Why Choose Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machines?

Manitowoc Indigo

Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machines are built with some of the most advanced technology available in commercial ice machines, but these features are more than just bells and whistles. They're practical additions that make each Indigo ice maker simpler to operate, easier to maintain, more reliable, and more energy efficient than many competing models.

Easy to Operate

Many commercial ice machines depend on cryptic flashing lights to communicate their operating statuses and maintenance needs. The interface of Indigo NXT models is much easier to understand, since the EasyTouch digital display screen uses words and recognizable icons to communicate the information operators need to know. In addition to a 12-step setup wizard, the display allows operators to access the following information.

  • Ice machine status. Checking the status of the ice machine is easy because it is displayed in the center of the screen. It will show one of four phrases to relay the machine's current status: bin full, making ice, program mode, or machine off.
  • Alerts and messages. Using alerts and messages, which are indicated by a triangle and an envelope respectively, the machine keeps operators informed about operating issues and routine maintenance requirements. This system helps staff quickly understand the machine's maintenance needs without being distracted by non-critical information.
  • Machine information. Clicking the information icon shows operators the machine's model number, serial number, installation date, and other unit-specific data.
  • Service locator. If the machine requires a service call, the telephone icon can help the operator locate a local service company. Internal diagnostics constantly monitor the ice maker's performance and will immediately issue an alert when a problem is detected, so you can consult a technician to address the problem as quickly as possible and limit downtime. The machine keeps a log of diagnostic information that technicians can use to troubleshoot performance problems; that information can be transferred to a computer via an integrated USB port, which also allows for updates to system software.
  • Locked or unlocked. A lock icon in the top right of the screen indicates whether the touchscreen is locked or unlocked. Touchscreen navigation is turned off when it is locked to prevent accidental changes and tampering.
  • LuminIce status. If a LuminIce growth inhibitor is installed, the sanitation status of food zone components is indicated on the touchscreen.

Enhanced Sanitation

The Indigo NXT ice machine is easy to keep clean, with all of the interior surfaces and parts that require regular cleaning accessible from the front. This means staff should have no problem accessing and thoroughly cleaning the surfaces in the food zone.

The food zone's plastic parts are made with AlphaSan, an antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of mold, slime, fungus, and other microorganisms that often grow inside ice machines. Additionally, corners in the food zone are rounded, which makes the area easier to wipe clean and sanitize. The sensing probes, water trough, and distribution tube are also removable for easy cleaning.

Increased Energy Efficiency

To meet and exceed the most recent Department of Energy standards, Indigo NXT ice machines are designed to lower energy consumption by an average of 14 percent. They also require 10 and 23 percent, respectively, of potable water for ice production and condenser water for water-cooled units. This efficient operation will also make the ice machine a less expensive piece of equipment to own and operate.

Manitowoc Indigo NXT machines can be programmed to produce ice during certain hours of the day and on certain days of the week. That level of control will help ensure you have the right amount of ice when you need it, without wasting water and electricity to produce ice when it is not needed, such as during the times your business is closed or not as busy. Each Indigo machine employs an acoustical ice thickness probe that senses the formation of the ice on the evaporator plate and triggers the harvests the ice as soon as it reaches the proper thickness.

Accessories for Indigo NXT Ice Machines

Several optional accessories are available for Indigo NXT units that can help you get even more out of these powerful ice machines.

  • The LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor system circulates air within the ice maker's food zone by a UV light that creates ozone that destroys microorganisms like slime, fungus, and mold, preventing them from growing on the inside of the equipment. The LuminIce II system's bulb should be replaced yearly, but each Indigo NXT machine will let you know when this needs to be done.
  • The iAuCS cleaning system automatically cleans the ice machine according to a frequency scheduled by the operator, such as every month or every 6 months.
  • An external scoop holder can be mounted to the side of your Indigo NXT ice machine, providing employees a sanitary and convenient place to store the ice scoop when it is not being used.