This Lodge 5-piece Set Has All You Need to Begin Your Own Cast Iron Tradition

Build Your Cookware Collection With this Lodge Cast Iron Set

Lodge cast iron is timeless American cookware, and not just because it lasts forever. It heats evenly for consistent cooking results, and well-seasoned cast iron can go up against the most high-tech nonstick coatings for ease of use. Since all Lodge cast iron pieces come pre-seasoned, they are ready to use out of the box and easy to maintain. If you're ready to try your hand at the time-honored practice of cast iron cooking, or if you're trying to find the perfect gift for the gourmet in your life, the Lodge L5HS3 5-piece set includes all the fundamental pieces you'll need to build a cast iron cookware collection.

The 1012-in. griddle is perfect for cooking all sorts of breakfast favorites like eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. Pre-heat the griddle and use it to sear steaks or fry burgers. It's safe to use in the oven, so its flat shape also makes it a handy cookie sheet.

A true classic, the Lodge 1014-inch. skillet is safe to use everywhere except in the microwave, including on induction ranges and in the oven. Use it to fry chicken, bake biscuits, and sear steaks. This skillet's helpful handle makes it easy to use and its 2-inch depth means you can use it as a braising pan, too.

For frying smaller batches that don't call for your bigger pan, use the Lodge 8-inch skillet to fry eggs, sauté vegetables, and fry any number of entrees or bake bread and desserts. Like its larger kin, this skillet is made with pour spouts on either side to pour off grease and moisture.

The Lodge 5-quart Dutch oven is another classic. Simmer stews, braise roasts, bake bread, or use it as a stock pot to cook sides and vegetables. Take this Dutch oven camping with you and cook your food right in the glowing embers of your campfire.

The self-basting lid fits the Dutch oven and the 1014-in. skillet in this Lodge cast iron set. The lid's textured underside encourages water that evaporates from food to drip back down into the pot, so moist foods don't dry out.

Looking for the Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Set?

The Lodge L5HS3 set was discontinued in 2014, but for the convenience of our customers, KaTom now offers our own package with each of the pieces found in the original Lodge 5-Piece set. The KaTom version includes all of the same pieces as were offered in the original Lodge cast iron set, so you can start a collection that will last for generations.