Manitowoc QM Cuber Packs a Big Punch in a Small Package

QM Undercounter Ice Machines

The Manitowoc QM series of cubers is engineered to save space in small venues where clear, fresh-tasting ice needs to be kept on hand. There are two models of this pint-sized cuber available, the Manitowoc QM30 and the Manitowoc QM45, that can be put to work everywhere from executive suites to stadium skyboxes. Restaurants can also benefit from using them at the bar for cocktails or in the kitchen to supplement a larger machine. Placing one of these cubers where the ice is needed most can save some serious legwork and streamline your operations.

There are two versions of the QM cuber available. The QM30 produces as many as 60 pounds of dice-shaped ice cubes daily, while the Manitowoc QM45 can provide as many as 95 pounds in that same time period. They both produce Manitowoc's full-dice ice, which measures 78-inch in all three dimensions. Each cuber provides integrated production and storage in one compact footprint. At a bit narrower than 20 inches wide, the cuber can be squeezed into tight spaces. It's front-breathing, so no minimum clearance is required between the cuber and surrounding equipment or walls. A flat, right-angled plug allows the unit to be safely tucked away in narrow quarters.

The QM's 30-inch height means it fits perfectly under most countertops. It comes standard with 6-inch legs to keep it off the ground for easy cleaning, and the legs are adjustable in 60 increments up to 714 inches for level installation on uneven floors. The bin door slides up into the unit and out of the way, best taking advantage of available space. Only an incoming water connection, drain, and 115-volt power supply are needed to install the Manitowoc QM45 and QM30 cubers.

The Clean Ice Maker

This unit is easy to clean and maintain. An air filter is accessible from the front, so it can be easily removed without tools for cleaning. This ease of maintenance helps extend the life of the machine, even in dusty environments. The machine's routine cleaning cycle only requires that the operator pour a little of Manitowoc's cleaner into the water trough and press the 'Clean' button. The cycle takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and then the machine can resume producing ice.

An AlphaSan® antimicrobial compound is molded into many of the ice maker's internal components to slow down the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful organisms. This will keep guests safe and can extend the length of time required between cleanings, cutting down on the amount of labor required to keep your cuber in service. A seamless interior liner makes the ice machine bin easy to wipe clean.

The QM cuber is designed to be shown off, with a stainless steel cabinet that's attractive and easy to keep clean of smudges and fingerprints. Black doors, trim, and front panels round out the cuber's sleek aesthetics. Ice-making components within the bin are tucked neatly away for an open, uncomplicated appearance and optimized ice storage space.