A Guide to Lodge Seasoned Steel Pans

Lodge Seasoned Steel

Lodge Manufacturing is best known for offering high-quality cast iron cookware made at its foundry in Pittsburg, Tenn., but the 122-year-old company is constantly blending tried-and-true methods with new technology to expand and improve its catalog of products. In addition to classic cast iron pieces and brightly colored enameled cast iron, Lodge has engineered a cookware line made of carbon steel. Lodge seasoned steel skillets and pans are made with the same quality loyal customers have come to expect, but offer several operational advantages over traditional cast iron.

Carbon Steel vs. Cast Iron

Although carbon steel is named after its components and cast iron refers to the method with which it is made, both materials are carbon-iron alloys that contain a higher percentage of carbon than iron. The steels differ in the amount of carbon included in them; carbon steel may contain up to 2.1 percent carbon,1 while cast iron can contain as much as 4 percent.2 Because carbon steel contains less carbon than cast iron, cookware made with it behaves differently than cookware made with cast iron.

One of the primary differences between Lodge seasoned steel and cast iron cookware is weight: Carbon steel creates a lighter final product that does not take as much effort to lift and move. Carbon steel pans are also more responsive to heat, so they will heat up faster and adapt to temperature changes more quickly to allow chefs to cook different components with less delay. Although carbon steel cookware can't retain heat for as long as cast iron pans, they still provide even heating for consistent cooking.

These materials also share some features, such as their versatility. Like cast iron, Lodge seasoned steel pans can go from the stovetop to the oven or can be used on a grill and even over an open flame. These pieces can also be used on any type of cooktop, including gas, electric, and induction. Because they can stand up to high temperatures, carbon steel pans are recommended for searing.

To ensure you can begin using your pans as soon as possible, Lodge preseasons each carbon steel pan with all-natural soy bean oil. The cookware's smooth surface will continue to take on a natural, nonstick finish as it is used. This smooth surface also makes this type of cookware a great choice for cooking more delicate foods, such as fish, and for sautéing vegetables.

About the Lodge Seasoned Steel Line

Lodge manufactures this carbon steel cookware at its foundry in the United States, providing customers with the same American-made quality they expect from traditional cast iron pieces. Seasoned steel pans are made of 12-guage carbon steel, have a handle securely fastened by three rivets, and are available in a number of diameters and styles. These pieces should be hand washed and dried thoroughly to avoid rust.

8-inch Seasoned Steel Pan

8-inch Frying Pan

10-inch Seasoned Steel Pan

10-inch Frying Pan

12-inch Seasoned Steel Pan

12-inch Frying Pan

8-inch Seasoned Steel Paella Pan

8-inch Paella Pan

15-inch Seasoned Steel Paella Pan

15-inch Paella Pan

Seasoned Steel Griddle

18-inch x 10-inch Griddle

Because the handles on these pans can get hot, it is recommended that you use them with a hot handle holder. These are sold separately, although Lodge also offers 10- and 12-inch frying pans with the high-heat handle holder included.

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