C490-8

Easy Cheeser

Best for: Cutting cheese into uniform sticks, cubes, or blocks.

Whether you need to cut blocks of cheese down to smaller chunks for appetizers, salads, or to use in recipes, Nemco's Easy Cheeser will yield quick, consistent results. Use it to process just about any type of cheese including mozzarella, Monterey Jack, cheddar, Muenster, Swiss, and American.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Wire #
34-in. Slicing Arm55300A55288
38-in. Slicing Arm55300A-155288
34- and 38-in. Arms55300A-255288
516-in. Slicing Arm55300A-516D55288

Easy Chicken Slicer

Best for: Slicing cooked, boneless chicken into uniform pieces to top salads, pizzas, and sandwiches.

The Easy Chicken Slicer is designed to cut cooked chicken breast into uniform pieces to top everything from salads to pizzas. This tool can be a huge time saver in kitchens that serve a lot of grilled chicken salads. This Nemco slicer can also speed up the workflow in build-your-own concepts like sandwich shops and burrito joints.

Slice ThicknessModel No.Blade Assembly
12-in. Slice5597555868
12-in. Slice (Scalloped)55975-SC55868-SC
38-in. Slice55975-155868-1
38-in. Slice (Scalloped)55975-1SC55868-1SC
14-in. Slice (Scalloped)55975-2SCNemco 55868-2SC

Spiral Fry Potato Cutter

Best for: Cutting potatoes into wavy, curly, and spiral fries.

The Spiral Fry Potato Cutter is designed to cut the tubers into spirals and curly fries, popular accompaniments to sandwiches and entrées in a number of different restaurant concepts. Sold by themselves, wavy, ribbon, and chip twister fries can fetch high margins, and they're popular items at concession stands and festival kiosks.

Find the Spiral Fry Potato Cutter you need in the table below based on the type of fry you want to produce.

Model No.DescriptionReplacement Blades
55050ANSpiral Fry55002 Separating Blade
55003 Shearing Blade
55017Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-RRibbon Fry55492 Shearing Blade
55876Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-GFine Cut Garnish55492 Shearing Blade
55702 Separating Blade
55711Front Plate Assembly
55050AN-WRWavy Ribbon Fry55492-WR Shearing Blade
55876-WRFront Plate Assembly
55050AN-CTChip Twister Fry (Straight)55492-CT Shearing Blade
55876-CTFront Plate Assembly
55050AN-WCTChip Twister Fry (Wavy)55492-WCT Shearing Blade
55876-WCTFront Plate Assembly

PowerKut Food Cutter

Best For: Producing high volumes of spiral, ribbon, wavy, and chip twister fries.

Operators like festival vendors and concession stand managers need a way to produce novelty potato snacks with speed and consistency, and that's just what Nemco provides with its PowerKut Food Cutter. This piece of equipment runs on 120-volt power and cuts a potato into ribbon, spiral, or chip twister fries in a matter of seconds.

Use the table below to find the PowerKut Food Cutter and accessories you need to start serving these high-margin items.

Model No.DescriptionReplacement Blade
55150B-CSpiral Fry Table Mount55002 Separating Blade
55707-1-CSpiral Fry Face Plate55003 Shearing Blade
55150B-RRibbon Fry Table Mount55492 Shearing Blade
55707-1-RRibbon Fry Face Plate
55150B-GFine Cut Garnish Table Mount55492 Shearing Blade
55707-1-GGarnish Cut Face Plate55702 Blade
55150B-WRWavy Ribbon Fry Table Mount55492-WR Shearing Blade
55707-1-WRWavy Ribbon Fry Face Plate
55150B-CT (Straight)Chip Twister Fry Table Mount55492-CT Shearing Blade
55707-1-CT (Straight)Chip Twister Fry Face Plate
55150B-WCT (Wavy)Chip Twister Fry Table Mount55492-WCT Shearing Blade
55707-1-WCT (Wavy)Chip Twister Fry Face Plate
55816-2Portable Base