Six Reasons to Choose a Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine

Manitowoc Indigo

Manitowoc Indigo ice machines are built with some of the most advanced technology available in commercial ice machines. These features are more than just bells and whistles. They're practical additions that make each Indigo ice maker more reliable, easier to maintain, and more energy efficient than many competing models. Here are six benefits that Indigo ice machines bring with their technology.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

Many commercial ice machines depend on cryptic flashing lights to communicate their operating statuses and maintenance needs. Indigo's display is much easier to understand. The EasyRead illuminated LCD display screen communicates in simple language the information that operators need to know.

The EasyRead interface will display "Making Ice" to let users know the machine is operating normally. One of two different symbols will appear on the machine's screen when there is a message to display: one for urgent alerts and another for non-urgent messages. This system helps staff understand the machine's maintenance needs quickly without being distracted by non-critical information.

Internal diagnostics constantly monitor the ice maker's performance and will immediately issue an alert when a problem is detected so you can get a technician on the phone or to your location quickly to address the problem and keep machine downtime as short as possible.

Quick, Easy Maintenance and Service

An Indigo ice machine's interface also gives operators and service technicians quick access to the vital information they need to maintain the equipment. The machine keeps a log of diagnostic information that technicians can use to troubleshoot performance problems. Technicians can transfer that information to a computer via the Indigo's integrated USB port, which also allows the system's software to be updated.

Other information that's accessible through the EasyRead display includes the machine's model number, its serial number, warranty information, installation date, and manufacture date. Users can set the interface to display information in one of 14 different languages and to display information in metric or US standard measurements. They can also set the time and date and choose whether the time is displayed on a 12- or 24-hour clock. Managers can secure the machine with a password that prevents unauthorized users from tampering with the machine's settings.

Precise Control Over Ice Quantity and Quality

Manitowoc Indigo machines can be programmed to produce ice during certain hours of the day and on certain days of the week. That level of control will help you assure you have exactly the amount of ice you need when you need it, without wasting water and electricity to produce ice that will just sit in the bin and melt.

To further improve the machine's efficiency, air-assisted harvest technology speeds up ice production and uses less electricity than traditional harvest technologies. Each Indigo machine employs an acoustical ice thickness probe that senses the thickness of ice as it forms on the evaporator plate so that the machine harvests the ice as soon as it is complete.

You're also able to adjust the machine's ice bridge thickness if you find that it is producing ice with a bridge that is too thick or too thin. An Ice Clarity feature lets you optimize the machine's performance on hard water supplies.

Easy Cleaning and Sanitation

Indigo ice machines are easy to keep clean. All of a machine's interior surfaces and parts that require regular cleaning are accessible from the front of the equipment, so staff will have no problem accessing and thoroughly cleaning food zone parts and surfaces.

Many of those food zone parts are made with AlphaSan antimicrobial, a substance that inhibits the growth of mold, slime, fungus, and other microorganisms that tend to grow inside ice machines. That material keeps your ice tasting fresher between machine cleanings. Corners of the equipment's food zone are coved, making them easy to wipe clean and sanitize, while eliminating sharp corners where microorganisms could grow.

Indigo's CleanMinder feature reminds staff when it's time to clean the unit. You also have the option to program reminders to change the machine's air and water filters to ensure that those critical maintenance chores are never neglected. When the optional LuminIce system is installed, you can also set a reminder for its yearly light bulb replacement.

Useful Optional Accessories

Several optional accessories are available for Indigo units that can help you get even more out of the powerful ice machines.

  • A bin level control system lets you program the machine to produce a custom volume of ice. This feature is valuable any time you don't need a full batch of ice on hand. You can increase the machine's production volume for times when you expect demand to increase.
  • The LuminIce Growth Inhibitor system circulates air within the ice maker's food zone across a UV light that destroys microorganisms like slime, fungus, and mold, preventing them from growing on the inside of the equipment. The LuminIce System's bulb should be replaced yearly. Each Indigo machine allows you to set a reminder to perform that task.
  • The QuietCube remote condensing system moves the equipment's condensing unit to the roof of your building, reducing the level of noise that the ice maker brings into your building by 75 percent.

A Model for Every Operation

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines come in a number of sizes, so you should have no trouble finding one to provide the right volume of ice for your business. The smallest machines will produce around 300 pounds of ice every 24 hours, while the largest can produce almost 2,000 pounds. Manitowoc recommends that full-service restaurants have on hand a volume of 112 pounds of ice per person per day. Quick service restaurants should expect to serve 12 ounces of ice per each 18- to 24-ounce drink.

Manitowoc ice machines are available in full-cube and half-cube models. Full-cube ice is a good choice for serving gourmet drinks, cocktails, and liquor on the rocks because it melts slowly and provides an attractive presentation. Half-cube ice is the best choice for serving soft drinks, a fact that has made it the world's most popular ice type. It cools drinks efficiently and displaces more to keep costs lower.

The following chart lists the maximum production capacities of several Indigo models. The Indigo series replaces Manitowoc's S-Series, so we've listed the equivalent model from that series, too.

SD-0302AAirFull340 lbs.ID-0302AAirFull310 lbs.
SD-0303WWaterFull325 lbs.ID-0303WWaterFull300 lbs.
SY-0304AAirHalf340 lbs.IY-0304AAirHalf310 lbs.
SY-0305WWaterHalf325 lbs.IY-0305WWaterFull300 lbs.
SD-0452AAirFull455 lbs.ID-0452AAirFull420 lbs.
SD-0453WWaterFull435 lbs.ID-0453WWaterHalf430 lbs.
SY-0454AAirHalf460 lbs.IY-0454AAirHalf450 lbs.
SY-0455WWaterHalf465 lbs.IY-0455WWaterHalf450 lbs.
SD-0502AAirFull530 lbs.ID-0502AAirFull530 lbs.
SD-0503WWaterFull550 lbs.ID-0503WWaterFull550 lbs.
SY-0504AAirHalf560 lbs.IY-0504AAirHalf560 lbs.
SY-0505WWaterHalf550 lbs.IY-0505WWaterHalf550 lbs.
SD-0602AAirFull650 lbs.ID-0606AAirFull632 lbs.
SD-0603WWaterFull650 lbs.ID-0606WWaterFull661 lbs.
SY-0604AAirHalf650 lbs.IY-0606AAirHalf635 lbs.
SY-0605WWaterHalf650 lbs.IY-0606WWaterHalf700 lbs.
SD-0852AAirFull785 lbs.ID-0906AAirFull874 lbs.
SD-0853WWaterFull835 lbs.ID-0906WWaterFull839 lbs.
SY-0854AAirHalf940 lbs.IY-0906AAirHalf901 lbs.
SY-0855WWaterHalf875 lbs.IY-0906WWaterHalf879 lbs.
SD-1202AAirFull1100 lbs.ID-1202AAirFull1100 lbs.
SD-1203WWaterFull1165 lbs.ID-1203WWaterFull1165 lbs.
SY-1204AAirHalf1205 lbs.IY-1204AAirHalf1205 lbs.
SY-1205WWaterHalf1170 lbs.IY-1205WWaterHalf1170 lbs.
SD-0322AAirFull340 lbs.ID-0322AAirFull335 lbs.
SY-0324AAirHalf340 lbs.IY-0324AAirHalf350 lbs.
SY-0325WWaterHalf330 lbs.IY-0325WWaterHalf350 lbs.