9 Reasons Lodge Cast Iron Cookware is Great for Any Kitchen

Lodge cast iron cookware is a heavy metal kitchen star.

1. Cast iron cookware is durable. This fact likely became evident to you the first time you picked up one of these pieces, which can heft several pounds even for a small frying pan. That means your pan will have a good, long life.

2. Cast iron cookware is versatile. We’re not just talking about the ability to cook countless things in it, which is also true of this cookware. We’re also thinking of the ability to go from electric range to convection oven to open fire all with the same piece. That’s because cast iron can hold up to extremely high temperatures, which is why even the Boy Scouts trust Lodge when they’re learning to rough it in the wild.

3. Cast iron cookware is nonstick. Thanks to the seasoning, a coating of baked-on natural oil, food won’t cling to a cast iron pot or pan. As long as that seasoning is maintained, you’re getting the same great nonstick surface as you might with a chemically-treated pan without the need for non-natural additives, which some people are wary of.

4. Cast iron cookware helps you be heart healthy. Not only are you avoiding those nonstick chemicals, there are other benefits to your body from cooking with cast iron. For instance, you’ll need less oil or other fat to cook in cast iron since it’s naturally nonstick.

5. Cast iron cookware provides vital nutrients. This may seem like science fiction, but believe us when we tell you there is a small transfer of iron from the pan to every food prepared in it.

6. Cast iron cookware holds heat. On that note, don’t forget to use pot holders when you deal with cast iron pots and pans, which typically come with all-metal handles that can stay scorching hot long after being removed from the heat source. KaTom offers some handy hand savers from Lodge. However, cast iron’s ability to hold onto that warmth means it makes a perfect serving piece, provided you use a trivet or one of Lodge’s handy serving griddles.

7. Cast iron cookware is easy to clean. Seriously, are there any other pieces of cookware in your kitchen that actually come with an admonition against regular washing? Since natural oils contribute to the seasoning and since soap can remove the established seasoning, Lodge recommends that their pieces not be washed with soap on a regular basis.

8. Cast iron cookware cooks evenly. Since it’s such a thick, uniform metal, heat is transferred evenly throughout cast iron. And, since Lodge also recommends pre-heating your cast iron cookware before you add the food, it should provide thoroughly consistent cooking. A little tip to find the right temperature: Toss a few drops of water into the pan. If they sit and bubble, it’s not hot enough. If they evaporate in seconds, it’s too hot. If they get excited and start jumping all over the place, it’s just right.

9. Cast iron cookware is made in America. OK, not all cast iron. Actually, Lodge, based in South Pittsburg, Tenn., is the only domestic producer of cast iron cookware. That’s why Lodge cast iron from KaTom should be your first choice.

So there you are – nine reasons why cast iron could be the right choice the next time you’re looking for great cookware to add to your commercial kitchen or your home chef arsenal.

If you need more reasons or information before you make your Lodge purchase, please feel free to contact one of our KaTom customer service representatives either by phone at 800.541.8683 or e-mail at info@katom.com.