Metro Mightylite

Mightylite by Metro

Transporting food safely from a commercial kitchen to an off-site location requires a lot of forethought, since the food must be contained, portable, and often kept within very specific temperature ranges to prevent bacterial growth. Unfortunately, the kind of insulation this requires is often very heavy, making transportation difficult. The Metro® Mightylite™ provides a lightweight solution to this problem.

Light but Strong

The Metro Mightylite is an insulated food pan carrier designed to transport full-size pans, with models made to hold four or six 2.5-inch pans. The food itself can be heavy enough to make lifting difficult, making it especially important for the carrier to add as little weight as possible. The ML300 weighs only 9 pounds and the ML400 weighs 11 pounds, roughly 60 percent lighter than traditional polyethylene food carriers. However, despite its light weight, the Mightylite is also durable and can keep food at safe temperatures, hot or cold, for more than five hours.

The Metro Mightylite line is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), a type of plastic foam that insulates and absorbs energy, making it able to withstand impacts. EPP is easy to clean, as it is chemically inert, meaning it will not be affected by most chemicals, oil, and grease. It is also 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly, with no volatile organic compounds or CFCs used in its manufacturing process.

Intuitive Design

The Mightylite line is designed with the end user in mind, with a number of features that make storing and transporting food simple. For easy access during loading and unloading, the door opens 270 degrees to stay flush against the hinged side of the box. This leaves the front wide open, making it easy to slide pans in and out without having to work around the door. The pan carriers have indentations on their tops and bottoms that allow them to be stacked securely for storage or transport.

These pan carriers are easy to transport, with eight ergonomic handles that allow you to lift from multiple heights and sides. The latch is made of a durable elastomer that is virtually unbreakable, which holds the door firmly closed while the unit is in transit. Upon arrival, it is easy for you to tell what is in each unit, as the door includes a label holder that doubles as a dry erase board. The door also has an integrated seal that eliminates the need for gaskets that must be periodically replaced.


Metro includes an epoxy-coated wire caddy with each Mightylite. This caddy helps organize items like quart containers and utensils, and keeps them in place during transport. A thermal partition is also available that can providing insulation to either separate hot and cold food in the same carrier or reduce the rate of temperature loss when only part of the carrier is needed.

A heavy-duty dolly is available to help you move stacks of Mightylites. The dolly is made of high-density polyethylene and has four swiveling casters, two of which have brakes. Each dolly can hold as much as 350 pounds, and a 1-inch strap with hooks is included to help keep the pan carriers secured. This dolly is designed to allow Mightylite carriers to fit snugly down into it, but can also be used to transport other items, such as milk crates. The dolly can also be turned upside down and stored on top of the Mightylite to avoid unwanted movement while it is being transported in vehicles.