Which Metro C5 Cabinet Do You Need?

Metro C5 Holding Cabinet

The engineers at Metro, a leading provider of heated cabinets and other transportation equipment, know commercial foodservice operators rely on heated holding cabinets for countless applications vital to their success. The Metro C5 line of heated cabinets ranges from uninsulated models to heavy-duty transport units to ensure caterers, restaurateurs, and other foodservice operators can find one to suit their needs. Consult the guide below to find the right Metro C5 warmer for your operation.

Metro C5 1 Series

Metro C5 1 Series

The 1 Series cabinet is the only uninsulated cabinet in the C5 line, making it a great choice for operations seeking equipment for simple holding and proofing applications. To better suit your needs, models are available that perform three applications: holding, proofing, or a combination of those.

While the holding cabinet should only be used for dry holding applications and the proofing cabinet should only be used for proofing applications, combination models in the C5 1 Series include a switch that allows it to be changed between holding and proofing modes for operations that require some flexibility. The combination and holding models have temperature ranges of 80 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, while the proofing models have slightly lower temperature ranges of 80 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Recessed controls located along the bottom of the unit are part of a module that slides out to make service and maintenance easier. These include analog dials that operators can use to adjust the temperature and, if applicable, humidity level, as well as a digital thermometer, indicator lights, and master on/off switch.

These Metro C5 holding cabinets are available in full, three-fourths, and half heights, with universal wire, fixed wire, or lip-load pan slides. Full-size 1 Series models are available with either fixed wire or universal slide types.

The Metro C519-CFC-4 is part of the C5 1 Series. This model is full size, with a see-through Lexan door and fixed wire slides that allow for an 18-pan capacity.

Metro C5 3 Series

Metro C5 3 Series

C5 3 Series cabinets are designed with Insulation Armour™, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that insulates the cabinet to keep the exterior cool and prevent heat loss, making the unit more energy efficient. It also protects the stainless steel walls of the unit, which can be important when the unit is being moved. To ensure you can find the right cabinet for your task, this series includes holding cabinets, moisture cabinets, and combination holding and proofing cabinets.

Holding cabinets are meant for higher-temperature applications that do not require any moisture, while moisture cabinets and combination cabinets are meant for hot holding and proofing applications. Combination cabinets are suited for lower-temperature moisture control, and moisture cabinets provide moisture control at any temperature; they can be used to protect held food from drying out. These cabinets offer a temperature range of 80 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The controls for each type of cabinet can be removed without tools for cleaning or maintenance; they are also recessed and include a digital thermometer, master on/off switch, and power indicator lights.

These Metro warmers are available in full, three-fourths, and half heights with universal wire, fixed wire, or lip-load pan slides. Exterior options include blue, grey, and red, with clear and solid, full-height and Dutch doors available, all field reversible.

The C5 3 Series includes the Metro C539-CDC-4, a full-size unit with an 18-pan capacity. This model has a red exterior and see-through Dutch doors.

Metro C5 4 Series

Metro C5 4 Series

C5 4 Series cabinets are surrounded by Insulation Armour™ Plus, which is the same HDPE technology in the 3 Series paired with an additional 2-inch-thick, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. The cabinets also have 3 inches of high-density fiberglass insulation in their tops and 112 inches in their bases for additional efficiency.

Metro C5 4 Series cabinets use a forced convection system to circulate hot air and provide maximum operating temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other Metro cabinets in the C5 line, the 4 Series has only one model, which is designed for heated holding. It has top-mounted dial controls that are protected from damage from passing carts and people, and are easily accessible. They are not part of a slide-out module, though.

These cabinets are available in full, five-sixths, half, and undercounter heights, with insulated solid or clear doors. Full-height cabinets are also available with full-length or Dutch doors, and can have universal wire or lip-load pan slides.

Handles are molded into the red insulating panels to provide users control when they move the unit. These panels also create a barrier around the unit, protecting it when it is used for heated transport.

This series includes the Metro C549-ASFS-U, which is a full-size unit that can hold as many as 17 pans on slides that can be adjusted in 112-inch increments.

Metro C5 6 Series

Metro C5 6, 8, & 9 Series

Though they offer the same size and door configurations, as well as a maximum operating temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 212-inch-thick fiberglass insulation, cabinets in the C5 6, 8, and 9 series differ in their intended applications.

Cabinets in the 6 Series are heated holding cabinets with analog controls, while 8 Series heated holding cabinets have dial controls with a digital display that shows the interior cabinet temperature even when the unit is off. The 6 and 8 Series cabinets both include water pan systems for creation of passive humidity, but 9 Series cabinets, which are meant for heated holding and proofing applications, offer more-precise controlled humidity. Some 9-series models like the Metro C595-NFC-L have a glass door so you can keep an eye on proofing bread.

The dial controls are located at the tops of these units, rather than the bases. Cabinets in the 6 Series have analog controls, but cabinets in all three of these series include on/off switches. Metro C5 holding cabinets in the 8 Series and 9 Series include digital readouts for temperature and, for 9 Series cabinets, humidity. They also include a low-temperature alarms, and recall and memory functions for saving and reviewing settings.

All three series are available in full, three-fourths, half, and undercounter heights with solid or clear, full-length or Dutch doors. Each door type is field reversible for flexibility and offers functional features like built-in polymer handles, stainless steel or aluminum construction, and 212-inch-thick fiberglass. These cabinets may have universal wire or lip-load pan slides.

Metro C5 T-Series

Metro C5 T-Series

The C5 T-Series is designed for operators who require heated transport cabinets. These are insulated with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation that is 2 inches thick in the top, base, and sides, and 312 inches thick in the rear wall of the unit.

Because the Transport Armour™ insulation is superior to fiberglass insulation, these cabinets can be as much as 50 percent more energy efficient than other models. In fact, all cabinets in the T-Series are ENERGY STAR certified. Polymer panels with molded handles on the sides of these Metro C5 warmers are reinforced by steel and also act as bumpers, protecting the cabinet from damage during transport.

These heated transport cabinets offer a maximum operating temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. T-Series cabinets with digital controls can be chosen with a battery-powered mobile power option, which provides gentle air circulation while the unit is unplugged, including during transport. However, these units are also available with simple analog controls. Both digital and analog controls are mounted above the units' doors.

T-Series cabinets may have adjustable-bottom-load, adjustable-lip-load, or fixed-lip-load pan slides. They are available in half, five-sixths, and full heights with full-length doors. Full-height cabinets are also available in dual-cavity models like the Metro C5T9D-ASB, with each cavity equipped with its own door. Each unit includes a whiteboard and clipboard space on the top of its door that provides an area for identifying what's inside the cabinet.

Metro C5: Good, Better, Best

To help you easily compare different C5 cabinets, Metro has provided the information below. It includes estimated annual energy costs, which were calculated assuming the cabinet is used for 12 hours each day with a KWH electricity rate of $0.12.

Cabinet MaterialInsulation TypeAnnual Energy CostGood, Better, Best?
1 SeriesAluminumNon-insulated$456Good
3 SeriesAluminum/PolymerInsulation Armour$305Good
6, 8, and 9 SeriesStainless Steel or AluminumFiberglass$150Better
4 SeriesStainless Steel/PolymerFoamed-in-place$148Best
T-SeriesStainless SteelFoamed-in-place$81Best