Master-Bilt Warranties

Master-Bilt Warranty

Master-Bilt, which was founded in St. Louis and is now headquartered in Mississippi, has been producing refrigeration equipment for more than 70 years. Today, Master-Bilt refrigeration products include walk-in coolers and freezers, merchandisers, holding cabinets, and more. Each piece of equipment comes with a one-, two-, or three-year warranty for the whole unit, plus extra years of coverage on the compressor.

Equipment Types & Included Coverage

Master-Bilt's one-year limited parts and labor warranty is applicable to the MSC-A and MSF-A mobile ice cream freezers and MBCTM countertop merchandisers from the Fusion series. Other Master-Bilt refrigeration and display solutions that come with this warranty include the CGB bakery case, CGB-NR non-refrigerated bakery case, CGD deli case, HP6A-LX proofing cabinet, and the IM-38 outdoor ice merchandiser.

A two-year limited parts and labor warranty is available on self-contained cabinet models like DD, FLR, and GEL ice cream freezers; DMS deli cases and FIP display freezers; and IHC reach-in freezers. This warranty also applies to cabinets and merchandisers equipped with remote refrigeration.

The longest Master-Bilt warranty includes three-year limited parts and labor coverage, and comes on all Fusion self-contained models, which includes reach-in refrigerators, glass door merchandisers, prep units, undercounters, worktables, chef bases, and bar equipment. That protection also applies to all Endura self-contained cabinet models, including reach-in, pass-thru, roll-in, and roll-thru refrigerators; reach-in freezers; and heated reach-ins, pass-thrus, and roll-thrus; and proofing cabinets. It also applies to OMC-A milk coolers and some Fusion Plus models.

Each Master-Bilt warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the materials or construction, but does not cover issues that result from improper use, installation, or maintenance. The extended warranty on the compressor equals five years of total coverage and will, depending on the equipment, either be included in the price or available as an option.

Be sure to read your equipment's warranty carefully when installing, using, and maintaining it to ensure that you do not accidentally void the warranty. For more information about your Master-Bilt warranty, please contact one of KaTom’s customer service representatives at 1-800-541-8683.

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