A Guide to Nemco Food Equipment

What Nemco Food Equipment Do You Need?

Nemco, which is an acronym of Neidhardt Engineering and Manufacturing Company, has been based in Hicksville, Ohio, since its founding in 1976. The company specializes in providing reliable and easy-to-use countertop equipment that can be incorporated into even the smallest of spaces. Nemco food equipment offers restaurants and other foodservice operations numerous food prep solutions that help commercial kitchens produce consistent results and increase efficiency.

Nemco Choppers, Dicers, & Slicers

Providing chefs with the tools they need to consistently prepare food will improve their final products and decrease food waste. A variety of Nemco slicers are available to handle virtually any type of food, from cheese to meat to vegetables. These slicers can be paired with a mounting base for a more secure countertop installation. Our commercial slicers buyers' guide will help you determine which slicer your kitchen needs.

If your operation needs prep equipment intended to process a variety of fruits and vegetables, Nemco choppers and dicers can be used to chop celery and peppers, dice onions and tomatoes, and even wedge lemons and other citrus fruit. The Easy Chopper 3, the latest entry in this category, features a wider base to accommodate larger containers, such as a 13-size food pan with a 6-inch depth. Interchangeable plates offer different blade styles and cut dimensions. To improve the ease and accuracy with which those blade assemblies can be changed out, the push block and blade sets have been color-coded.

Nemco Food Warmers

Nemco food warmers can provide warming solutions for restaurants that need to hold food after it's plated, cafeterias that keep soup heated in a buffet line, or bakeries that offer grab-and-go items. Heat lamps are a necessity for most restaurants, since plates need to be kept at safe and appetizing temperatures before servers deliver them to guests.

Nemco lamps are available as freestanding countertop models or as suspension bar units with single, dual, or multiple heat lamps. Bar-style heaters can be mounted to a surface or freestanding leg kit. On the freestanding units, the height of the heat source can be adjusted to ensure optimal warming for the food placed below. Nemco also offers carving stations, which include a heat lamp attached to a cutting board; these can be used in buffets and at catered events where meat is sliced in front of guests when they order it.

Nemco soup warmers can provide hot stews in self-serve applications and can keep soups warm in a back-of-house capacity. These are available as single-well warmers or warming units with one, two, or three wells that have capacities between 4 and 11 quarts. These are constructed of stainless steel for durability and offer multiple heat settings to ensure the soups and sauces kept in them stay hot without burning.

If your establishment offers popular concession items like pizza, popcorn, and pretzels, a heated merchandiser will allow those products to be enticingly displayed to hungry customers. Pizzas can also be kept warm on a heated shelf, which can give cafeteria or concession service a more streamlined look. Heated shelf merchandisers can be used to hold grab-and-go items like cookies, bagels, or pastries. These will often have slanted shelves, so it is easier for potential customers to see the product.

To expand your kitchen's cooking capacity without investing in a full-size range, consider adding a Nemco hot plate. These can also be implemented in demonstration kitchens or used to make cooked-to-order meals at catered events and buffets. These may have between one, two, or four burners constructed of cast iron alloy. The hot plates also feature stainless steel construction and six temperature options.

Other Nemco Food Equipment

There are two different Nemco steamers: the Fresh-O-Matic and the Super Shot, which are both electric countertop models. These can be used in foodservice operations to heat prepared sandwiches, bread, and tortillas, or to cook food like vegetables and shrimp.

Pizza is a popular and relatively simple menu item that can be baked fresh, or frozen and then reheated later. Nemco pizza ovens are electric single-deck models designed for countertop use, so pizzas can be added to an existing menu without requiring room for a full-sized floor model.

Convenience stores and concession stand operators can choose between two different methods for reheating hot dogs: grilling and steaming. To ensure businesses with different demands will be able to find suitable models, Nemco hot dog roller grills and steamers can hold as few as 10 or as many as 199 hot dogs. Roller grills have a low profile, while hot dog steamers have a cabinet design. A bun warming or bun storage drawer may be included in the design of a steamer cabinet, but are usually sold separately for roller grills.

If your restaurant serves french fries made in-house, a Nemco french fry cutter will allow prep cooks to cut potatoes into straight or spiral slices with a consistency that cannot be achieved through hand-cutting techniques. These are available in manual and electric models. Electric models may be better suited to high-volume restaurants, but manual models can be mounted to a countertop or wall. For additional versatility, these units can be used to prep softer vegetables like cucumbers.

Adding a Nemco waffle maker to the kitchen in your diner, hotel, or restaurant can be an easy way to expand your breakfast or brunch menu. Nemco waffle makers are available as single and double bakers designed to make Belgian- or American-style waffles. Non-stick coatings on the baking grids, audible alarms after baking is completed, and digital controls help provide intuitive operation and consistent results.

Nemco Specialty Equipment

Nemco specialty equipment is designed for specific menu items, from ice cream to sandwiches, or to increase the efficiency of prep tasks. Below, this equipment is listed by application:

  • Batter: Nemco's self-serve batter dispenser can be used in hotel continental breakfast bars, buffets, and other applications where guests pour their own batter.
  • Cans: The Nemco CanPRO can opener can be mounted to a countertop permanently or temporarily with a clamp. It is dishwasher safe and suitable for use with No. 10 cans.
  • Condiments: Chilled condiments can be held in units with dipper-style wells for toppings like diced tomatoes and candy or condiments pumps for salad dressings and syrups. Some units combine pans with pumps for a more versatile design.
  • Hot Dogs: To help concession stands serve hot dogs from a unit that makes a statement, the miniature Nemco hot dog steamer cart is constructed of stainless steel and finished in blue. It includes handles, wheels, and an umbrella to complete the classic hot dog cart design.
  • Ice Cream: Nemco spade cleaning wells are designed with single or multiple wells and a left- or right-mounted spigot to ensure ice cream equipment can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Juice: The Nemco Easy Juicer can squeeze limes, lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits, helping your restaurant serve fresh juice to diners or create fresh juice to add as an ingredient to a dish.
  • Pasta Cooker: A Nemco pasta cooker will help restaurants that have popular pasta items on their menus keep up with demand.
  • Sandwiches: Nemco PaniniPro sandwich presses offer adjustable temperature options and smooth or grooved plates, so sandwiches can be heated and left with grill marks before they are served.
  • Seafood: The ShrimpPro and ShrimpPrep assist with cutting and deveining shrimp, while the Proshucker makes shucking oysters a faster process. The Easy Tuna Press is designed to remove excess water from 64-ounce tuna cans.
  • Timer: To ensure consistent and accurate cook and bake times, Nemco TaskMaster timers offer 8 or 16 channels so multiple times can be programmed into the unit and run simultaneously.
  • Toast: Nemco conveyor toasters can toast bread in two columns at a time, with models that can toast between 300 and 1,000 slices per hour. The Roll-A-Grill heated butter spreader can be used alongside a conveyor toaster to further speed up toast production.