9 Reasons to Add Lodge Cast Iron to Your Kitchen

Lodge Cast Iron

Since it was founded in South Pittsburg, Tenn., in 1896, Lodge has become a leading manufacturer of cast iron cookware. Whether you're looking to invest in one pan or need a whole set for your kitchen, here are nine reasons to consider Lodge cast iron.

  1. Cast iron cookware is thick, heavy, and durable, and over the years has earned a reputation for lasting from one generation to the next. Lodge cookware is designed to be passed down as heirloom pieces.
  2. Able to hold up to extremely high temperatures, cast iron provides incredible versatility in the kitchen. It can go right from the stovetop to the oven, and its suitability for open flames also makes it a popular piece of camping equipment. Plus, cast iron pots and pans are compatible with a variety of cooking styles, letting chefs bake, braise, pan fry, sauté, and sear in the same pan.
  3. Once a cast iron pot or pan is well-seasoned, it provides a non-stick cooking surface. All Lodge cast iron comes pre-seasoned. This seasoning is a simple coating of baked-on vegetable oil that has to be maintained, but naturally strengthens each time the cookware is used.
  4. Many people consider cooking with cast iron a healthier option. Its naturally non-stick surface helps you cook with less oil and avoid any chemicals that might be in artificial non-stick coatings.
  5. Cast iron cookware leaches a small amount of iron into food while it is being cooked. This can add more iron to your diet, an advantage for anyone who doesn't get enough of the nutrient from the red meat, leafy greens, and other iron-rich foods in a regular diet.
  6. Known for its ability to retain heat, cast iron takes more time to heat up but stays hot for much longer than other cookware, which means it can also make a great serving dish. Because Lodge cast iron pots and pans include handles made of the same material, you'll want to use pot holders and trivets to protect your hands and countertops after you take them away from the heat source.
  7. Because cast iron is such a thick metal with excellent heat retention properties, it cooks food evenly. For best results, use an appropriately-sized burner and pre-heat your cookware before adding food.
  8. Cast iron provides the easiest cleanup after a meal, but because soap can remove some of the established seasoning, it isn't recommended that it be used regularly. After use, rinse your Lodge cookware out with hot water and a sponge or stiff brush, then dry it completely with a cloth or paper towel to prevent rust.
  9. Although the enameled cast iron products produced by the company is made in China, all traditional Lodge cast iron products are still made in America at the company's South Pittsburg, Tenn., foundry. This makes the company the only domestic producer of cast iron cookware.

If you want more information before making your Lodge cookware purchase, please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-541-8683.