Mighty Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Makers

Mighty Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Makers

The Manitowoc Ice reputation for durability and dependability has made the company one of the leading manufacturers of ice makers in the United States. Its continual commitment to progress and strict adherence to practices that guarantee the delivery of quality products to its customers makes it a perennial favorite and industry award winner.

The company's smallest products are no exception. With their energy- and labor-saving features and slim designs that fit snugly under countertops, a Manitowoc undercounter ice machine is a good fit for virtually any business that needs ice.

A Versatile Ice Machine

When people think of undercounter ice makers, they usually think they're strictly for bars and restaurants, but virtually any business can benefit from one. Employees would certainly appreciate an ice machine in your break room, while schools use ice to treat injuries and for concession stands. Hot factories and warehouses offer ice to employees to help keep them hydrated and ready to work.

Even kitchens that already have an ice machine can benefit from investing in a Manitowoc. The undercounter design means they don't take up much additional space, which is why they're also great for use in beverage stations and bars to back up a larger unit in the back of the house. This helps eliminate the need for running back and forth to the kitchen.

Manitowoc has undercounter ice machines that yield as little as 50 pounds and as much as 350 pounds of ice per day. They deliver just the right amount of ice in a compact design that can be as small as 1434 inches wide and 2234 inches deep. Their bins and movable parts have been engineered to maximize the storage space inside the compact bin.

Ice Types

You may discover that one ice maker isn't sufficient for your needs. Not only can you easily multiply your capacity with an additional machine, you can also offer more than one type of ice.

  • Flake ice is an excellent choice for use on salad bars, keeping seafood cold, and making blended frozen drinks. It also makes a nice presentation for displaying produce.
  • Half and full cubes offer large surface area, so they cool drinks quickly without watering down the beverage. This type of ice, available in a number of sizes, is popular in most beverages and for bagged ice.
  • Nugget ice is soft and cylindrical in shape, which makes it very popular among those who like to chew their ice. This type of ice is popular in healthcare and therapeutic facilities.
  • Gourmet ice, also known as top hat and octagon, is another slow-melting ice popularly used in beverages to keep them cool without watering them down.

Great Features & Options


Manitowoc ice makers feature hermetically-sealed Tecumseh compressors that are both quiet and reliable. They also have options for water- or air-cooled compressors.

Air-cooled units work like a typical refrigerator, drawing air over a compressor to cool a refrigerant inside. They are the most common and cost effective, mainly because they offer fairly simple installation and require relatively little in the way of utilities. However, they cause significant increases in ambient heat and in the areas where they're used, which can be a problem in hot kitchens and customer areas.

Water-cooled units eliminate those issues by cooling their refrigerant with water running over the compressor. That can mean a decrease in HVAC load in the area where your Manitowoc undercounter ice maker will be installed.

Both installation and utility bills are typically higher with water-cooled units, though. They must be plumbed twice, with one intake for water to make the ice and the other for cooling. Additionally, if they're not cooled by a central cooling tower or similar apparatus, your utility bills will skyrocket. That's because these systems constantly draw water through the compressor then dump it, which can mean astronomical charges for both water and sewer. For that reason, these units make the most sense for establishments where a large number of ice makers can be tied to a single cooling tower.

Manitowoc Neo® Intelligent Display and Control

  • Power: One quick glance at the unit will inform you if the machine is on or off.
  • Delay: The "delay" function allows you to pause ice production during slow periods and on days when your operation is closed, automatically restarting production at a later time that you set. This helps save ice, water, and energy by only producing ice when it is needed.
  • Clean: Not only does the "clean" indicator remind you when it's time to clean, it guides you through the cleaning cycle, helping to extend the life of your machine and keep your ice tasting fresh.
  • Full Bin: A "full bin" indicator lets you know that you have plenty of ice without having to lift the lid to look inside.
  • Service: Potential problems can easily be avoided with an illuminated "service" icon.


Sturdy, adjustable 6-inch legs provide just the right height for easy access to ice while still allowing room to clean underneath, which will help keep you in compliance with your local health department. Being able to adjust the height will also help protect your employees' backs.

Construction & Design

The construction of Manitowoc undercounter units makes them convenient not only for operation, but also during maintenance and service. The removable cabinet slides out for easy access of components during servicing. The exterior panels are easy to clean and fingerprint-resistant, and the front intake and exhaust mean that you don't need to worry about clearances to allow the machine to breath properly. That means these units can be installed in narrow spaces and beside your other equipment.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Coved Corners: The seamless interior and its coved corners eliminate gaps and corners where bacteria can get a foothold. They also help when it's time to clean the machine, because the bin wipes out nearly effortlessly with just a sponge.
  • Front Filter: The front air filters on these machines protect components against lint, dust, and grease. They are held in place with thumbscrews and can be removed without tools, making routine cleanings easy. Furthering that, the filters can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Removable Bin: A removable bin that slides forward allows easy access to all serviceable parts, so you may not need to move the machine for maintenance.
  • Luminice™ Growth Inhibitor: The Luminice™ system can keep your ice pure between full machine cleanings by reducing yeast and bacteria.
  • AlphaSan®: AlphaSan® antimicrobial has been molded into the internal components to help limit mildew and slime, foul odors, and discoloration.